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... I have recently had a MRI see below and Focal myelomalacia showed up. Looking at the definition of Myelomalacia I am worried. Should I be?? ANY INSIGHT IS REALLY APPRECIATED.:angel: History: Left arm numbness. Prior cervical spine surgery. Technique: MR imaging of the cervical spine was obtained on a 1.5 Tesla magnet. Sagittal T1-weighted, T2-weighted, and inversion... (1 replies)
... d instant major neck pain and left arm went cold. Pain in left scapula area was just horrific for almost 3 weeks. Had emg of left arm that showed radiculopathy c5 c6 an had wrist drop....I had normal grip, but the wrist would not bring them up any higher and thumb and 1st digit were a bit numb. ... (13 replies)
... d instant major neck pain and left arm went cold. Pain in left scapula area was just horrific for almost 3 weeks. Had emg of left arm that showed radiculopathy c5 c6 an had wrist drop....I had normal grip, but the wrist would not bring them up any higher and thumb and 1st digit were a bit numb. ... (13 replies)

... I didn't want to hijack anyone else's thread by asking too many questions but the C5/6 question thread really got me thinking and I have a couple of question for anyone who has an answer. A couple of years ago I had a major car accident - herniated C5/6 and T8/9. Also some damage to other thoracic discs but not directly debilitating. I had a fusion of T8/9 where they... (5 replies)
... Hello everyone, I am new to healthboards but I have gotten a lot of reading posts over the past couple of weeks. I have a question for people who have had their symptoms return after surgery. Basically, if 4 ESI's haven't helped, what about facet injections? to get there, I need to give my history. My situation: I am 33 years old and trying to practice law but experiencing... (2 replies)
... MRI: CERVICAL SPINE W/O... MRI: CERVICAL SPINE W/O CONTRAST Result See description Description PROCEDURE: MRI CERVICAL SPINE W/O CONTRAST - **** CLINICAL: RADICULOPATHY CERVICAL REGION TECHNIQUE: Multiplanar multi-sequence images were obtained through the cervical spine without the use of IV contrast. Standardsequences were obtained. COMPARISON: Plain film of... (5 replies)
... or cord flattening. Mild to moderate bilateral foramlnal narrowing due to uncovertebral osteophytes. This contacts but does not displace nor compress the exiting C5 nerve root. ... (6 replies)
... Hello folks. I found out that there is a lot of knowledgeable citizens on this forum. Perhaps I can get some piece of mind with your input. I am 38 years old. About three years ago I had a 30 pound box slipped between my arms hitting me on top of the head. The doctors diagnosed was a strained neck. I had pain and stiffness in the neck for like three weeks. My neck has always... (2 replies)
... MRI says the following. C5-6 A large right central paracentral disc protrusion is seen conpressing the ventral aspect of the spinal cord and mild narrowing at the origin of the nephrolith speeded. Impression:Aside from the degenerative disc disease at the c5-6-7 no abnormal signal intensity is seen within the cord. I suffer from the following symptoms : *numbness... (5 replies)
... I was a passenger in a severe car accident about 5 months ago, which I thought I was going to fully recover from without any issue. Last month, I bent down and felt something pop in my neck and immediately felt like there was a knife in the back of my neck. The pain was excruciating and sharp in the base of my neck and through my right shoulder blade area. I could barely... (16 replies)
... Hi all - Many thanks for this message board as I've been perusing around quite a bit trying to educate myself on recent MRI results and subsequent Neurosurgeon consults. I have two opposite Neurosurgeon opinions on whether surgery is necessary or not; Neurologist is adamant that surgery is needed. So, now I am trying to get another opinion and am wondering if 1.Others... (10 replies)
... Jas... I am sure it has not escaped you that the MRI report stresses right-side problems, but your symptoms seem to be predominantly left-side. Also, your list of symptoms may have several cervical nerves participating, but those symptoms would stem, I believe, more from the C5 and C6 nerves, which come from the C4-5 and C5-6 levels. So, if I only knew your symptoms, and then... (25 replies)
C4-C5 symptoms?
Jul 3, 2007
... Hi SKZ You are starting to sound like you have the same neck problem as I do - I had four discs (C4/5/6/7/T1) that had DDD, and so far have had ACDF first on C5/6/7, and a year later another ACDF on C4/5. The main symptom from the C4/5 that I experienced was a deep burning pain in the muscles used when you shrug your shoulders - worse on the left side for me, but it... (14 replies)
... down arm, with numbness in fingers...recent EMG showed no nerve damage, but ESI's have not been enough, and I don't want to risk worsening of neuro symptoms, so C5 thru 7 ACDF IS something I chose, and doc agreed that it was reassonablee in my case to do surgery. ... (19 replies)
... Got my post op MRI. Not quite what I was hoping (?) I was hoping for a "wow - look at c5/6 - its perfect". Instead, I got this : At C5-6, there has been interval anterior fusion with plate and vertebral body screws. There is some left paracentral enhancing tissue i keeping with granulation tissue that results in mild left neural foraminal narrowing and mild... (258 replies)
... I found my original cervical MRI. Here are the gory details. Perhaps this will help the veterans give me a little more insight / personalization with their experience!! MRI Report ======= Findings : There is a maintenance of cerivcal lordosis. There are no focal regions of signal alteration in the vertebral marrow. The cervical spinal cord is intrinsically normal... (258 replies)
... I have had neck pain for 10 years, but in the last 3 years it has been gradually getting worse and worse. I have a high pain tolerance and I am in extreme pain, even though I am on Duragesic 50 MCL and 10 MG Norco (Hydrocodone) for spikes. :o 3 Years ago, I finally went to a Neurologist at my Primary Doctors request. I had a good bit of pain, but I am able to tolerate... (13 replies)
... levels due to an accentuated cervical lordosis in that region and slight retrolisthesis of C5 on C6. ... (1 replies)
... C5 activity.'' He proceeded to tell me he thought nerve was pinched at the C5 root. ... (4 replies)

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