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... third of its usual diameter. The disc indents the anterior aspect of the right lateral recess. The cord does not appear displaced. there is no flattening noted. ... (39 replies)
... with mild cord compression. ... (3 replies)
... moderate to severe stenosis, herniation and a bone spur that is compromising my spinal cord causing cord compression and flattening. ... (4 replies)

... Can a compression of the spinal cord produce these symptoms even if the nerves are not compressed? ... (2 replies)
... That doesn't look good to me. Looks like you got some herniated discs as well as some impressive bone spurs. Flattening of the ventral cord isn't good. It means you spinal cord is being compressed. ... (1 replies)
... diffuse posterior disk osteophyte complex causing thecal sac deformity and diffuse flattening of the ventral cord. ... (4 replies)
... On the Patient Portal, I heard from my neurologist. He talked to the neurosurgeon who addressed my legs giving out. That was one of my concerns, but the neuro told my neurologist that we should try PT for my back and knees first. What? The concern the neurosurgeon had was with my off-balance; he never addressed my legs giving out to me. He said that he and my neurologist... (23 replies)
... I am no Doctor, but I'm glad my Ortho only wanted to do 2 levels only and see if that does what he expects. I had the upper two discs flattening the spinal cord, so that was a priority. ... (10 replies)
... From an MRI with contrast looking for MS these pertinent problems were noted. There are more issues but these are the big ones that the radiologist focused on. C 4-5Broad right paracentral-posterolateral disk protrusion/endplate/uncovertebral spur complex flattening the ventral cord and causing severe right foraminal impingement (does the patient have... (4 replies)
Cervical MRI
Jun 28, 2013
... osteophyte complex causes moderate to severe canal stenosis at this level with mild flattening of the cord. There is also moderate bilateral facet arthropathy. Neural foramina are significantly compromised at this level. ... (10 replies)
... ght foraminal disc extrusion with annular tear causing mild thecal sac indentation,narrowing of right neural foramen and abutting right exiting nerve root.Subtle flattening of the ventral surface of right half of the cord without causiing any signal change. ... (1 replies)
... What does flattening of the hemicord mean? ... (5 replies)
Weird sensations
May 17, 2013
... Hi, this seems a really active and informative board so thought I'd ask your opinion. I was diagnosed with C5/6 and C6/7 cord compression / flattening in 2004 after suffering severe neck pain and numbness and pins and needles in both arms. I have EDS which causes vertebral instability but I think a charity parachute jump put the tin hat on things! I was 41 then. After rehab... (2 replies)
... C5 and the issue of the flattening of the ventral cord. Your Doctor will need to evaluate that. What are your experiencing pain wise? ... (2 replies)
... There is mild flattening of the T11 vertebral body with some irregularity of its inferior endplate. This could indicate indeterminate age injury or infection. ... (3 replies)
... going to tell me that I fractured my back during a seizure, ruptured all those discs, developed kyphosis from it and had two discs bulging so bad that they were flattening my spinal cord. ... (5 replies)
... the complex is more prominent with flattening of the right side of the spinal chord. ... (23 replies)
... severe central canal stenosis, indentation of the thecal sac and flattening and deformity of the anterior spinal cord. No gross myelopathic changes are seen, however. ... (4 replies)
... severe central canal stenosis, indentation of the thecal sac and flattening and deformity of the anterior spinal cord. No gross myelopathic changes are seen, however. ... (20 replies)
... mm. Indenting the thecal sac with flattening of the ventral cord surface. Mild endplate bone spurring at same level noted. There is no central canal stenosis. Facet arthropathy is noted with mild left neuroforaminal narrowing. ... (0 replies)

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