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... Yes, quite expensive. I am happy for you that the pain has not returned. Hopefully after the second injection, it will stay gone for many months. The tingling may or may not go away. Some people get additional tingling or twitching with the injections. This usually goes away in a couple days to a couple weeks. I have had 4 series. The first gave good relief for about four... (1 replies)
... Well I went last Friday to get my last cervical epidural injection and the pain medicine doc decided not to give it to me. ... (8 replies)
... lder pain and then arm pain with frequent tightening of muscles with tingling and numbness down arm into thumb, index and middle finger. I had MRI taken and have cervical canal stenosis with neural foraminal narrowing which means my spinal canal is narrowing and pinching the nerves causing me great pain. Also have 4 disc bulges. ... (3 replies)

... Rather pronounced reversal of the cervical lordosis. ... (4 replies)
... Thanks... I was worried the stiff/pain was not normal... called dr cuz it was not on his sheet of aftercare/side effects.... said rest and *should* feel better tomorrow or Thursday and will be calling in morning to check on me. I'm leary of surgery just yet, my degeneration mild, and fibro likely why I hurt so bad since so mild.... we shall see. Thanks again. (4 replies)
... In my case, I had the episode of full body numbness in January, got an MRI in February, saw an ortho back doc in March and they tried to do an epidural injection in May(couldn't....way to much pain just from the catheter), saw my neurologist in July who sent me to a neurosurgeon she trusted in August and I was in surgery in September. The neurosurgeon determined that I needed... (10 replies)
... Hi mopar, Do you know what exactly they are calling the injection? I don't mean to beat a dead horse, but I am curious and I can maybe give you more accurate information. I didn't mean to make it sound that bad. I'm just really grumpy right now anyway :mad:. Also, it looks like we have both been having neck "fun" for around 4 years. Do you combine a muscle relaxer like... (12 replies)
... I've always insisted that my ESI are done with conscious sedation so that the actual injection does not hurt (or at least not a lot and I don't remember the pain due to the versed that is given). In some cases the injections do cause a pain increase but that is supposed to be brief (a few days to a week). (12 replies)
... how long does the relief from the local actually last?? my doc gave me a LOT. in fact he was giving it to me through out the whole procedure. (5 replies)
... When I've had my epidurals they always give me light sedation (versed and fentanyl). These make me tired and I usually get a good nap in after and am sort of wiped out for the day. Other than that sometimes I'm sore for 24 hours or so after the injection. The only thing I now get (which I didn't get with ESI years ago) is "steroid hunger" where about 3 days after the shot... (8 replies)
... Another quick question for everyone..... After taking off my bandaids today I realized that I was stuck twice in two locations. The first two times I was only stuck in one place. Has anyone else been stuck twice. I wonder if this is why the dr. suggested me to be sedated? nicki (51 replies)
... Sorry to hear that moonchaser I hope things get better for you. I had my 3rd CEI yesterday and they gave me Valium and IV sedation. I don't remember anything which is great but I have so much stiffness in my neck and back this morning. I go back for a followup in a couple of weeks so I hope everything goes great. Nicki (51 replies)
... Ok, I am still trying to keep my sunny disposition about this whole ESI procedure and results. I had my 2nd one on May 1. Like the first one, it hurt like heck and made me really stiff and sore for 4 days. I don't get that they tell you to resume all normal activities within 24 hours. My bucket was on the couch the next day too. And then I actually started to feel... (51 replies)
... I had the first set of three, each two weeks apart. I started feeling some relief by the second one and the third one did the trick for a full 6 months. But then 6 months later the pain came back and we started with another set of three. This time though I didn't get any relief by the second one so we didn't do the third. My doctor will do 3 ESIs every 6 months. And... (51 replies)
... Carscheles, I'm curious. You've have 5 ECI's? Over what period of time have you had them? Most of what I've read is that docs usually stop after three of them. I go back Tuesday for #2. I'm only getting a topical anesthetic and some valium, just like I did for the first one. It was ok while they were doing it, my doc did wait for the numbing shot to take effect. I... (51 replies)
... A person has to have special training in it. One other person I saw (a Pain Dr's physician asst) did it. It didnt work for me pre-surgery. I went at least 15 times and it was really minimal. My surgeon recommended this PT and it was just a coincidence that she is trained in it. I totally told her I was not into it whatsoever since it never worked before. She swore up and down... (51 replies)
... Yikes. Hopefully the extra weight doesn't hurt you. This is what I love about my PTs now. Their first question is always how are you truly feeling and what are you up for? They'll tell me what consequences I might have before I do something. Like today, I told them I was tight around the base of my neck and across my back after two days of traction. So it was explained... (51 replies)
... I tell ya, I learned something today. I went to PT for my once a week upper body exercises on the machine and the intramuscular stimulation (the dry needling for the TIGHT TIGHT muscles. (which helps me ALOT). Well, I really like this place BUT........... for some weird reason the owner of the PT place UPPED the weight for my exercises. On one exercise (the one where you pull... (51 replies)
... Okay, I go on Wednesday wish me luck!:eek: (51 replies)
... moonchaser glad to hear you made it through ok....hope it works for you! :wave: (51 replies)

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