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... ACDF 16 months ago, but have had continued severe pain. My doc recently ordered a CT and we looked at the films today. Doc said my fusion is not solid, and the only thing holding things together is the plate and screws, one of which is loose. I was wondering about a few things, though. ... (12 replies)
... ed is still viable and mostly that they are giving you an intermission of sorts before attempting any more surgery. Especially since you are dealing with lumbar failed fusion. ... (8 replies)

... Thanks, Jupiter. Saw my doctor yesterday & he said a 45% angle wouldn't cause any more stress to my hardware than walking upright. He seemed pleased that I might have something to relieve my pain a bit. However, I wish I could poll a dozen or so neck surgeons. I appreciate hearing your doctor's opinion. I won't do it unless I hear a few more doctors recommending it. ... (2 replies)
... Hey Kathy, Unless the area they fused fractured it wouldn't be considered a failed fusion.If a fusion is succesful, it should be harder to break the fused area than the vertabrea above or below a fused area. ... (4 replies)
... I've had 2 and I'm fused in one long fusion from C3 to T1. ... (7 replies)
... urgery. But since it was to that point of not being able to do a lot of normal daily chores, he suggested having another fusion, but this time using BMP for the fusion material. ... (41 replies)
... I have posted this on the back board, but am desperate for answers. I apologize for the 2nd thread, if you have already read the first one. Last year I had a fusion w/screws. The fusion has failed and one of the holes for the screws has enlargened and the screw is wiggling aroung(Which is very painful). I've had an MRI and Discogram and both my Ortho. and a Neuro. agree... (0 replies)
... without hardware.I ended up having a second surgery 9 mo later as the fusion didn't take so my neuro placed a plate and screws to hold everything together.As far as I know, everything finally fused. ... (2 replies)
... rays every few months as the neurosurgeon told me the hardware would eventually break with failed fusion. ... (9 replies)
... My fusion failed and had to have the 360 cervical fusion. I was warned that this was terribly painful, and would really be sorry that I had it. Again, it really wasn't that bad. ... (53 replies)
... I've asked Saucer to come over and speak to you. She is just recovering from a major fusion that involved C2. She has tried driving. ... (46 replies)
... his point. All you'll do is mess up the fusion. It takes a good 6 months for the bone to grow and fuse the vertebrae. You try to force movement and you'll have a failed fusion and that is the beginning of BIG trouble and more surgery. ... (7 replies)
... I guess I am one of the unlucky one's where my first fusion didn't work for no particular reason since I don't smoke, wore a hard collar for 3 months!, and followed all Dr. orders. My first Dr. ... (24 replies)
... Great Response littlesizzy!!! Second opinions are always good. I as well was confused with the level 2/3, C3/4 not healing?? Would a surgeon do another surgery so soon? I always heard that you have to wait at least 6 months between surgeries or longer. Even though it is normal to have adjacent levels herniate a surgeon may not re-operate, I had C4-C7 done in 2009 and my last... (11 replies)
... Please go see another surgeon for a second opinion before you agree to the front/back surgery. I work in this field, though not a surgeon, and it is 1) common for adjacent levels to break down and need fusing after fusing several levels in the spine; and 2) uncommon to have to do a 360 to fix it. Anterior (from the front) cervical spine surgery is the most successful and... (11 replies)
Very afraid
May 8, 2005
... ancy room. 6 to 7 hour wait. my appointment with the new ortho isnt until may 31st. my question is, can all this be comming from the spine, and has anybody had a failed fusion where one of the screws or the plate began to poke at them? ... (2 replies)
... re that I could only sleep on my bad back. In time I developed bilateral frozen shoulder and had to go see an orthopedic, and he did surgery on both shoulders to break up scar tissue. I then had to do therapy to keep my range of motion in both arms. I still had pain in both arms but it did diminish a bit. ... (6 replies)
... lders and they did indeed find some injury's. But I was told by my ortho that he had to treat my frozen shoulder immediately. I had a small surgical procedure to break up the scar tissue that had developed in both my shoulders. Anyway the point of my story is, although your pain is most likely coming from your cervical area. ... (2 replies)
... rays done. It appears that all is well, the fusion has taken and I do have athritis. ... (4 replies)

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