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... shallow protrusion and bony ridge contact cord without flattening. ... (3 replies)
... it showed a disc bulge that was slightly flattening the spinal cord. Dr's said it was not significant enough to cause her symptoms. ... (6 replies)
... o any support added in. For me, with the compression or flattening pinching off my entire spinal cord and the area with "softening" in my spine, well certain options Dr. ... (8 replies)

Mri results help
May 20, 2007
... This part seems quite concerning "disc herniation producing partial flattening of the spinal cord with a possible focus of myelomalacia." Any time the spinal cord is compromised, it is potentially a great concern. I would definitely get an opinion from a neurosurgeon. ... (6 replies)
... C6, compressing and flattening the spinal cord. ... (19 replies)
... isc herniation is noted which flattens the anterior aspect of the thecal sac with mild to moderate right central canal stenosis. There is no evidence for spinal cord compression or edema. ... (6 replies)
... positive that any weirdness I have would be caused by the cord compression in the cervical area. ... (6 replies)
... I am looking forward to see what your emg says. If you have areas showing spinal cord compression why in the world are they ordering a emg? ... (2 replies)
... Your symptoms are the same to what mine where. I also had what the report called flattened cord at C456 and later C67. Two ops fixed that. ... (9 replies)
... C5 level again noted is a left paracentral disc bulge which effaces the anterior thecal sac and minimally flattens the ventral cord which is unchanged. ... (2 replies)
Pain in mid-back
Sep 30, 2004
... Moderate and diffuse disc bulging.Mild spinal stenosis,mild flattening of the cervical cord. ... (20 replies)
... A combinton of Lg osteophytes with disc protusions is noted on the Rt side at C6 and C7 The complex causes significant flattening of the ventral thecal sac on the rt, as we as flattening of the ventral surface of the cord on the rt sideat these levels. ... (1 replies)
... C5 is one of my original levels I had an ACDF on, but now I have some flattening of the cord there. ... (6 replies)
... causeing nerve and cord compression. I had myelopathy. I also had myelomalacia. ... (12 replies)
... sc protusion which is essentric to the left of midline. As a result, there is complete effacement of the anterior aspects of the thecal sac and a mild amount of flattening of the anterior surface of the cord itself. The neural foramina appear adequate. ... (7 replies)
Issues at c3 level
Apr 15, 2018
... I was told the disc at C3, would need to be kept an eye on, as it was bulging, the last scan I had was 2 years ago, and it showed that disc was contacting and flattening the cord. I had come nerve root injections done, last year, due to pain, that did nothing, and I am due to be seen in clinic in 3 months time. ... (4 replies)
New Symptoms
May 11, 2017
... I have had issues with my neck since 2007... I had spinal cord compression at C5/6 along with canal stenosis, straightening of the lordosis and osteophytes etc diagnosed back in 2013, and had a discetomy and fusion at that site in 2014. I was told then the disc at C3 was bulging and had the potential to go the same way as C5/6 had. To summarise a very long story now, an MRI... (0 replies)
... may contact with the spinal cord. The spinal cord returns normal signal. Close clinical correlation and referral to the specialist is advised. The spinal canal is copious and no stenosis is present. ... (4 replies)
Mri cervical
Sep 1, 2014
... Where specifically do you have pain? Is it only in your neck or down into your shoulders and arms? Osteoporosis could explain the severity of degeneration along your spine, although nearly everyone has some degeneration by your age. Any place you see nerve root impingement it means that something is pressing on that nerve which can cause pain, tingling, weakness and... (3 replies)
... C6. Mild loss of disc height, mild circumferential disc osteophytebcomplex most prominent at the right posterior lateral corner. Flattening of the cord ventrally and goths eit. Near effacement of the CSF mantle with AP diameter 7.8 mm, moderate spinal stenosis. moderate to severe right forminal stenosis. ... (2 replies)

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