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... pain. Jennybyc's discussion on the anatomy and possible cause for that numbness and pain sounds reasonable to me. I had ACDF with a plate surgery about six and a half weeks ago. ... (9 replies)
... eck all the way to my index finger. My tricep often quivered uncontrollably like a bowl of jelly until I started taking a muscle relaxer and pain med. My index finger was completely numb and part of my thumb and middle finger. ... (9 replies)
... It would take quite a while for the numbness to go away. ... (17 replies)

... Hate to agree with your doc but your face problems are not from the neck problems. I'm not saying that neck problems NEVER cause facial numbness but your problem is at C6-7 and those nerves go to the arm. The nerves that do serve part of the face are at C3-4 and the nerves that go to the scalp are at C2-3.....well above the area that you have a problem. Also, most nerves... (16 replies)
... and that way my neck is more comfortable in a bent forward position. I guess sometimes I must move around at night and wake up in the wrong position with the arm numbness and other symptoms. I also use those heat patches a lot. ... (17 replies)
... aw yes, hair flipping; I haven't hair flipped in so many years due to this cspine horror. Had to change hair styles and found something I am happy with that isn't terribly short, yet noflipping involvement. Also, after 6 years, I don't flinch, startle outwardly or respond to anyone who says, 'quick, look at.....' Immediately, I learned to turn mostly from the waist with... (17 replies)
... dropped to my sides and It was so weird, I couldn't really move them for several seconds, then I had what I think is really bad nerve pain down through my middle finger and that pain lasted for several days. I know something is amiss in there, that's for sure. ... (17 replies)
... Yea, I don't think I would want to wear a collar at work, only because I was out of work for so long, just started a new job finally, and it's nerve-racking when you have pain and/or disabilities. I am trying my very best to hide my pain and not tell anyone my physical problems, although people can still see that something is wrong, b/c I don't walk normal. As for the... (17 replies)
... Hey there Baybreeze...been off for a couple of days enjoying a surprise visit from my granddaughter. I also can't stand anything around my neck but sometimes you just have to swallow it and do it. Cervical spine surgery usually means a collar of some kind for some amount of time. While you are waiting for your insurance to kick in a couple more suggestions. If you decide... (17 replies)
... Ughh, I do sometimes get a choking sensation. I also get really severe cramps and spasms which many times have spread around my neck and throat and even into my face. When my throat cramps up, it's hard to swallow and it really feels like someone is ringing my neck. It has gotten quite scary at times. I do take a muscle relaxer, but sometimes I still get bad spasms and... (17 replies)
... Baybreeze, sorry you are in so much pain while at work all day. I know what it's like when your head is way to heavy, like your head is teetering on the wrong neck and about 20 lbs too much. Just leaning on your wrist to take the pressure off for a few moments makes you realize just how heavy your head really is, and how badly we need a decent support system to hold it up.... (17 replies)
... Thanks so much everyone, for the support! I will definitely look into the collar, especially after today. OMG, my neck is almost unbearable today! Perhaps the weather here might be contributing to it because almost every single day it's been humid and cloudy, like it's going to rain....or it does rain. I feel like I live in England or Washington with this weather, it just... (17 replies)
... I am the worst when it comes to sleeping, all over the place & my husband said he has found me in the strangest positions. My old PT informed me that although alot of people sleep in the fetal postion its not good for the neck at all. Thats telling that your neck feels better in the forward postion. Must be taking pressure off of something in some way. I have noticed alot of... (17 replies)
... Okay Baybreeze...we've all been helping Choc keep herself safe until her MRI this week(how long have you been waiting, Choc...a couple of months?) and we can help you until the August insurance upgrade. I had one of those cheap insurance policies too and it is worth it. Otherwise, you could end up with insurance and unable to use it for a year. That was wise of you. Get... (17 replies)
... Chocolate - I live in NJ and all my other MRI's have cost around $1500, though when I've gotten my past ones (on my hips, my lumbar spine, sacro-iliac, and ankle) I had insurance at work, so it cost my nothing. My company went under and I've been unemployed for a long time, though just recently found work, but will have to wait until August to get insurance again. However, I... (17 replies)
... I have the same problem in the mornings. I shuffle & limp instead of picking up my feet, cant pick them up if I tried. Its strange that surgeons dont ask you a whole lot about the lower extremities when focusing on the cervical. As of the past month I have also had big problems with bending my knees. Can be very painful to bend down or to get back up after bending down. ... (17 replies)
... Jenny, what' it like knowing exactly what you are talking about? (17 replies)
... That zap you got down your neck is called Lhermitte's sign and is diagnostic of cord compression high up the cervical spine. DON'T DO THAT AGAIN!!!!!!! Most people think the walking stuff is from the lumbar but it is from the neck. The pressure is transferred inward to the inner fibers of the cord and that's where the legs nerves are. Hands come later and it's an actual... (17 replies)
... BB, Although noone can say without testing to confirm but it sure sounds like somethings going on in your cervical. I have the cervical & lumbar. My surgeon told me the first appointment when the cervical has problems its not uncommon for the lumbar to follow. I'm sure the reverse can be true. Thats exactly how I describe my pain, deep, especially in to shoulders. I am... (17 replies)
... Hi Baybreeze....welcome to the world of cervical stenosis! You give a great picture of what it's like and since you've already had it in your lumbar spine, the neck is most likely the same thing. A couple of questions....are you having any problems walking like a need to walk with your feet farther apart that usual or a stiffness that makes you take baby steps? Are you... (17 replies)

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