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... If you are still having the symptoms I too would be concerned. :eek: When you see the doctor you may want to insist on an MRI or whatever he can do to evalute for any further nerve/cord impingement. Let the doctor know exactly what you are experiencing, what your activity level has been, what medications you've taken. I say this becuase most of the symptoms I've had... (20 replies)
... Friday is my day of reckoning...ACDF w/hardware...and I am starting to sketch out a bit...Just not sure what to expect...I have significant cord main symptoms are 3 fingers (middle, ring, pinky) on my left hand are numb (for 2mos.)...intermittent numbness in the tips of the same fingers on the right hand...muscle spasms/weakness in the right... (8 replies)
... Saddle--I feel a lot like you do--very similar experience. I have resigned myself to just be patient, take ti week by week, month by month. I saw five MDs prior to surgery--two Neurologists, one Pain Managment doc, and two NSs. After they saw my MRI and saw one huge herniation and bone spur at c5-6 compressing my cord by about 50% and the c4-5 covering about 25% of the... (25 replies)

Mar 13, 2006
... I'm back with my first post surgical report 8 days post double ACDF, using allograft, BMP, a titanium plate & 5 screws. I awakened with a searing pain in my upper back and an incredibly sore/tender chest (lower sternum). There were some minor problems stabilizing me post op (I have sleep apnea), but it worked out fine. I was walking again shortly after being brought up... (11 replies)
... with a bone spur and herniation both causing cord compression and cord flattening. I couldn't even stretch my arms out due to the nerve pain. My NS took me off work for two weeks and I just rested. ... (80 replies)
C5 C6 Fusion
Oct 22, 2005
... Sounds like you have a herniation that is pressing on the nerves. My doctor told me that herniations will go away in about 2 years but a bone spur will not. It depends on how bad the never is being pinched. I had a C6/7 decompression surgery in 2003 due to major nerve compression. I think the physical therapy can sometimes make things worse as it always seemed to for me. ... (5 replies)
... I think 14 months is too long to wait with pain. Even with spinal compression one NS recommended that I just have a sedentry life and not take the risk. In your place I would definately be having the surgery. ... (80 replies)
... they may not fuse in a way that leaves room for the nerves. People without this problem just don't get it. Doctors are reluctant to do anything unless there is compression of the main cord. Like we are supposed to be able to live our lives like this? ... (80 replies)
... that does, that's my advice. To tell you the truth I didn't like the Pain management guy who did my epidurals. He was like "I have seem people with much worse compression than you and not have surgery.. You can keep doing shots", I about bit his head off. They seem to get hardened to people. ... (13 replies)
... I'll start at the beginning. Symptoms included: Painful spasms upper right arm/tricep down into chest, back. Numbness in both hands but only half of the hand. Trembling/shaking of right hand so much that I couldn't hold a glass of wine at a Christmas party unless I held it close to my body. Extreme fatigue of my feet--always looking to sit down. It had gotten to the... (4 replies)
... Nancy, I'm 42, mother of two, very active. My case seems unusual in that I wasn't having any pain, just neurological symptoms -- the MRI showed the disk severely herniated and compressing my cord. My surgeon was afraid of further compression (caused by a fall or car accident) which could cause paralysis--he said it was serious enough that he postponed other surgeries to... (10 replies)
... I too have cord compression with degenerative arthritis, bone spurs, and spinal stenosis. ... (6 replies)
Fusion C5-7
Dec 1, 2003
... Yes, I did have spinal cord compression but no permanent damage. After surgery light duty for 4 weeks then full duty. The pain resolves itself immediately but the weakness takes time. ... (5 replies)
... Im starting to get conflicting info on ns or os for cervical spinal surgery. i have cord compression, and want the right person for the job!!!! any experience or insight to this matter would be greatly appreciated. thanks lynette (4 replies)
... I should mention that I have had arm pain for many, many years and neck pain for only 5 or 6. I was just diagnosed with the two herniated disks and cord compression with myelopathy at the end of January 2003, when I had an MRI. ... (11 replies)
... Hi Paul and Welcome. Balance problems are indeed an indication of spinal cord compression, I know I have them! You mentioned the tightrope walk,this I also find difficult. Not only that, if I turn suddenly, it also afects my balance.I get the feeling sometimes as if I am drunk, and I dont drink. ACDF 2 or 3 levels 6/7th August. Hope this helps, advise you get your... (10 replies)
C5, C6, C7 Fusion
May 11, 2002
... Leo - some of the nerves & muscles from the neck terminate in the mid-back, so there's a potential connection there. Since signals to the whole body go through the neck first, you could get symptoms in many places, especially if the cord is being compressed, like mine. However, sounds like you could use some followup testing for the lumbar area. Debysu - the jolts might... (16 replies)
... Hi Dashman, I follow postings about spinal problems regularly. I had a fall in 91 causing me multiple herniation and compression in my neck. Spondylosis and arthritis, bone spurs and so on add to my discomfort. ... (14 replies)
... the cervicomedullary junction appears within normal limits. Visualized spinal cord is unremarkable except for moderate compression from approximately C3 through C6 without significant edema. No syrinx. ... (6 replies)
... The disc between the C4 and C5 vertebrae has been compressed. Some level of compression is to be expected with age, but "severe" would indicate he thinks it's worse than normal. ... (5 replies)

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