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... C6 it varies a little along the length. As I expected though, the "moderateness" of the compression didn't keep you from developing significant symptoms. ... (11 replies)
... You don't mention symptoms in your upper body which is where you'd expect to feel any issues stemming from compression of the cervical nerves. Also, the radiologist doesn't give any indication as to how bad the "impingement" is. ... (7 replies)
MRI results
Jan 11, 2015
... was a little more scary given that my left arm lost some strength and showed denervation on EMG as well, but the pattern corresponded pretty exactly to the nerve compression on MRI and the strength has since returned nearly completely. ... (13 replies)

MRI results
Dec 1, 2014
... mpresses the thecal sac, causing moderate compromise of the spinal canal and moderately severe, compromise of both neural foramina. Although there is significant compression of the thecal sac, the spinal cord remains normal in signal at this level. ... (13 replies)
Oct 29, 2014
... Hi I havent been on here for awhile. Im still waiting for surgery, been 3.5 years now since I went to my GP and they knew i had a history of spondylolisthesis. I have been offered a mutli level lumbar fusion with laminectomy. I was offered this on 1 August by my consultant. Hospital policy in the UK is 18 weeks maximum wait. Symptoms have got worse in my neck, shoulders, arms... (2 replies)
... From what's in the report there doesn't appear to be any significant nerve pinching or compression on the spinal cord. ... (6 replies)
... Does this sound like surgery is the only way to relief? There is no pain only numbness in some extremities. C2-C3: Disc osteophytic bulge and uncovertebral hypertrophy contribute to moderate central canal stenosis with flattening of the thecal sac/cord contour and moderate to severe bilateral neural foraminal stenosis. C3-C4: Disc osteophytic bulge and... (5 replies)
... Hi Tim, I havenít been around for awhile. I have been staying down with my other daughter every now and then as I have been feeling a bit yucky (she runs our family music school and canít come here). She sent me to have a CT scan the other day (kids!) and then went to the doctors yesterday for the results. Things aren't that good. I thought a lot had changed more recently... (29 replies)
... I have been fighting neck and anerior throat pain and headachesfor about 6 years. I lso had arm pain which I thought was severe flare up f Fibromyalgia. Up until this year I was told there was no compression on my spinal cord and my headaches and neck/jaw pain could not be caused by my neck. I had nerve blocks at c2-3 and 3-4 that did not help. Then nerve blocks at c4-5,... (2 replies)
... I am currently awaiting an anterior cervical discectomy and fusion on my cervical spine, due to herniated discs at c5 to c7, canal stenosis, and impending spinal chord compression. ... (1 replies)
... I think the nerve compression is minor and not bad enough to have progressed down the arm yet, so hopefully opening the foramina will take care of it. One facet joint is very enlarged. ... (6 replies)
... Havent posted here since my surgery, thought I would give a progress report for those here who are considering having this done. First a little background. This was a very difficult decision for me because I was never in much pain, it was always more a radiculopathy issue (right arm/hand). Symptoms would get worse, then improve, but the numbness and tingling never went away... (0 replies)
... I'm no expert but have a similar MRI story. From how it reads I would say the more prominent issue is the severe foraminal stenosis (C5-C6) which Webdozer quite eloquently explained the in the board a few above yours labeled Foraminal stenosis. This could explain any neck arm or hand pain. I was told any sagittal diameter canal measuring less than 10mm is considered... (4 replies)
... Hello all, I am new to all this health board and I am very grateful too see there are many categories and post about our conditions I feel for all of you and I cannot wait to give my support and advice to all of you. A little bit about myself. I am generally a happy person. High on life. I am married -age 40 with two kids with a wonderful husband. I was in a car... (8 replies)
4 Level AC
Aug 3, 2013
... Hi Don.....I'm doing very well after my surgery and like you, I had spinal cord compression and didn't want it to progress causing permanent damage. ... (11 replies)
... Did you have a cord compression that was surgically repaired? ... (15 replies)
... C4 C5 spinal cord compression from large herniated disc.... ... (6 replies)
... Impression: Subtle posterior annular bulges of C4-5 and C5-6 disc are seen, without significant nerual compression. (1 replies)
Cervical MRI
Jun 29, 2013
... I have a herneiation at C5-c6 with cord and nerve compression, and also have numbness and tingling in both hands but no itching. (10 replies)
Surgery or not
Jun 26, 2013
... I'm having acdf in 2 wks on C4 C5 (large herniation with cord compression). I have not had any tingling like you described. Most of my tingling has been in fingers and toes. But I do get that vibrational feeling (like a tens) in my left shoulder blade and occasionally in my left thigh. I'm very nervous about my surgery but am going forward with it because I don't want... (13 replies)

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