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... In fact, fusion predisposes you to developing cervical kyphosis as once you fix 2 vertebrae in place it puts extra stress on the vertebra above and below and they frequently slip out of place. It happens almost routinely with laminectomies. ... (2 replies)
... THe best pain management for the nerve root compression were cervical selective nerve root blocks, ESIs did nothing. SNRB Doesn't fix them, but does calm down the inflammation in there a bit. ... (19 replies)
... If it is causing neurological problem with your arms or legs, then the doctors can do surgery to relieve pressure on the nerves but otherwise, they don't fix that straightening. ... (2 replies)

... For those who don't know what reverse of cervical lordosis means, it means the neck has gone straight and then started to curve towards the back, instead of the front. Also called cervical kyphosis. ... (6 replies)
... s muscles. At this point, don't know who to believe. I've not read anywhere where others have been through the traction remedy. Seems like many have this reverse lordosis and I've not read anything that states it MUST be reversed or that a chiropractor can even fix it with this traction device. Anyone out there, please advise. ... (7 replies)
... ck of going to doctors... it's like whoever you go to and whatever they do, whether it's the acupucturist, chiropractor, etc.. they all say whatever they do will fix it. I don't know what to believe anymore. I appreciate anyone who responds. Again does the reverse curve need to be reversed? ... (4 replies)
... (23 replies)
... I have had an reversed cervial lordosis for 12 months now. ... (23 replies)
... and am trying to help reduce the spine. The doctor said that swimming would be good to help fix it, but right now im trying to bulk up cos im kinda skinny, so im afraid all the cardio will stop me from getting bigger. Any ideas on what i should do? ... (4 replies)
... I mean this guy will defiantly known for being like, "nope this is out of my sphere" But he firmly said, "no way, I can fix this. ... (3 replies)
... Thanks so much for your responses. I will definitely be asking my doctor for an MRI to be 100% sure of everything that is going on. I actually have been seeing a physical therapist weekly and have experienced wonderful results. I of course am not pain free yet but I am working out my muscles as well as strengthening them so that they contract properly. I am religious about my... (7 replies)
... Your only other option is that if you find yourself in a lot of pain or going numb, go to an ER. They have to treat you....doesn't mean they'll fix it but they do have to treat you and you might find out just how bad it is. ... (22 replies)
... ng moderately to severely displaced backward into the canal. I really don't know, but I would GUESS this has something to do with your loss of cervical lordosis. Lordosis means a "backward bend", and is the way a cervical spine should normally be structured. If you lose the lordosis, your spine becomes abnormally straight. ... (14 replies)
... Okay, so let's talk about what cervical lordosis is. We all have curves in our spine. When it curves in, it is said to be "Lordosis" and when it curves out, it is said to be "Kyphosis". ... (3 replies)
... ray. With fusions like most of you guys have they can correct this, yet ADR in the cervical spine cannot. So he is giving me 3 months of PT and work to fix thi loss of lordosis or I will need to have the disc replaced with one of the charite discs they use in lumber ADR'S. ... (40 replies)
... Either way, since you have disks at multiple levels bulging back into the spinal canal, my amateur's guess is that the disk bulges and the loss of lordosis are related. ... (3 replies)
... Good Afternoon All, I found this board after running a few searches and first want to say thanks as the information and stories made me feel a bit better that I wasn't going crazy. My story is pretty simple. I'm a 32 year old man, last December I woke up with a bit of neck pain and just assumed I slept on it wrong. I was going through a rough breakup and work was... (0 replies)
... for laminoplasty would be loss of cervical lordosis, where the cervical spine has lost its natural backward bend. It's up to the surgeon to decide if the loss of lordosis is too severe. ... (17 replies)
... Traditionally, the operation to fix your problem would be an ACDF at the two affected levels, removing the offending disks and clamping the adjacent vertebrae together. Pretty routine stuff. ... (6 replies)
... went to see my surgeon and he said that my spine did not look right in the Xray as it is curving backwards and he wanted to get a new MRI, his plan of action to fix my cervical is to remove the old plate and put in a new one above C4. ... (4 replies)

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