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... suggestions would be appreciated. Surgery is not really an option at this point as I feel I'm too young and the neuro said it does not always help. ... (0 replies)
... hes not sure what will be helped by the cervical surgery , and i understand that....... ... (4 replies)
... Sorry - it was an orthopedic surgeon, close to verbatim of what he told me - I have seen no radiologist's report, but thanks to your response, will surely request one from my GP. Just was looking for a translation of what the Ortho doc said. (GP ordered xrays - referred to ortho - ortho ordered MRI) I had worked five years as a live on-site caretaker (included... (5 replies)

... Back from ortho doc with dx: C5/C6 herniated disk into foramen. Total obliteration at C5 (at 5?) Compression of cord, C5/C6....("pt or surgery"... then the doc abruptly left...:eek:) (5 replies)
... replaced. I am still getting tingling in my right hand, so the surgery didn't resolve that. Also, NEW pain between my shoulder blades and hideous headaches. ... (8 replies)
... bone chips to help the prior fusion. I lost a bit more in range of motion. I do drive but I have to use special panoramic rear view mirror. After the posterior surgery I found the impact on the muscles made range of motion a bit more limited. ... (46 replies)
Is this serious?
Feb 25, 2011
... Hi Jenny, and thanks again for your response, wow you really have been put thur the wringer sry you have too many issues as well! I did some research, there are 3 types of TOS (brachial plexus is made up of nerves and small blood vessels)and vascular is the most severe as it cuts off the blood supply and can cause damage, muscle waste, nerve damage, the TOS I have is muscle... (6 replies)
... surgeon....but do you think it might be better, if going through with surgery, to have a neuro do a cervical surgery where there's cord compression? ... (12 replies)
... He said surgery is not required for this and referred me for rehabilitaion centre, where they taught me few exercises but still I am having the dizziness and neck pain. ... (2 replies)
... C5 was also beginning to deteriorate and cautioned me to take it easy and try to go long, but indicated there was a risk of needing more surgery within 8 to 10 years due to increased stress on the remaining discs. ... (4 replies)
... I had gone into the hospital on a Monday and came home Wednesday. Prior to my surgery I was told that I may have to stay longer as I have diabetes and they needed to keep an eye on my blood sugars. ... (7 replies)
... Freddy thanks. What sort of symptoms did you have before your first surgery - my understanding is that myelopathy is often seen as leg symptoms first (hyper-reflexivity etc.). Did you have unco-ordination or weakness in your arms and hands? The leg symptoms that you describe sound very similar to what I'm experiencing (though I tend to get it all over the place - but... (12 replies)
... It sounds like you need surgery good luck, hopefullly you will feel better than you do now. ... (13 replies)
... I was hesitating to answer you, because you may start thinking things that aren't there. Remember - everybody's different, and the same amount of stenosis to one person is something totally different to another. Anyway, yes, the cervical stenosis (cervical spondylotic stenosis) did affect my arms. It was particularly my right tricep where I lost much of my strength. I... (4 replies)
... jf, here's my view on it. I have central stenosis at C4-C5. I have a bone spur pushing right in the center of my cord, but on the outside. It's hard to explain. It's on the back of my neck pushing right in the middle, not on the right or left, but dead center. Midge ------------------ -Born a premie in 1964-8 wks early -C-section 1990, 1992, & 1995 -Shoulder pain... (5 replies)
May 13, 2003
... I had an ACDF done on C5 C6 in Oct. 2002. The pain is awful if they use your hip bone for the fusion. I still had numbness in the tips of my left hand. ... (14 replies)
The results are in
May 13, 2003
... C5 have blown out. They are going to schedule surgery for sometime next week. ... (9 replies)
... C6 annulus tear fibrosis with disk herniation, abutting the left C5 ventral exiting nerve root in the neural foramina. ... (4 replies)
... is mechanical, PT, chiro all of that is unlikely to do much good and the condition could progress. I believe you were getting feedback from the neurosurgeon that surgery was called for but "too risky" correct? ... (23 replies)
... Iím new to the site and have tried to read other cervical spine posts in order to get informed. My problem is that my MRI results, to a degree, donít really mention spinal stenosis. I have had pain in my neck and shoulder; pain, burning, tingling and sometime numbing in my shoulder, arm and hand. My Rheumatologist wanted me to start PT and see a neurosurgeon, so I... (2 replies)

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