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... I am a 47 year old female 5'2 approx. 125 lbs. What could be some possible causes of pins and needles in the right side of my face and more recently my nose on occasion as well and muscle twitching around the eye and or eyelid and or jaw line which occur almost daily to varying degrees. This has been going on since June of last year.( 9 months). I had a MRI of the head and... (24 replies)
... or what feels like mild vibrating in legs often when lying down. Occasional restless leg syndrome. Pins and needles in legs periodically when sitting. And of course the facial pins and needles and muscle twitching mentioned in my first post. ... (24 replies)
... ave been having muscle spasms in my neck that hurt sometimes. The doctor said I have a muscle strain in my neck. I've also been having this on and off feeling of facial numbness and pins and needles on just the left side of my face mostly on the cheek area. ... (7 replies)

... often. This has been going on since June of last year. Oh...and at the time I was not on any meds. My neuro said the MRI showed nothing that could be causing my facial symptoms, and kinda left it at that. He has not looked into it any further. As you can see by my signature below, I do have some cervical problems. ... (17 replies)
... When I sneeze, I get pins and needles from elbows down, knees down, and not always pain in neck. ... (17 replies)
... Hey Dont feel like you are alone. I am a 39 yr old female fell off a ladder and herniated c3-4,c4-5,c5-6 with spinal stenoisis central cannal compression at all three levels and radicularmylepathy. My spelling suxs lol. But my problems are a lot like yours. My hand goes numb shooting pains stabbing pains right side mainly some left not as bad. But the eye twitching has... (24 replies)
... and have it done with. i wake most mornings with the right side of my face and lips feeling as if i was in the dentists chair all night. numbness that turns to pins and needles. ... (19 replies)
... ~~~sigh~~~ Thanks Keith...For a brief moment I was there...You always paint such a wonderful picture with your words :) ...won't type much tonight...gonna go lie down...lots of pain tonight...lots of burning...not excruciating...just bad...back and neck and shoulders... :( (facial pins and needles acting up alot today too)... wanna try to get things back under (8 replies)
... s one now... spinal headache too but not a real bad one...mild facial pins and needles...occasional pain down my arm....owwwww....just had one of those zingers from my neck to the right temple...Dang...I hate those.... ... (6 replies)
May 24, 2003
... Sorry...Sorry....Sorry....Iím okay....well Iím hurtiní, but Iím okay, really....I did post to Holly (about the facial pins and needles) quick on Thurs, but then I had to go out for a couple of hrs...when I got back I was hurtiní too much to sit long so I read a few posts quick to be sure everyone was okay, then hit the couch for the night...Last night Laurieís parents were... (6 replies)
... Hi Mel, Thanks for the reply. :) :D WOW, I see you're from Welland, we lived in Welland for a few years but we are now in St.Catharines. I agree about the symptoms being so weird and varied, sometimes I feel like the Drs. are going to, or do, think I'm nuts :round: when I try to describe what's going on with my body. That's why these boards are so great, they help... (24 replies)
... welcome.While I can not answer your question definately, I know that i am always asked if I have any facial pins and needles or numbness. So it could be related. ... (24 replies)
... hough, I just saw a neurosurgeon for a surgical consultation and I totally forgot to mention this to him and ask if anything in my MRI report could be causing my facial numbness. ... (5 replies)
... t usually when I get them they're bad and come along when I'm having a bad flare...every once in awhile like tonight I get a mild one annoying but bearable...the pins and needles and facial twitches aren't always connected to the headaches for me though... ... (24 replies)
... s happened at once after I had a weird temple headache that lasted 2 weeks. Then came weird twitching. Doctors say that a pinched nerve in the neck can not cause facial numbness or scalp tingling or even muscle twitches. I don't even know how I got this injured. I'm only in my mid twenties!!! ... (16 replies)
... and facial tingling. i wake up regularly with the pinky and ring fingers completely dead on my left hand when i'm sleeping on my right side. ... (14 replies)
... rays also and said that my pins and plates were in the same position and everything about them looked good!!!! ... (10 replies)
... facial twitches, numbness, pins and needles, pain in the ear, numbness in my tongue, muscle tension in face and in neck, and the lovely spiderweb sensation in various places. ... (24 replies)
... Sorry to hear about the pins and needles and facial twitches. Do you also get headaches? ... (24 replies)

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