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C6/c7 elbow pain
Jul 9, 2010
... just what 'exactly' does your pain at that elbow really "feel like' to you? ... (10 replies)
... pinky finger don't hurt but the ring finger does. ... (6 replies)
C6/c7 elbow pain
Jul 11, 2010
... but i sure would love to know just why that one area around that elbow is screaming with so much deeper pain. pain is usually connected with only sensory innervation? ... (10 replies)

... Hi there not sure if this will help at all but I just spent 2nights in the hospital, I had the pain in the shoulder blade, elbow, wrist, the entire hand & fingers. Mostly the ring finger & middle. those 2 finger & the pinky were completley numb & tingling with a burning pain. The one thing that was mentioned to me is the Ulnar nerve. which runs through that area & effects... (6 replies)
... Is the outside edge of the ring finger involved too or just the pinky? ... (9 replies)
C6/c7 elbow pain
Jul 8, 2010
... ct in there too by virtue of impact and if it IS actually IN that spinal and not somwehre else that could be down that arm somewhere between that spinal and that elbow would be the most likely. ... (10 replies)
C6/c7 elbow pain
Jul 7, 2010
... the tip of my little finger. I had some pain develop last fall but since I have both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid, I assumed it was arthritis pain. But yes, my elbow hurt the worst of all.....I thought for sure the RA was destroying my elbow. But once it started to go numb, I realized it had to be my neck. ... (10 replies)
Finger numbness
Sep 4, 2013
... that goes to your index and middle fingers. It is possible that the problem with the C7 is not in your neck, but rather in your elbow or wrist. ... (9 replies)
C6/c7 elbow pain
Jul 7, 2010
... just better define exactly what IS creating compression or impingment problems for you from the c spine level, only becasue your pain is up THAT high above your elbow level at all that is also creating what sounds like pretty insane levels of pain too. ... (10 replies)
... issue... the related nerve at c7 is associated with the elbow and triceps, which sound like the areas of pain for you. ... (1 replies)
... Normal. Please help what does that mean. I have been in pain since the fall, but since the beginning of February 2013 my right pinky and ring finger are always numb and I have pain from those fingers to my elbow, in my shoulder and some times I have pain in my ribs on the same side. ... (3 replies)
... Well, that's how I thought it started. I've realized the pain is coming from the right side of the back of my neck, down to the back of my arm, under my elbow, through my forearm and the bottom of my wrist and jogs over into my baby finger. I have all sorts of arthritic problems with my spine: neck to coxyx, from spinal stenosis to bulging discs to osteophytes. I don't,... (9 replies)
... Morn'n, It's 3am and the pain drives me out of bed every so often. Anyway I just read your post. I have had extensive nerve surgery on my right arm including the transposition of the Ulnar nerve away from my elbow. When all that was being done the several neuro surgeons involved told me nerve injuries like that heal at the approximate rate of one half inch per month. Good... (1 replies)
Finger numbness
Sep 5, 2013
... OK, so progress in understanding, apparently. Was your elbow ruled out as a locus of impingement? ... (9 replies)
... T1 level. Since the radiologist does not seem to indicate a spinal problem at that level, there's still the possibility that the nerve is being affected in the elbow or wrist. ... (3 replies)
C6/c7 elbow pain
Jul 8, 2010
... Thanks for all the info Marcia! I really appreciate your helpful responses. My finger symptoms are basically that all digits are weak and the tingling is only in the thumb and the two beside the thumb. ... (10 replies)
... Study showed it started from my neck, but this current one says no it's only causing problems from the elbow down. ... (16 replies)
... adiculopathy. My pain however comes all the way down from the left side of my neck it seems into the bicep, which hurts if you squeeze it, then to the back of my elbow and into my forearm, which hurts really bad in the forarm. And it goes into my hand. The hands and fingers is where i get the numbness. ... (8 replies)
... Back in January, 2007, I tripped and fell while playing basketball and hurt my right elbow, but not too badly. Within a week I had a sore elbow and then I started to have some pain in my right shoulder and right arm and tingling in my right index finger. ... (3 replies)
... At the moment I'm using my left index finger to help type this message. ... (8 replies)

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