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C6 nerve block ?
Feb 8, 2003
... I am also having a nerve block c6 for arm pain. I am nervous about this and not sure whether to bother as the arm pain is not nearly as bad as my headaches. ... (4 replies)
... rays. He did however take some. But, I did not go back to follow up. I went to the ortho doctor and he has ordred an MRI. He thinks I have pinched nerve and seemed to be a little surprised that i had nerve block done but not an MRI on my lower back. I go in to two weeks for the MRI. ... (13 replies)
... I am worried about burning the nerve thought because If I dont feel pain I may be more likely to hurt myself. ... (4 replies)

... were mild at the time. But my nerve pain was starting to get were I could not stand it, so i asked for help. He recommended PT and Darvecet. ... (13 replies)
... Keith, In my opinion, you hit the nail on the head in the last few sentences. My situation sounds very similar to yours. I lived with it for 20 years. I had the shots, and they lasted about a month. Eventually I had ACDF on C5-6 and C6-7 last June. I feel great. Consider, your disks have degenerated pretty far. In my case it was bone on bone. The shots are only going to... (29 replies)
... C7 with left foraminal focal protrusion with complete effacement of the left exit foram and compression of the exiting C7 nerve root. There is probable anterior indentation of the left side of the cord. ... (15 replies)
... C7 Scans show broad based disc bulge, complete effacement of left nerve root and impingment of left anterior cord. Ostephytes as well. ... (79 replies)
... I have severe disk degeneration of C5-C6 and C6-C7, and what little is remaining of the 2 disks is bulging back into the spinal column, putting pressure on the spinal cord. For about 18 years I have had progressively increasing neck stiffness and pain, followed by varying numbness in my right fingers and hand, and then whole arm for about the last 4 years. Now my shoulder... (29 replies)
... ve a nice fat file of info. I think it is possible any of these cervical discs could cause headaches as it seems everyones anatomy is slightly different and that nerve block med can move into a higher or lower area after injection. It is interesting the c6 nerve block seems to help that side of the head. How are your headaches? ... (21 replies)
... I was wondering if your were having the epidural shots for impingement symptoms or more overall pain. Have you had facet or nerve block injections previously? ... (25 replies)
... work ib 3 weeks. I have a desk job. Soon as a woke up from surgery all my pain was gone. I felt great for about 6 weeks. I started increasing my activitiy and my nerve pain returned. From my neck down to forearm. Surgeon told me that the nerves were just waking up. Now that look back he was probably right. ... (2 replies)
... Hi All, I am new to this board and find it facinating with the information that is being shared among the users. Thats why I decided to join and ask a few questions. My back ground: I am a police officer and I suffered a neck injury from an accident while in a cruiser in November 2000. With minor but steady pain, I was sent to PT for a while. After the couple of years my... (29 replies)
... aiting till august to see a neurosurgen. My primary doc thinks I need a spinal decompression surgery. Pain doc has tried trigger point shots, epiderol and next a nerve block in neck. Doubt it will work, the epiderol didn't. Really at a loss as what to do. Get like 3 hrs of sleep a night. ... (11 replies)
... my neck that he said would dissolve. I've had problems in the past with stitches and told him, he chose to ignore me. I believe my spinal cord was pinching my nerve root also. They all think I am crazy, but I feel the metal plates. I believe the nerve is somehow touching the plates. That's all I can think of. ... (10 replies)
... rms, chest and shoulders. It is so bad i can't wear a shirt sometimes. Neurotin helps a lot with this but i hate meds. Had an emg and a mri recently. My emg said nerve damage at c7 but mri said spine is perfect everywere except my fusion is not complete yet. surgeon said pain is because i am not fused. ... (2 replies)
... for the pain. The physical therapy didn't really help me and after much discussion with my doctor we decided to go ahead with surgery. I had a severly pinched nerve along with bulging and stenosis. My doctor felt that I stood a chance of permanent nerve damage, which of course I did not want. ... (29 replies)
... ack for 8 months, never helped. Then that doc have up on me. Now the new pain doc has tried an epiderol in my neck which just made it worse. Next week I go for a nerve block to try and stop the headaches. And then a brain MRI to make sure I don't have cancer, cause of the blurred vision, flashes of light and horrible headaches. ... (11 replies)
... It's nerve related and don't do the nerve block. ... (15 replies)
... OMG Mary, I had surgery on Nov. 9, 2010 and now have the exact same thing going on with me. I've been telling every doctor this is nerve related, and was told I was crazy. I've been seeing barrows doctors since Feb. ... (10 replies)
... Has Anyone had a nerve block done. Go to pain doctor next week to get one. Supposed to stop my headaches but not the pain in my neck and arm plus tingling and numbness. ... (11 replies)

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