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... Teteri, I don't have numbness or tingling, but I have recently started developing some weakness in my hands and feet, coincidentally right after I had my 2nd MRI. I just got the results and will post them shortly. Hoping that the 2nd MRI shows some improvement to reflect my decrease in overall pain. Realhousewife, do you recall how much disc herniation was measured in... (16 replies)
... I had the same thing after a car accident but mine happened 5 weeks after the accident. I had a 2 level ACDF at C4-5 and C5-6 in early 2012 and I'm doing great. I had it done because after 7 months of pain it never got better in spite of the pain meds, PT and epidural injections. Please, be careful about taking the advise of people who post here regarding their opinions on... (16 replies)
... I wouldn't be frantic, if I were you. A C5-6 ACDF is not THAT big a deal. Car accidents often cause significant neck muscle damage (whiplash), and that's a much more intractable problem than just a slipped disk. (16 replies)

... Let me add that I do not think that you " have serious disc issues at all levels". With the exception of C5-6, those bulges are small. Even the radiologist uses the word "small". Your foramina seem to be fine (foramina are the holes through which pass the spinal nerve roots). I suspect that you have congenital spinal stenosis, which just means that heredity has endowed you... (16 replies)
... 4mm is certainly very narrow. I suspect you started out with a narrower-than-normal canal, so you'll have less leeway when things go wrong. A c5-6 ACDF makes sense, but of course you'll want a second opinion.... (16 replies)
... Your post isn't clear.... you had the C5-6 disk (singular) replaced. By what? What is the "other disk" you're referring to? (1 replies)
... Hi all, This is my first post. My boyfriend is 42 years old. He suffered a freak injury 8 months ago at the hands of an inept physical therapist. This injury has left him with herniations at c5/c6 & c6/c7. It is not causing nerve root issue, but rather spinal cord compression directly. We have seen aprox 5 neuros & seems to be a split decision on whether or... (4 replies)
... Hi everyone, I have a question about everyone's recovery from an ACDF C5/C6. I had my surgery in September, 2012. My insurance company denied physical therapy, so I asked my surgeon what exercises I should be doing. He gave me a basic list of exercises, and I started working out with a strength and conditioning coach. At 3 months post-op, I asked if I could go back... (0 replies)
... Hi Hun, I noticed you had no replys, so I thought I would. I had C5/6 and C6/7 fused 3 wks ago. The NHS dont do operations unless they are necessary. Have a look at my post yesterday to get some idea of how I am. Its not just a car accident that puts you at risk, I my case my problems progressed. I would advise anyone who needs it doing, to have the operation. You dont... (5 replies)
... Hi All, My story: ACDF C5-6 in 2007. ACDF C6-7 in 2011. I've been having excruciating pain for about a week when I put my shampoo on my head (no joke). I decided to call my neurosurgeon and he ordered an MRI and x-ray. I don't have the report but I came home and looked at the images on CD. It looks like a huge herniation and spinal cord compression at C4-5. I... (1 replies)
... just wondering if this is normal, had acdf at c5/6 with cage plates less than 2 weeks ago everything seems great, the pain i was having in my arm has all but gone, im not taking gabapentin anymore, sleeping in my bed now normally, still stiff in morning and evening but getting a little better everyday feel back to my normal self again, its just i got this weird feeling in my... (3 replies)
... Hi all, I'm new here!! Just wanted some advice really. In July 2011 I awoke not being able to straighten my left arm and could not move my thumb and index finger.... Anyway cut a long story short after many visits to doc/MRI scans/ physios/neurosurgeon I have been diagnosed with a prolapsed disc c5/6. They wanted to operate on feb 29 2012 last year but when date finally came I... (5 replies)
... I've seen 2 neurologists. Here's the problem, being VA did the surgery none of them want to get involved, and tell me they can't find anything wrong. In fact the last neurologist said my MRI is normal, what a crock. I have 3 bad cervical disks and VA fixed one, hum that leaves 2 more, hardly normal. The symptoms started as soon as I got home from the VA hospital which was 2... (4 replies)
... Good grief.... definitely a situation for a neurologist. Assuming you have seen one, what does he say? For the most part, these are symptoms one would not associate with a C5-6 problem. Did they come on after the operation and, if so, how soon after? And by "failed" operation, do you mean that the fusion itself failed, or do you mean that your symptoms have not improved? (4 replies)
... December 30, 2011 Anterior cervical diskectomy and fusion C5-C6 with fibular allograft and a Globus anterior cervical plate. Spine Symptoms 1 year after surgery and no help in sight. projectile vomiting, daily, no warning nausea, with dizziness sever headaches are worse after the surgery neck pain is worse after the surgery tinnitus, weird sound in my ears, very loud... (4 replies)
... I have been experiencing the constant tingling in my left arm with the numbness in my arm, hand and fingers. I went for Xrays and then recently for a MRI. The results of the MRI came back that i have 2 herniated disks at C5-C6-C7 that are considated mild to moderate. I was told to contact a neurosurgen and that my only option in the dr.'s eyes was surgery. I don't see... (5 replies)
... Hi WebDozer, I know worrying does not solve anything...but its really not something I can take out of my mind....Although I have no major pain, my arm weakness really gave me a huge scare...especially at my age.... really makes me sick to the stomach to think of my future....I just hope my symtoms are casued by the muscle spasm (which casue the reverse lordosis) and that... (3 replies)
... Thanks for the quick reply and your welcome! Same as yours (c5-c7) yes I'll be getting a collar and hopefully one to shower in as well. Mine has been QUITE progressive since July of this year. I've got a lot of muscle weakness in arms and legs that I HOPE surgery will take care of asap. I think the muscle weakness is probably the thing that bothers me the most since it really... (21 replies)
... Hi there, Just found the forum this morning. After many years of ongoing neck, shoulder, arm pain, where I'd have bouts of pain lasting from weeks to months, with frequency of bouts getting to stage where I essentially have constant pain, I've finally found the source of my problems. An MRI this week shows protrusions at C5-6 & C6-7. I've been given referral to a... (21 replies)
... Hi everyone, This is my first time to post, and I'm very happy to have found this site! I just received my results back from an X-ray of my neck, and I don't have a clue as to what it means (other than what I typed in my title). Here is what the report said: Straightening of the cervical spine identified with no prevertebral soft tissue swelling, fracture or... (5 replies)

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