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... (12 replies)
... C7. I'm having an epidural injection this week. ... (12 replies)
... or the info about the Pronex. I had actually viewed their web site and I was considering purchasing one. They have another traction unit called the Saunders Home Cervical Traction Unit. Are you familiar with that one? ... (8 replies)

Confused, in pain
Jan 24, 2019
... Hi, No I don't have answers. My neurologist immediately referred me to a neurosurgeon as soon as she saw the results. I'm quite unhappy, since this scan was done last July and my old neuro either ignored the results or just sat on them. Per my current neurologist (one that came highly recommended), I should have been referred months ago. I did not go through with the... (4 replies)
... ents over the course of my life but with no pain. Just 2 years ago I had a weight lifting injury and after this I started to experience minor back pain. I had an epidural injection to no avail. It was only after sitting in one position on a plane for 10 hours that my arm started burning. ... (4 replies)
... this is dependent upon the type of problem as well as type of pain. For example, I read a statement paper today from North American Spine Society that said that epidural steroid injections work well if you are having arm pain but not so well for neck pain. ... (23 replies)
... Hello, Yes I will be getting wrist splints for my carpal tunnel, so hopefully they will help me out. With regards to the dentist, bit of a nightmare, my appointment had to be re-arranged, so have a week now to wait, but... haven't been having any pain for days at mo (please fingers crossed, it will stay that way..) I think the nerve root injection, is the same as a spinal... (6 replies)
... I'm in for a facet injection next week and the week afterward. Christmas can go now. I am so nervous, I can't even think about it. ... (6 replies)
... I read about the foraminotomy a bit and it seems like there are issues with that post surgery. And it doesn't fix the disc issue. The epidural worked ok for 1 day but the pain came right back. ... (12 replies)
... chitown2012 here.. I'm going into my 5th week postoperative, I had a posterior cervical laminectomy from C3 to C7 and fusion from C7 to T2. Progressing slowly and still in my brace for another 7 weeks. Listen to Jenny, she is a wealth of knowledge. ... (8 replies)
... i had whiplash 5 years ago. I was feeling like a million bucks right before i got hit. multiple herniations in cervical and thoracic. pain is in throacic. went to multiple doctors 5 years ago. practically gave up. started to do nothing and after 10 months started feeling better. ... (11 replies)
... ecome very aware of taking care of yourself. I went numb from the neck down in January and had my MRI in Feb. I saw the first back doc in March and they tried an epidural injection in May. IT made things much worse. ... (17 replies)
... Then, while doing the injection they are using a flourascope which is an "active xray" so it stays on during the procedure. ... (3 replies)
... my physiatrist just returned my call. He's ordering PT and Lyrica. He agrees that just arm pain would not benefit from a facet injection, maybe an epidural later. He's also going to pull up the MRI to look at and I will see him the week of April 21st when I will be home on vacation. ... (3 replies)
... I completed my cycle of 3 epidural steroid injections last month and got about 50% total pain relief; not bad, but I was hoping for better. I just had a transforaminal steroid injection yesterday at the C6 median nerve root and am hoping that will be a big improvement on top of the 50% I already got. If not, I've got a decent program of Ultram ER for my pain during the... (3 replies)
... there is an ESI injection called transforaminal where they only inject at the nerve root instead of flooding the central canal. these are less painful, and work for many people. ... (12 replies)
... I had an epidural steroid injection at the beginning of February, but no improvement. ... (4 replies)
... Hello Jitteryme- I have had 4 epi shots in my lumbar spine but I am about to have my first in the cervical area (C5-6). My lumbar shots were a real disappointment but I don't regret trying them. Also, the inside story is that many insurances will insist that they be tried prior to any more invasive Tx (like surgery). I actually had an increase in pain for 2 of my shots... (12 replies)
... I have found, if you have a disc problem, nothing PT can do will really make it better. You can strengthen the spine but the neck is a special thing b/c of the ROM and the fact it holds up the head and is the one part of the spine with the most movement (was that redundant? :) ) Anyway, I have done ESI prior to PT and after. My story: I am 27, 26 at the time. I went... (6 replies)
... Hey, thank you all so much for your input and expertise. The MRI showed less pathology than my ortho suspected at first, although, yes, there is some foraminal stenosis on a couple of levels. He suggested, instead of the epidurals, a 6 day course of MEDROL and then wrote me a script for physical therapy. It's day 3 of the pills and already my neck stiffness, spasm and... (6 replies)

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