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... i tired epidurals, and physical therapy. but no success with the symptoms. doc advised that the condition may require surgery to prevent paralysis from the bulge in the event of trauma. any suggestions? ... (1 replies)
... Hey everyone... I had an ACDF on C5-C6 three weeks and one day ago. The twitching and muscle spasms have really slowed down, and the pain has also decreased. However, I'm very worried because the whole left side of my body feels less sensitive than the other side. I know this sounds weird, but that's the best way that I can describe it. It's not numb because I can still... (3 replies)
... I was back to riding my Harley about 3 weeks after my C5-6 and C6-7 fusion last July. Also ride horses. It's the first week to ten days that is a bear. (23 replies)

... surgeons say wait because my arm pain is mild and still have full use of hands etc. One orthopedic surgeon says 'how have you gone this long without surgery you must enjoy pain.' I don't know what to do with this thing! ... (9 replies)
... HI everyone, My mylegram showed a bone spur that is causing the nerve to tingle into my arm. Neuro surgeon said I did not need surgery just the injections. Three of them but not all at once. I do not know yet when I start these. Any info you can give me about them will be appreciated. ... (0 replies)
C5, C6, C7 Fusion
May 12, 2002
... Hello to Linda, Nanner, Davy, Debbysu and everyone!! I have been reading your replys for three weeks now but was unable to post because of problems with my computer. I just wanted to say thanks for all your help.. On May 9th 2002 I had a anterior cervical C5 & C6 fusion with bone graft from my hip... The surgery lasted for 4 hours and I was in the hospital for 2 1/2 days...... (16 replies)
... I have had a pain in my right arm and tingling in the right hand thumb. I have had a MRI done which shows that there is a prolapse of C5/C6 disc which is causing a pressure on the nerves going to the rigt hand. I have consulted orthopeadic and Neuro surgeons and Neurologists. Some suggest operation while others suggest a conservative treatment of drugs and excercise. So far I... (2 replies)
... Everyone is different so i can't say if the surgery is something you should have or not. ... (9 replies)
... After you have ACDF c5-6, are you "supposed" to be like new? For example, can you go on roller coasters and do everyday things once you have recovered, or are you always going to have restrictions even after the surgery? Thanks. (23 replies)
... I have had an acdf c5-6 and have alot of burning sensations in my shoulders across my back. I am on meds for it, and it has been 2 months, but still no improvement. Anyone else had this burning sensation after acdf? (23 replies)
... I have alot of burning sensations after acdf c5-6. I am taking Nuerontin and Skelaxin with not much relief. Does anyone else have this? (23 replies)
... have spoken with having same, I really think I have suffered enough, don't want more holes punched in my epidural space for steroid injections and end up having surgery later anyway. ... (23 replies)
... at 10 days and drove at 2 weeks. My NS said that this is one of the most stable implants he's seen and has had patients who've taken serious falls shortly after surgery who've returned to be checked because they fear they've moved things around. Has never seen a misalignment in over 200 procedures. ... (23 replies)
... I also like to see some good posts too. This is undoubtedly a very major surgery that a person needs to take seriously. ... (23 replies)
... Based on numbness and weakness, I pretty much have resorted to the fact that surgery will be inevitable for me. Pain is actually tolerable. ... (2 replies)
... I wish you luck in your decision as I am going through the same fear and questioning what is best for me as I am also facing surgery in the near future for a cervical fusion. ... (9 replies)
... I am 59 and also facing this surgery, I had a cervical discectomy and fushion in c4-c7 with hardware in 2002 and it has returned only worse, this time I also have problems in the lumbar spine L4-S1 ,I was afraid the first time and equally as afraid this time ,but now I have the numbness in my legs and pins and needles all over my body and its driving me nuts not to mention the... (9 replies)
... I'm less than 2 weeks out of c5-c6 surgery, donor bone and metal plate....I feel great already! Now...I also have a herniated disc at T9-T10 the doc wants to fix after 4 or 5 months more recovery time. I don't see much in here about thoracic surgery. Anyone who can...please...tell me what it's really like and what I can expect with regard to the procedure and recovery. (5 replies)
... I'm less than 2 weeks out of C5-C6 surgery...metal plate and donor disc replacement and that part of me feels great at this point. However, I also have a herniated disc at T9-T10 that causes excrutiating pain, and the doc says he'll fix that one after I've fully recovered from the cervical I just had. I don't see much on the board about thoracic surgery. Any and all input... (0 replies)
... You ask if you should have this surgery, but give no specifics about what led to the decision.... if you've already decided on it, though, I'd say that it's pretty routine, and you should come out better off, or at least avoid becoming worse off. (9 replies)

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