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... I was in a similar position as you in 2003. I saw a total of 3 neuro surgeons and 2 of them said I should NOT have surgery. I decided to go with that and had a very wonderful last almost 9 years until my fall in July. So I would say NO however I am not a doctor. Pam (4 replies)
... I am lookng for some direction I hae a as follows ord fo word from my ct scan -at the c5-6 level there is a large diffuse posterir disc bulge and uncovertebral arthrosis which results in moderate spinal stenosis. There is a mass effect on the anterior aspect of the cervicalcord at this level. No significant neural foraminal narrowng is demonstrated. Impression:Moderate... (4 replies)
... Dozer I have total faith in my surgeon. He is chief of neuroscience and the spine center for Stanford . He has been honest and conservative. He told me at follow up, which I was aware of,that I have 2 more bulging discs at c5,6 and c6,7 and bones spurs at c6,7. But he didn't think they were bad enough to fuse and wanted to see if this would solve my pain.Therefore the... (5 replies)

... 6 weeks ago I had a bilateral foraminotomy at c5,6. They cut out bone spurs on both sides of my foramen. They cut through some muscle. I have an earlier post I did when I was 3 days out . In the hospital my pain could not be relieved. About 1 month ago I went on 20mg of OxyContin every 12 hours that helped my pain tremendously however the side effects are horrible . I cut back... (5 replies)
... webdozer - i had surgery ( disc replacement ) c5/6 on the 2/7/2011 since then my pain has doubled my hands swell from just typing on the laptop , i have pain in my shoulder blades arms and neck 24/7 i now have problems with my lower back bladder headaches also have limited movement lookin left to right . my doctor keeps telling me it will get better and if i lost weight it... (6 replies)
... Looking for advice- Had pain since January (in neck and entire right arm along with numb feeling in right hand, saw neurologist, got EMG, NCV's done, slight nerve damage in rt elbow and 2 MRI's. Started with Steriod packs (2) -in April didn't work, then did physical therapy - kicked me out Mid June because that didn't help. Got referred to Neuro Surgeon, She said get... (3 replies)
... st MRI still show what it did. I have the post cervical disc and when you look at the axial view you can clearly see that the white matter disappears around the c5 c6 area. My neurosurgeon who I truly respect and found to be the easiest to talk to said there is nothing he would do at this time. ... (13 replies)
... I have structural pain too. It started July 2011. I went to 19 PT appointments and he basically kicked me out and said he's just torturing me and not helping. I went to 9 acupuncture appts. , again no help. I had a c7 nerve block that lasted about 2 days and an epidural that did not do anything at all. I have a bone spur hitting a nerve and c5,6 are herniated and have... (12 replies)
... frenchfri1003 - Thank you so much for giving me questions to ask the surgeon. The type of collar is something I have been thinking about after reading so much information, also another good question that you brought up was when the first follow up appt will be. As far as stool softeners and laxatives I am already on top of that one with taking vicodin. But your research and... (25 replies)
... Thanks for the advice. Another person asked me why the internal medicine doc. I'm not sure either, my doc. said I should. I do have an appointment with the surgeon on the 28th. I will transcribe what the mri results say here: C5-C6 Posterior disc osteophyte complex. Mild to moderate spinal canal stenosis. Mild right-sided neuroformaminal stenosis. C6-C7 Large left... (12 replies)
Lordosis, C5...
Sep 12, 2011
... Right, let me explain my situation. I was helping out in a pub back on 31st Dec 99. Slipped over, tried to make into a roll and landed on my C3-C5 vertabrae. Ever since then I have had neck pain. Now it goes from the base of my skull down the sides and back of my neck, over both shoulders and down the base of shoulder blades. Also, for about the last 2 n bit years, I wake... (11 replies)
Jun 17, 2011
... Thats not my concern,my left arm no longer works,I can operate my hand and forearm,but not the bicep or back of shoulder ,getting told the nerve on c5 c6 has shut down,and when asking will my arm work again I get told they do not no,could take nine months or may never wake up. ... (5 replies)
... Thanks Jenny for the detailed explanation. Couldn't have been explained better. (2 replies)
... There are 2 issues that can lead to paralysis in the spine....the spinal nerves and the spinal cord. The spinal nerves peel off the cord at each vertebra(except C1) and go out to the body, and where they leave the cord, they can be compressed by herniated disks, or arthritic bone spurs or any combination of those 2. The compression is rated as minimal, mild, moderate and... (2 replies)
... Hi to anyone who reads this; I am 39yrs old female, I never had any pain :)in my neck or my shoulders, however in October of 2010 I started to have odd sensation on my right leg. My Dr. tried all sorts of things and nothing helped, in December of the same year I started to feel numbness in all of my fingers up my left hand and arm. Had MRI don in FEb of 2011 and was told I... (1 replies)
... Hi Jude, I was fused from C4-C7 since I was 19, Im 51 now. Mine occured naturally, they call it congenital. I had surgery in 10/10 to fuse C2-C4 and also to insert rods from C2-C5 to lift my head as is was falling down from the 1st surgery (a laminectomy) in 1994. To answer your questions, believe it or not I excercised to get my body ready. Carefully of course but I... (46 replies)
... Hi, Spine, Thanks for the reply. Wow, you (and others on this board) have had a lot of problems --how are you doing now? How was your multi-level ACDF? What are your current problems w C4 and C6 is loose (even though fused)? I am in my late 30s, so I worry about having to have one surgery after another at my age. I am not sure whether to try to avoid surgery with... (5 replies)
... hi, I thought i would reply. I had the surgery feb, 2010. I did not have forarm pain before my surery, just pain going to about my biceps on both sides. My neurosergeon NEVER did an EMG prior to the surgery, and i wish he had of. He just went by my symptoms and my MRI images. I had no numbness or forarm pain prior to surgery. BUT i have it NOW. The forearm pain started... (8 replies)
... Has anyone ever heard of a time frame for increasing risk of permanent nerve damage for a spinal nerve root compression at C5-C6? I began having a stiff neck & shoulder about 7 months ago. My symptoms increased, and I now experience neck and shoulder pain, tingling down my right arm (within past 2 weeks, even started in left arm), muscle weakness in right arm, muscle spasms... (1 replies)
... About 18 months after the ACDF I had severe symptoms return. The MRI showed stenosis and I had a C5 and C6 posterior foraminotomy. Going in the surgeon said the MRI showed mild stenosis. ... (8 replies)

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