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... can severe stenosis improve? ... (5 replies)
... I agree, problems with the feet are generally an indication of a problem with your lumbar and not your neck. If you look Dermatone map you will see the cervical spine affects the arms only. L4 and L5 and S1 specifically affect the bottom of the feet. ... (10 replies)
... ups of severe neck and shoulder pain over the past few years, though I've never had my cervical spine checked out yet. Right now I just cannot afford it. ... (17 replies)

... ht and couldn't sleep to well. Woke up at midnight took 2 benadryl. I couldn't get in the right position without having numbness. I have left foraminal stenosis, cervical stenosis, spondyolitis and history of bulging and herniated cervical disc. The only side I can sleep on comfortably is the left. ... (15 replies)
... Your symptoms are a bit odd...the feet are not common with cervical spine. Finger and hand numbness and tingling is common. ... (10 replies)
... d into my right shoulder. I went to the emergency room and the doc ordered a MRI of my neck and sure enough much to my dismay, I had three compressed discs in my cervical spine. C34, C45 and C67. ... (3 replies)
... Hi Baybreeze....welcome to the world of cervical stenosis! You give a great picture of what it's like and since you've already had it in your lumbar spine, the neck is most likely the same thing. ... (17 replies)
... was driving home from visiting my sister, and I developed acute pain in my neck which radiated to my shoulder. The pain got worse and worse and then I developed numbness in my right thumb and index finger. I went to the ER and they filled me up with Dilaudid, which still didn't stop the pain. ... (5 replies)
... Mild straightening of the normal cerical lordosis. No cervical spondylolisthesis identified. Cervicovertebral marrow signal intesity is unremarkable. ... (16 replies)
... freezing forearm and numbness in middle finger. Go to emergency room and get knocked out kind of continuous pain. ... (19 replies)
... e cord. The cord is not significantly deformed but slightly flattened as seen before as well. The mid canal sagittal diameter is about 9 mm with very mild spinal stenosis change. ... (5 replies)
C5-6-7 Issues
Apr 25, 2008
... op and now the entire finger is, which did.. ... (6 replies)
... with moderate to marked central canal stenosis as well as severe bilateral recess stenosis at multiple levels. Sounds real bad to me but my primary care doctor has not suggested yet a surgeon so maybe it's not as bad as I think. ... (8 replies)
... tunnel and the cervical spinal problems can mask each other and can aggravate each other, and that I may have both. ... (23 replies)
... I have had difficulty in swallowing since first operation that has increased markedly since Jan 2012. PM doc wanted to do cervical MRI with and without contrast, however, my Cigna insurance would only authorize MRI without. ... (47 replies)
... pins and needles in my pinkie, ring finger and middle finger of the left hand. ... (26 replies)
... rgsmoose - thanks for the long reply - it sounds like you've been through a lot. I'm lucky my symptoms are mild, but I've read a lot about myelopathy that says similar stuff about the improvement - its mainly about stopping progression - and you seem to be confirming this (unfortunately ;-) ) Rob. (6 replies)
... check, I asked about the increasing loss of muscle tone in my right arm. That led to an MRI and then the first of my cervical surgeries, due to myelopathy as well as radiculopathy. ... (6 replies)
... my husband has cervical stenosis with myelopathy. ... (8 replies)
... I have the same problem. Mine started with neck pain, then shoulder pain and then arm pain with frequent tightening of muscles with tingling and numbness down arm into thumb, index and middle finger. ... (3 replies)

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