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... I have been having facial tingling for about 6 years now, brain Mri in April 06, was normal. but I do get migraines that is on the same side of the tingling. ... (19 replies)
... head related paresthesias from having an issue in your c spine,trust me,i am a walking billboard for that,lol. ... (19 replies)
... head related paresthesias from having an issue in your c spine,trust me,i am a walking billboard for that,lol. ... (19 replies)

... puparoo, thanks so much for the info. Can ear pain be caused from the disk problem at the lower level. I have ear pain, lower back teeth pain, shoulder and neck stiffness, and facial tingling. I don't really have arm symptoms though. You talked about seizures. Can problems in these areas cause seizures? ... (19 replies)
... Feelbad, thanks so much for that info. I haven't had the cervical MRI yet, still trying PT, it has lessened the tingling a good bit. ... (19 replies)
... ked about what he thought about continuing PT, which I have been doing for the last 10 weeks, he said to talk to the doc Monday. The PT has helped alot with the facial tingling though. ... (19 replies)
... o have palps recently and never considered that they would have anything to do with it. i will wait for an answer with you. never thought the ear pain was coming from neck either. also have an impinged rotator cuff so who knows what's coming from what. ... (19 replies)
... and goes behind my ear and above my eyebrow. I don't know if it truly a migraine or tension from my neck, but it lasts for days. I also get auras without the headache, but they are few and far between. ... (4 replies)
... Jenny, Personally, it sounds like you might have some TMJ disorder going on with your neck issues too... I do. MY jaw pops, I have ear pain, my teeth hurt and are loose, etc and headaches. And yes, I"ve taken anatomy, etc. ... (19 replies)
... was misdiagnosed as migraine for many years... and I'm very angry about it.. if I were imaged properly in the first place, I would have maybe started treating my neck better years earlier and possibly have less bone spur etc. than I do now.. maybe not, but yes, maybe I'd have fewer problems had I known about it earlier. ... (19 replies)
... duh.some docs just kill me with there unbelievable level of total ignorance.for YEARS i was told that my under the shoulder blade pain was in NO WAY comming from the wonderful little cavernoma inside of my spinal cord.two neurosurgeons told me,no way,it was not possible. ... (19 replies)
... migraines, migraine prodrome, or even allergies. And I am sure there are a plethora of other things that cause facial tingling. What does your doctor say? ... (4 replies)
... They don't think that the shoulder pain is coming from the Cspine? ... (19 replies)
... my spine specialist tells me the numbness and tingling in the face is from the brain though the last time i saw him he wasnted to see the MRI of my brain. ... (19 replies)
... I was wondering if facial tingling could come from a neck problem. Everything that I read about says no, but then I seen a chart that tells what part of the spinal cord different nerves supply. ... (4 replies)
... spine. saw the spince specialist 2 days later who said i also suffered a shoulder injury. i was also told that the ankle swelling and pain was coming from my back. have 4 bulged diks that i ahve lived with since '99. heels go numb once in awhile if i sit too long or the wrong way. ... (19 replies)
... cranials run down from the head then loop back up into the head around that c 8 nevre junction? ... (19 replies)
... i wish i did. i might later today after i see the spine specialist. have a really bad injury to my neck with lots going on including a pinched nerve and large bone spur. on occassion i wake with a numb side of my face. usually the side i'm sleeping on. ... (19 replies)
... C6, I had numbness in my face, mouth and even my tounge! Just to be safe though, I had an MRA of my neck to look at the carotid arteries to make sure it wasn't being caused by carotid disection.. ... (4 replies)
... Jenny, C1-2 and even 3 sometimes are rare to have problems around --- the chiropractor xrays are 'wayy' different than the MRI. You technically could have problems up there. But I have herniations, compression and stenosis at C3,4,5,6 and they case headaches and tingling. By now you may have seen your doctor and gotten your results. Please do let us know what they are... (19 replies)

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