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... on. I really feel the need to pull and stretch the neck and shoulder area, because of the pressure I feel. From what I've been reading it's too early to do any exercises for these areas in order not to mess up the fusion, etc. ... (2 replies)
... Following in Ember's footsteps, I wanted to post an update on where I am a year later. ... (0 replies)
... How soon did any of you start neck exercises and what were they? ... (1 replies)

... Did you have exercises to do on your own? ... (6 replies)
... various strengthening exercises with the pulleys, with no weights. ... (258 replies)
... Hi to Everyone :wave: ! It's been about a month since I've checked in. I started PT last week, and am glad for it. I think the muscles in my neck, shoulder, upper back and arm deteriorated, no, atrophiedd over the years, so I appreciate help rehabilitating them. Since the surgery, I'm having fewer neck pains, no foot drop, no problems with weak sphincter control, and my... (0 replies)
... looking forward to it. I went yesterday for the Con sult and just the little bit that she did I am sore, but I am hoping that it will get better. She gave me 3 exercises to do at home 3x a day. I just started driving a week ago. ... (9 replies)
... Hey Mike - you'll quickly find that everyone's experience is a bit different. I've heard lots of horror stories, lots of success stories. I'm a 34 year old male, have done softball and bowling leagues, play some pickup ball, some weights, etc... I had ACDF C5-6 on 9/20/08. I was back in the office (office/desk job) on 9/29/08 which was probably a little too soon... then I... (8 replies)
... Not so wierd at all.. And I dumped that other PT so I'm very on track with things that you are doing these days so no more weights for me (except 2 pounds on shoulder shrugs) Sounds like you are on the road to recovery - quickly too! Congrats! :) (258 replies)
... k not being in pain anymore, I began my master's degree and will finish this coming fall. Before the original surgery, I could never have done any of this. My ACDF made a very positive change in my life. I am glad that I did it and had a great surgeon and medical team all the way. ... (5 replies)
... Well, had my first follow up with the Doctor this morning, 5 weeks post ACDF at C4/5 and C5/6, donor bone, Atlantis plate, no collar. Had flexion/extension Xrays, plus normal AP and Lateral. No problems with plate, screws or bone. Not much evidence of fusion yet, but MD says he wouldn't expect a lot of XRay evidence at this point. He cleared me for driving, said I... (2 replies)
... the best thing would be a few visits to a good PT, if you can afford it or your insurance will cover it. The difference is really amazing, and they can give you exercises to do at home. ... (2 replies)
... He has me doing "GENTLE" stretching exercises to start with. ... (258 replies)
... Suzy: A few things are probably contributing to the muscle pain and spasms. First, as you mentioned, if you had a significant jutting if one vertebrae then your muscles and nerves had, at least a little bit, become adjusted to the abnormal position. When everything was re aligned now the muscles were manipulated into a different, and now correct, positioning. Second,... (17 replies)
... I started doing massage therapy about 18 months after my second ACDF, and have been doing them for a year now - I get a massage every 2 or 3 weeks. I had been on narcotic pain meds for those 18 months and wanted to stop, and felt I needed to try something to help the chronic pain I was (and still) experience. At the same time I started the massage therapy, I started doing... (12 replies)
... I was never instructed to do any neck exercises nor did I do any physical therapy. After being in the Aspen collar for 6 weeks I just had to slowly get myself back to normal muscle use. ... (1 replies)
... At the moment, I can only tolerate about 3 pounds for 2 of my exercises and 2 pounds for the other. ... (258 replies)
... Thanks, I'm so glad that you replied to my post. The exercises that I have to do is to strengthen my neck muscles..Turn my neck to the right 20 times then to my left 20.. ... (9 replies)
... at a dentist appointment. If you look for another post I started outside of here, I had CRAZY bad pain in my elbow, wrist and fingers.... This was at about... week 7. ... (258 replies)
... What sorts of muscle spasm exercises have worked best? ... (0 replies)

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