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... I had found a website once explaining which one related to which but can't find it now. I know that pain outside the hand is usually c4, numbness in index and middle usually represent c6 and c7. ... (3 replies)
... hand. Right side only at this point. Thumb, index and on some days pinky finger are affected. I did have numbness after the surgery of course.. ... (32 replies)
... in January '07. I just woke up one morning with severe pain in the left shoulder blade, pressure in the left shoulder and elbow, extreme weakness in the left tricep, and numbness in the forefinger and middle finger of my left hand. ... (4 replies)

... thumb numbness was completely gone immediately after surgery. However, last night my arm started hurting and I had a slight feeling of tingling in my thumb. ... (4 replies)
... d been seeing the same doctor for several years. The wife went to him reporting that she had stomach pain, with difficulty breathing. He suggested COUNSELING. After the visit she had an asthma attack and went to the ER. After three days in the ICU, she was diagnosed with pneumonia... ... (8 replies)
... My shoulder pain, as it relates to my neck at that time, was all over the place, it was on the front, side and back and felt like it was inside the joint. ... (11 replies)
... sleep due to the arm pain being so severe. There was not one place that I could rest my arm and it not be excruciating. I had pain from my neck down to my left shoulder blade and then down the back of my arm and around the outside of my elbow and then down into my index finger. ... (6 replies)
... pain. Jennybyc's discussion on the anatomy and possible cause for that numbness and pain sounds reasonable to me. I had ACDF with a plate surgery about six and a half weeks ago. ... (9 replies)
... pain. I had ACDF with a plate surgery about six and a half weeks ago. ... (9 replies)
... To answer Saucer's Q about my experience, the surgery went well. I had it done on the 30th and it's now the 18th, so I'm going on three weeks recovery. ... (161 replies)
... ays ago. I sure wish I had found this before as I suffered through a severely herniated disc. One of the threads that has helped me was from Paul who gave post surgery updates over a year. I will try to return the favor and hopefully ask questions for all those people further in the healing process than I am. ... (32 replies)
... I recently had cervical discectomy surgery with donor bone and plate at c6 and c7. ... (1 replies)
... freezing forearm and numbness in middle finger. Go to emergency room and get knocked out kind of continuous pain. ... (19 replies)
... I've heard if you still require a myelogram at the time of surgery, they can do it after you go under anethesia at surgery time. Have you heard of this? ... (5 replies)
... became so severe that I could not sleep without heavy medication for the pain, heavy medication for the burning sensations that ran down my arms and legs and the numbness in my hands and feet, and heavy medication to induce sleep due to the rigidity of my joints and muscles. ... (12 replies)
... Thanks! I pray for you and everyone else on this board daily too! I've read a lot of your posts, and noticed that after surgery your left leg and foot were bothering you. Do you still have problems with your left leg and foot? ... (26 replies)
... op, with a very good physiotherapist, and am assured that things are healing well. I am now focussed on rebuilding the arm and shoulder muscles that had weakened over a year of reduced use. ... (7 replies)
... with numbness in my index finger and some numbness in thumb and middle finger that didn't go away. Ever since the epidural I have had additional pain in my mid back. ... (4 replies)
... Cool! Thanks.... This was the EXACT type of outcome I was hoping someone else had! (258 replies)
... I forgot to put in my previous post, that I had all the chest pain, shoulder pain, arm pain and numbness, and finger tingling on my left side prior to my surgery. I went for a number of years thinking it was heart problem. I was taken to emergency room by ambulance. ... (258 replies)

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