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... Hi.. so, what was decided at the new doctor or MRI? MY coworker here is having exact same pain just liek you described..he just went to the doctor yesterday and his MRI is scheduled for tomorrow.. just wondering whether you had any diagnosis.. thanks. (8 replies)
... On the Saturday before Memorial Day my left shoulder blade began to hurt after I mowed the lawn. ... (8 replies)
... Sammy you are right on the money when you say to be your own advocate. The continuing numbness is for sure a concern. I believe either the medial or I think the radial nerve affects the thumb and index finger. ... (8 replies)

... Thank you very much for your comment. I saw my doctor again today and told him that my finger is still numb. He nixed the MRI idea, saying that the brain normally adjusts to the numbness feeling. Huh? ... (8 replies)
... The numbness in my finger is almost gone. I still want to get an MRI, but I'm waiting to switch doctors. ... (8 replies)
... Actually, it is very likely that the pain is from the cervical disc problem. The nerves have "dermatomes" - areas affected by nerve impingement. For example, in the C5-6 area shoudler pain is quite common. Different areas or levels of impingement can lead to different types and strengths of pain. I too had primarily shoulder and arm pain - radiating down the left arm into... (22 replies)
... make sure you cover it all. I have never heard the comment the doctor made about the finger being numb. the point is to catch if something is going on before it gets worse. ... (8 replies)
Finger numbness
Sep 10, 2013
... My neurologist doesn't think it's a shoulder problem. He says it could be due to osteophyte formation impinging the nerve canals. ... (9 replies)
... pain. Jennybyc's discussion on the anatomy and possible cause for that numbness and pain sounds reasonable to me. I had ACDF with a plate surgery about six and a half weeks ago. ... (9 replies)
... pinky finger don't hurt but the ring finger does. ... (6 replies)
... eck all the way to my index finger. My tricep often quivered uncontrollably like a bowl of jelly until I started taking a muscle relaxer and pain med. My index finger was completely numb and part of my thumb and middle finger. ... (9 replies)
... which is the location the Ulnar nerve vents from the spine and runs down your shoulder and arm. ... (3 replies)
... Right shoulder and arm pain radiating into pinky and ring finger. ... (6 replies)
... Hi there not sure if this will help at all but I just spent 2nights in the hospital, I had the pain in the shoulder blade, elbow, wrist, the entire hand & fingers. Mostly the ring finger & middle. those 2 finger & the pinky were completley numb & tingling with a burning pain. The one thing that was mentioned to me is the Ulnar nerve. which runs through that area & effects... (6 replies)
... ups of severe neck and shoulder pain over the past few years, though I've never had my cervical spine checked out yet. Right now I just cannot afford it. ... (17 replies)
... She landed between the neck and shoulder and I felt immediate pain. I thought it was getting better but then after a 13 hour day in my office chair it was clear that it wasn't. ... (1 replies)
... In the last couple of weeks, I've started to notice numbness in my left index and third finger. On both sides the index finger is most symptomatic. ... (9 replies)
... I had found a website once explaining which one related to which but can't find it now. I know that pain outside the hand is usually c4, numbness in index and middle usually represent c6 and c7. ... (3 replies)
... I've concentrated on the finger numbness, as that's a marker for radiculopathy. I really don't know about the arm and shoulder pain. ... (23 replies)
... I also recently had a frozen shoulder. After reading online that I could have the condition for two or more years, I went straight to my chiropractor and had a therapeutic massage and adjustment. After a couple sessions, I am not having any more problems. I got some quick relief after even one session. (11 replies)

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