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... Hi WebDozer, I know worrying does not solve anything...but its really not something I can take out of my mind....Although I have no major pain, my arm weakness really gave me a huge scare...especially at my age.... really makes me sick to the stomach to think of my future....I just hope my symtoms are casued by the muscle spasm (which casue the reverse lordosis) and that... (3 replies)
... No point in worrying about it, right now, although you might want to cut out the extreme yoga and the rugby for a while. Disk degeneration and bone spurs are so common as to be "normal" once people get to a certain age, although you're still a little young for that. ... (3 replies)
... C5 bone spurs causing central canal stenosis. Annular tear. ... (4 replies)

... Hi, I was diagnosed about two years ago at age 45 with cervical degeneration and bones spurs at C5-C6. I went through about 4 weeks of PT which helped the pain to become tolerable. Now about a month ago, the pain came back with a vengeange, with severe limited range of motion in my neck and pain across the shoulder bladers and down my right arm. I'm also having... (8 replies)
... months later, my neck was doing great just through PT and massage but my shoulder was getting worse. Had shoulder surgery 10 weeks ago. Part of the acromium bone was removed along with 10 bone spurs and a 2 inch rotator cuff repaired. Left side neck pain gone. ... (17 replies)
... I just recently found out I have bone spurs on C5/C6 and herniated disks.I have all the symptoms you decribed. I can`t give you any treatment suggestions because my doctor also told me they were not related. Its comforting to know someone else has experienced the same symptoms. My doctor treated me like I was crazy. I am looking for new one, but I have so much going on I... (3 replies)
C5 c6 Questions
Jun 29, 2012
... "Subarachnoid space" is usually used in the context of the brain, but it can also refer to the hollow running down the spinal column, which contains the thecal membrane, within that the spinal fluid and within that the spinal cord. Your report looks pretty innocuous. You have osteophytes (bone spurs) growing off the C5 and C6 vertebrae just above and below the C5-6 disk.... (4 replies)
Bone Spurs
Apr 19, 2002
... I don't know much about bone spurs. ... (4 replies)
... first off i want to thank everyone for reading this. i have wreslted my whole life since second grade, i am now a senior in college, and during my jr year of college i noticed my neck was giving me unreal amounts of pain and weakness. long story short i got a mri. the mri showed bone spurs in my neck, arthritis, degenerative disk disease, and herniated at levels c5/c6 c6/c7. i... (16 replies)
... :wave:Hi mikeandlisa I recently had an MRI done after years of no insurance and no money for dr.s and had tremendous pain in arms and severe numbness in both hands. It wasn't until my legs began shaking and I could barely write my name that I was able to get mediCal and low and behold guess what I have bone spurs penetrating and compressing my spinal cord at c6 and c7 as well... (11 replies)
... I have cervical stenosis caused by bone overgrowth, ligament thickening, and disc herniations and I also get numbness in my face now and then. ... (5 replies)
... starting at about C6. So any compression from C6 up on those arteries may be causing your facial problems. ... (9 replies)
... I am home recovering as of yesterday. Surgery went ok but did have some minor complications with swelling of my neck and esophagus day after which kept me in the hospital a couple extra days. After surgery I no longer have the temporary paralyzes, pain, dizziness, numbness or headaches. I guess it's safe to say it was a success but I still have four weeks of recovery before... (4 replies)
... maw maw, congrats! good to hear it is going well for you... i went to the doc last week, he said that i need the surgery asap. he said i have bone spurs and arthritus now in addition to my blown c5-c6-c7 so he wants to do the acdf now but we are still waiting till the workmens comp hearing for approval i go on tuesday so croos your fingers for me!! (80 replies)
... I went to surgery the 10th of this month (9 days ago) because of a collapsed disc and 2 bone spurs at C5-C6. Lots of pain, numbness, the whole gamut of problems. make a long story short, I had "Dr Miracle" for a surgeon! I went into surgery at 2pm and left the hospital at 8pm with only a sore throat where the incision is. When I woke up in recovery my first... (8 replies)
... toes and fingers. I opted for surgery not because of pain but rather because of some ugly looking bone spurs pressing on my spinal cord. ... (3 replies)
... Recent modified swallow shows bone spurs on cervical 5 and 6 impinging on esophagus but my dr said those wouldn't be causing my symptoms. ... (3 replies)
... which I fractured 18 years ago having bone spurs on the outside where the nerve comes out. ... (2 replies)
... c7 and titanium plate donor bone hard collar 3 wks and anytime in a car for 8wks. ... (19 replies)
... that all this has happened to you so young. Things like bone spurs need time to develop. ... (16 replies)

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