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... Hi there. I had C5-6 ACDF and failed. I had a second posterior fusion at C5-6 with wiring. Something was really wrong with my first surgery, so my second surgery, although more invasive, seemed like a dream. I was off work for 7 weeks after my second surgery. Unfortunately, I think this one has failed, too, which I'll do a different post on. I really didn't have any... (12 replies)
... Regarding loss of range of motion, I actaully have no loss when looking to my left, and maybe 50% to the right. Also some loss of chin to chest and looking straight up. I had a three level fusion and plating of C5-C7, but I had a congenital fusion of C5-6 so I am sure that may be the nature of some of my loss of motion. I found that adjusting to the discrepancy in motion was... (7 replies)
... Hi all! I am new to the board and could use some help from people who have had cervical surgery in the past. A little background: About two years ago my wife noticed that after she stood up from a squated position her thighs would shake and tremor. It then progressed to severe arm and leg pain following exertion. Arm and leg pain became chronic about ten months ago... (6 replies)

... Hi, thanks for the reply. I give you little history of what happened and whats going on. I had the surgery on dec. 08. i wore a collar for 10 days and was released to work ib 3 weeks. I have a desk job. Soon as a woke up from surgery all my pain was gone. I felt great for about 6 weeks. I started increasing my activitiy and my nerve pain returned. From my neck down to forearm.... (2 replies)
C5-C7 Issues
Oct 8, 2009
... Hello, I've had ongoing issues with pain from "arthritic" degeneration at C5-C7 for about 4 years. First MRI was in 2006 and showed moderate stenosis at C5-6 as the worst findings. I was about to undergo lumbar fusion so the cervical situation had to take a back burner. It's gotten worse. I've had good luck with epidurals but my luck is running out. Last one was... (3 replies)
... i am so glad to have found this board. i was diagnosed with cervical spondylosis, a c5-c6 herniation and bulges at c4-c5 and c6-c7 in march; the herniation is compressing my spinal cord. after attempting to pursue physical therapy without success (the PT wouldn't touch me for fear of causing me further injury), i am resigning myself to having discectomy and fusion surgery.... (9 replies)
C5-6 Question
Apr 8, 2009
... Here is my MRI text: Congenital narrowing of the spinal canal. There are posterior osteophyte disk complexes most prominent at C5-6 resulting in moderate-to-severe spinal stenosis. There is flattening of the anterior aspect of the spinal cord. The spinal cord signal is normal. Bilateral neural foraminal narrowing most significant on the left at C3-4 (mild-right/moderate left)... (9 replies)
C5-6 Question
Apr 8, 2009
... Hi Power - it does sound to be nerve type response. One of my levels that was bad was C5-6 and you describe it exactly. I had nerve root compression at that level and I did have perm damage but the symptoms were the same. You do not have to have "nerve damage" to have the sensations you are having. The bulge can be irritating the nerve roots - or there even could be a... (9 replies)
C5-6 Question
Apr 8, 2009
... Most of the pain you feel seems to be associated with your muscles, not nerves. And muscles in spasm can cause that tingling and electric shock sensations. I know from my son being in a bad MVA at 18 that it took months for the muscles to heal. Doc told us that muscle fibers are one of the slowest to heal in the entire body as they are very long. He said to expect a full... (9 replies)
... yes yes yes. i have a c4-c5 and c5-c6 and have pain in my left shoulder blade all the time. my doc said this was consistent with the discs i have herniated. (8 replies)
... Yes. I get this still, even after having has an ACDF C5-6 several years ago. Greg (8 replies)
... It's hard to know exactly what you are looking at , but here's a a couple inputs 1) The spinal cord is contained in a membrane (I've seen it called both the secal sac or the dural sac) that is filled with fluid and surrounds the actual spinal cord nerves. A bulging disc can compress this fluid-filled sac without actually compressing the nerves - it's a matter of 'how... (5 replies)
... In your case, I'm guessing you might get different suggestions from different doctors and surgeons at this point. When you say, 'up and down my left arm', can you be more specific? Starts where and ends where? If there is nerve compression, you'll likely feel tingling into your thumb and index finger as well. The fact that there is contact with the spinal cord does... (2 replies)
... I am asking for help in understanding the following MRI: C5-6: There is a loss of disc space height. Anterior osteophytic spurring is seen. There is a 5mm AP cranially and caudily dissecting 11mm left paracentral disc extrusion that contacts and modertly indents the ventral spinal cord. There is moderate left foraminal stenosis with expected contact of the left C6 nerve... (2 replies)
... Hey Mike - you'll quickly find that everyone's experience is a bit different. I've heard lots of horror stories, lots of success stories. I'm a 34 year old male, have done softball and bowling leagues, play some pickup ball, some weights, etc... I had ACDF C5-6 on 9/20/08. I was back in the office (office/desk job) on 9/29/08 which was probably a little too soon... then I... (8 replies)
... Hello, I am a 40 year old man who is in good shape and I lead a very active life style. Over the last ten years I have on and off again next pain. It began as a stiff next that would be painful and limited my range of motion in my next. As time went by things progressed and pain began to go into my traps and towards my right shoulder. I would treat my condition with a... (8 replies)
... Hey Sonya.. I had the same thing - ACDF c5/6 - just this past Saturday morning 9/20/08. It went as well as I could have hoped for. Have confidence. No reason to get freaked out tonight and tomorrow morning. Sounds like you've got plenty of support.. you just need to take it easy and heel. I have some pain, but its very manageable... I've got plenty of medications and I... (26 replies)
... Hey all.. I'm 36 hours post-op from ACDF of c5/6. Surgery at 9am CDT yesterday 9/20.. discharged about 2pm CDT today 9/21. Overall, things went real well. Some pain yesterday in the upper back from left to the right... pain meds and steriods remedied that quite well. Doing fine today. Swallowing has been a little painful, much better today. Surgical site didn't bother... (13 replies)
... I had a fusion of C6-C7 about 15 years ago following a drunk driver running into me and 3 years of physical therapy. I have been having uncontrollable movements that look like seizures, my legs feel like cement, I have neuropathy in my feet and numbness and tingling in my hands and arms with constant cringe type feelings when I move. The drs put me through all sorts of... (6 replies)
... rays showed something next to the C5 disk. ... (3 replies)

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