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Spine RMI
Jul 31, 2013
... You have bone spurs growing off the interfaces of the C5 and C6 vertebrae with the C5-6 disk. They are growing backward into the spinal canal (thecal sac) and effacing (pushing away) spinal fluid inside the sac from in front of the spinal cord. Bone overgrowth off the vertebrae and off the facets (on the side of the spine) are growing into the right C5-6 foramen, which is... (3 replies)
... If it is possible I would like some suggestions on what direction to go. I have started having neck spasms and then headaches the last three months. In September I had a carotid endarterectomy, which left me with a somewhat painful small keloid on the side of my neck. This has just exacerbated my neck problems now. Can't seem to get total relief. I had been on this board... (3 replies)
... MRI Findings Normal cervical vertebral body height and alignment. No bony destructive alterations. Degenerative endplate signal changes most pronounced at C5-6 and C6-7. Intrinsically, the cervical cord appears to be grossly normal. Congenital cervical spinal canal dimensions are normal. Cerebellar tonsils are normally positioned At C2-3, there may be some left-sided... (8 replies)

... I've posted a few times but now I have seen a few doctors and have reached a dilemma many seem to face here, whether to have surgery or wait. Readers Digest version: MRI report: C5-C6 diffuse bulge/posterior spondylosis complex resulting in complete effacement of ventral thecal sac with moderate AP canal stenosis. Bilateral moderate narrowing of neural forimina, mild... (3 replies)
... Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can help me understand my MRI report? I've had chronic neck pain since a parking garage hit the back of my neck/head in 10/01, but in 8/12 I was hospitalized for Viral Meningitis (ironically, 2 ks after my cervical spinal injections, but determined NOT fungal). An MRI was done then, but I never saw that report. Since that time, I've had increased... (2 replies)
Jun 24, 2013
... I went to my GP today to meet with her regarding my recent visit to the neurosurgeon. I posted my MRI results in another thread, but the short story is that I have congenital stenosis and herniated discs at C3-C4 and C4-C5 which are flattening my spinal cord and myelomalacia from C3-C6. There is also some minor bulging at C5-C6 that is not effecting my cord, but they claim... (9 replies)
... As I was reading through the MRI report, I was getting ready to write that yes, it was possible to have that many things "wrong" and yet not have "enough" to cause lots of pain. That was up until I came to the issues at your C5-C6 level... c5-c6 disc bulging and endplate spurring with billateral incovertebral hypertrophy. Mild narrowing of the ventral canal as well as... (3 replies)
... Hi all! I am 39 years old but if what I am reading correctly sounds like I have a neck like a 90 year old. Oh btw I already had injections in my lower back and in my neck. No help! In extreme pain and can not take any anti inflammatory's due to High Risk of Ulcers. Also had a full body bone scan and arthritis was detected in hips knees, hands and feet. I am being made to... (3 replies)
... There is moderate spinal canal stenosis at c5 c6. ... (25 replies)
... There is moderate spinal canal stenosis at c5 c6. ... (25 replies)
... There is moderate spinal canal stenosis at c5 c6. ... (25 replies)
... Hello all- I have been seeing about a billion different docs over the past 6 months (it sure feels that way, anyway! :) for what started out, I thought, as some innocuous tingling in my hands. 2 months in wrist braces and an EMG later, they started questioning if it was my neck and not my wrists or elbows. They finally ordered an MRI last month and this is what they found:... (17 replies)
... << C5-6 demonstrates mild spondylosis and moderate disc narrowing. Small broad-based cnetral disc protrusion superimposed on and effacing the thecal sac >> The C5-6 disk is bulging backward into the spinal canal. It has pushed away (effaced) the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in front of the spinal cord, but does not seem to be actually affecting the cord itself (yet). I'm not... (3 replies)
... Hi new to this board. Would appreciate any feed back. Going to Neurosurgeon next week. Hoping I don't need surgery again. A little Hx. Nov 2010 I had a bad fall and hit the back of my head resulting in a shattered C6-C7 disk that required emergency ACDF. I have been Dx. with DDD of the cervical and lumbar spine, don't know about the thoracic, but that hurts as well. This all... (5 replies)
... This is my first time posting on here. I have not yet been able to speak with my physician about this report - so I'm left being concerned with just enough info to get me all freaked out. Any credible clarifications are greatly appreciated. I don't need guesses - I have plenty of those. I'm copy & pasting directly from my results: EXAM: MR CERVICAL WITHOUT CONTRAST ... (2 replies)
... I am feeling mild pain with disconfort around neck borders and a little bit on collarbone. I went to see a neurosurgeon in my location. After examining me, he asked me to get X-rays and MRI. I brought him the X-rays results and MRI which revealed the following: MRI results 1.Bilateral neural foraminalstenosis due to diffuse bulge of the annulus fibrosis with... (5 replies)
... Okay, so I go to get the mail today & get a letter from: "Norton Neurosurgical Institute" saying what they plan on doing... So here it is. From Dr. H please schedule for C5 & C6 corpectomy & staged posterior fusion C4-7 or more likely T1 with Dr.G Pre-op diagnosis: High Grade compression C4-C5,C5-C6 & centrally @ C6-C7. (27 replies)
Mri analysis
Feb 23, 2013
... (56 replies)
... hi all have just been and picked up my scans but do not understand reports would be really grateful if someone could translate it into a more simple form. MRI of lumber spine left lateral disc protrusion at L1/S1 with migration into superior margin of left L5/S1 neuroforamen causing compression of the exiting left L5 nerve root. mild impingement of left lateral... (5 replies)
... First MRI report below (done last Jan). I don't have a copy of the second MRI report. Findings: There is a left posterolateral/foraminal disc extrusion at c5-c6 resulting in impingement on the cervical cord and exiting nerve root. Mild right-sided C5-C6 foraminal stenosis present secondary to uncovertebral joint hypertrophy. Bilateral neural foraminal moderate... (7 replies)

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