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... My neurosurgeon says this doesn't indicate that I need to have a surgery to fix something. He ordered physical therapy, as my right shoulder area spasms and hurts a lot. ... (10 replies)
... They have to fix the natural fusion because they are still closing in on my spine. By putting in the nuts and bolts, i guess it will stop that. ... (21 replies)
... Hi Saucer, I also am similar age of 51 with a big history for my age. Unfortunately, my last surgery was due to an auto accident where I was rear ended while I was stopped at a red light. I am going to get it confirmed next week with my six week follow-up with my surgeon, but I got a feeling that I will be doing very little driving. I live further out and currently... (6 replies)

... which they put a plate in the front, and rods in the back to pull up my head. Im finding out they didnt "fix" my neck but really did what they could to keep me out of a wheelchair, for this I am grateful. I rarely drive now, more because of the meds than anything else. ... (6 replies)
... Thanks for sharing your experience. I am going to start physical therapy, but I'm not sure it is going to fix it. ... (10 replies)
... from everything you have written....I can say if it were me....I would wonder why they are touching anything else but those 3 levels as it makes sense to try and fix those. ... (21 replies)
... Dear DavidN, I don't know how long ago the surgery was. I just want to empathize. Loss of movement is never welcome or easy to adjust to. I am not going to go into my own long story of physical problems that all began with a freak accident many years ago. There are some things physically impossible for me now and I cannot do the things I loved doing. No more riding... (3 replies)
... is movement and that is why they fuse the stop bone spurs from forming. But that is not necessarily true...I have bone spurs growing inside of my fusion where is no movement at all. So even a fusion is no guarantee of the arthritis slowing down or stopping. And removing bone spurs can make them grow back faster.. ... (27 replies)
... Physical Therapists. Discs herniate under mechancial pressure, often caused by head forward position. From the time we are kids in school to adults with severe neck problems we have all learned habits of poor posture. Watch any NBA player with their perfectly tuned bodies and you will see they stand like statues. ... (8 replies)
... so that's the only time you have neck pain? ... (5 replies)
... r those who don't at least it's one more thing they can rule out and have no regrets about. And it's pretty comforting for the Chiro to tell you he can and will fix your problem and lay out a road map to do it. Give it a shot if you can, if not then at least review your fusion options with 2 doctors if possible. ... (80 replies)
... is is what caused my issues. I was also a gym rat and lifted heaving weights for years. AND, i worked construction and had large boards hit me on the back of the neck many times over the years. And I'm older, and age itself is the cause for most people's disc problems. ... (5 replies)
... How is your range of motion in your neck after you heal? ... (8 replies)
... bunionectomy each foot, knee surgery each knee, galbladder removal, lumbar fusion in '93, ovary removal and cervical fusion this past May. ... (29 replies)
... But it does sound as if you have some more stuff building up in your neck that is causing the headaches. I used to crunch and click before the fusion and still do as I have arthritis in the top 2 vertebrae as well but no where nearly as bad as before. And yeah, that brought the headaches. ... (4 replies)
... This surgery was only to address some of my neck problems. ... (0 replies)
... eurosurgeons look at the MRI and all agreed including a spinal surgeon that no therapy would work and that surgery would be necessary to avoid paralyses from the neck down and not wait too long. ... (6 replies)
... year old retired orthopedic surgeon today. His advice for back surgery is avoid it at all costs. His advice for neck surgery is that fusion has a good sucess rate and it doesn't take long to recover. But for every person that struggles after fusion there are also success stories. ... (2 replies)
... C7, done in 1996 and didn't even know the fusion didn't work until new MRI's were done last week. The doctor that read the 1997 MRI's, never bothered to let me know. ... (3 replies)
... orry you have all these pains and problems. I wanted to mention to everyone that when I saw my neurosurgeon last week, he told me that IF my pain was only in my neck and not down my shoulder and arm, he would NOT do surgery to the disk. ... (26 replies)

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