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... most of life. Have had numbness and tingling in arms hands fingers very much for the last yr. Went to Chiropractor for about a yr. and it was a big relief. Should I go back for this? ... (2 replies)
... Toonces: Good timing for the new symptoms - just let the doctor know the day of the surgery (which may be tomorrow?). The surgeon can then look further to see what has occurred. It is possible that the nerve was not impinged when any imaging studies were done (CT, MRI, etc) but now there is some nerve involvement. Let him know exactly which fingers and which part of the... (2 replies)
... I had posted my originaly query on the "all topics" board and someone responded and suggested I post it here. My symptoms are numbing, tingling for periods of about 20-30 minutes at a time in my index, middle and ring fingers. Most of the time it happens in both hands at the same time. The odd part is that they turn completely white, as though there is no blood flowing through... (5 replies)

... Hi there, Lots of great & knowledgable people here. First have you had any tests such as an MRI or CT? With the tingling & numbness it does sound like there may be nerve involvment. Also if indeed you were to have athrititis that can include the spine or what may be referred to as DDD, which can cause problems such as yours. We are not doctors of course, just people who... (2 replies)
... I do not have tingling, numb or burning pain, just pain. I don't even know how to describe it anymore. But it hurts like the dickens. ... (6 replies)
... I had ACDF C5-C6..I guess my opinion goes both ways. I really had to choice but to do the surgery. I herniated the disc, it was going down into the spinal column and was almost to the middle of my shoulder blades by the time they found out what was wrong. By the time they found the problem both left/right arms, hands and fingers were numb/tingling and weakness along with... (25 replies)
... I have arm and elbow pain on the left side for about the last 8 months. I have never had any lasting numbness or tingling anywhere. ... (2 replies)
... my hand was stuck in a semifist postion. could not sqeeze of straighten the fingers out. ... (6 replies)
... burning in fingers comes and goes. ... (1 replies)
... numbness in my fingers and toes. Everyday it has progressively gotten worse. Both hands and feet are now numb. ... (23 replies)
... hey karen, just curious if after that 'sudden onset' temporal pain and what followed, if anyone bothered to at the very LEAST do a CT on your brain to check for ANY type of bleeds or other stuff(like certain types of actual vascular malformations) that could show itself upon CT and also MRI, esp with a contrasting agent added that would at least show the overall bloodflow too?... (3 replies)
... Hi I would agree with Thalsey that an MRI is in order if your doctor will get it for you. How tall are you? (2 replies)
... sometimes tingling sensation in my left hand's fingers. ... (2 replies)
... says that it will take some time and to be patient..I am just sick about it...anybody have any similar experience...Am I doomed to be numb forever? ... (8 replies)
... the instability of thinned out bone and a disk that is not working. The cord compression can cause problem anywhere below this level so you may have numbness or tingling or even muscles that don't work right in you legs or arms or both. ... (11 replies)
... Neck pain, right arm and shoulder in TERRIBLE pain, muscle spasms, first two fingers numb, headaches, elbow hurts also at times and stiff. ... (0 replies)
... Hi there your husband a doctor? How does he know you don't have arthritis? You can't see arthritis so unless he has x-ray eyes like superman, how does he know? Your hands sound exactly like you have a bad case of carpal tunnel syndrome in your hands. You couldn't have described it better. and the shoulder pain....sounds like it might be the AC joints. Try... (2 replies)
... I got a bit of numb tingling occasionally down my arm into my pinkie and ring fingers and left palm, but only occasionally, also a furry cobwebby feeling in my upper arm. ... (1 replies)
... and 5 fingers and palm area down to the wrist were numb and tingling. In the emergency room they took Xrays which they said just showed a neck strain and said if pain didnt go away in 3 days see your doctor. ... (8 replies)
... between my shoulder blades. I also get funny numb spots on my left arm. Sometimes it is as if someone put a BP cuff on my arm but there is not one there, it is just numb..weird. ... (9 replies)

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