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... as other narcotics. Does it make me sound like I just want a "fix" if I ask for these things, especially now that I know the reason for most of the pain is from failed acdf, and the new surgeon said that explains my complaints. My life is controlled by my pain and headaches. I am at wits end. ... (3 replies)
... For everyone facing surgery. Make sure you trust your doctor. If you are not comfortable with them find another. I have friends who are in terrible pain from failed ACDF surgeries. I am one of the lucky ones, very lucky ones. I am not without pain. My shoulder and neck hurt every morning. ... (0 replies)
... has failed. I have a posterior fusion last July after a failed ACDF in January 2008. I am experiencing the very same pain in the very same spot that I did with my last failure. ... (2 replies)

... is that failed ACDF's are corrected with posterior fusions. ... (2 replies)
... cs. Pain patients just are not getting fair treatment and be sure that you get a copy of all your surgeon reports especially the one that says your surgery has failed and give a copy to your pm doc. There are many medical professionals that just don't believe in narcotics but then they are not the ones in pain are they. ... (3 replies)
... Dr. ordered a cat scan at about 4 weeks, and an xray at 10 weeks. How does one know if one is having problems with a failed fusion, and when do they show up? ... (0 replies)
... HI CAROLYN, A myelogram is also a great test to over the discogram and it is less painful. Was you MRI With contrast??? If so, I dont think you would need any other diagnostic test. I had an ACDF C5-6-7 in October 2002 and did not have good results due to my surgeon. Get a 2nd 3rd opinion!!!! It cant hurt ,only help . I also agree with the others re: other levels and... (10 replies)
... In my case it wasn't so much that the ACDF failed, but I had significant stenosis that required a second surgery. ... (9 replies)
... shoulder pain, can be one of the first signs of failed fusion. I learned that the hard way. If it were me I'd give a call to the doc, you should not be in so much pain, this far out. ... (9 replies)
... My NS booked me for ACDF without hardware on July 4th 2003. ... (4 replies)
... On March 20th I had a 3 level ACDF at C4,C5,C6,C7 within 4 days all of the pain and numbness I had in my shoulder, arm and fingers was gone. ... (2 replies)
... wed to link to other references on this website, or I would be more than happy to reference my statement that the entire disc isn't necessarily removed during an ACDF procedure. ... (7 replies)
... I had an ACDF at C5-6-7 on March 6th of 2006, so I'm just over a year out right now. Mine came on fast - one day a persistent sore muscle I thought came from sleeping wrong suddenly hurt like throbbing hell and wouldn't stop. I was out of work about one week before the surgery, and about two weeks after. My company requires you to use up all of your remaining sick days... (5 replies)
... The Posterior approach used to be the norm for cervical surgery until ACDF was developed. ACDF is a less invasive surgery and easier to sell to the paitent. ... (15 replies)
... I am really considering a 2 level ACDF before the end of the year. ... (14 replies)
Another ACDF?!
Dec 19, 2010
... eeler, it had to be opene with a forklift later. I felt a pop and pain shot in my left upper, scapulo thoracic area, neck and arm. I had a shoulder repair that failed in 1978 and the doctors suspected this as the problem. ... (2 replies)
... I had mine all opened up with my first surgery and I don't know why they wouldn't do it unless with an ACDF they can't. Mine was from the back so they can do things that can't be done from the front. ... (4 replies)
... Hey you holding up? Glad you finally made the decision to do something before it got too bad. What you do now is your decision. I went "conservative" too and then when that failed, went major with the 6 vertebrae fusion and laminectomy. You can always go back in for more surgery but once you commit to a laminectomy, you can't go back. It's done. I was hoping... (14 replies)
... she will do to help you fuse. For my ACDF I had a bone stimulator. It was prescribed by my surgeon, was an item I wore around my neck and had a battery pack, and wore it 4 hours per day for 8 weeks. ... (12 replies)
ACDF not fusing
May 4, 2007
... ery. Last month, when my frustration level hit the highest, I got an appt with a well respected NS and based on the follow up CT and MRIs, he suggested that the ACDF be revised. My previous surgery was also with donor bone. ... (7 replies)

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