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... et me start by talking about neck anatomy. Your spinal cord goes down through the middle of the vertebra and at each level, a pair of spinal nerves peels off the cord and goes out to the body through small holes called foramina. ... (18 replies)
Is this serious?
Feb 23, 2011
... The foramina are simply holes where the nerves that leave the spinal cord exit the vertebra. They categorize the amount of narrowing as minimal, mild, moderate and severe. ... (6 replies)
... mild spinal cord flattening to the left with stenosis and moderate left foraminal stenosis. ... (1 replies)

... didn't really think too much about it until now. I am getting ready for my disability hearing coming up in November and my attorney mentioned that my MRI showed flattening of my thoracic spinal canal. This was the first I had heard anything about this!! ... (3 replies)
... ABSOLUTELY! Not to say other things can't, but the flattening of the ventral cord and/or the severe right foraminal impingement can cause all those. I'd be surprised if you were having no symptoms based on your MRI. (4 replies)
Jun 24, 2013
... with cord flattening and have been told by 2 neurosurgeons that I need surgery. I'm having a minimally invasive one level acdf in July. ... (9 replies)
Confused a lot
Feb 5, 2013
... What is cord flattening. Is it different from Stenosis. ... (0 replies)
... moderately severe, foraminal narrowing and cord flattening, osteoarthritis. ... (0 replies)
... moderately severe, foraminal narrowing and cord flattening, osteoarthritis. ... (11 replies)
So. Frustrated.
Jul 28, 2012
... Well, I'd say that's a pretty good educated guess? sounds logical to me! thank you so so so much. I've been really struggling with symptoms, is this all in my head or ? Oh wait, it IS kinda all in my head, but anyway...thank you for breaking that down for me and for the validation. I appreciate it more than you know. ;) (6 replies)
So. Frustrated.
Jul 28, 2012
... The ventral sac is composed of the thecal membrane, running down your spinal canal, with spinal fluid inside that, then the spinal cord inside the fluid. ... (6 replies)
... C6 causing severe spinal stenosis and cord flattening with myelomalacia and moderate bilateral foraminal stenosis. ... (24 replies)
... I just had another MRI for the lumbar spine about 2 weeks ago. There are a couple of herniations as well as some cord compression, flattening of the thecal sac, etc. I see my NS on Tuesday and I'll find out how we handle this. ... (32 replies)
... based disc protrusion results in effacement of the anterior aspect of the thecal sac and flattening of the cervical cord. Neural foraminal canals are patent. ... (4 replies)
... I'm not a resident MRI decoder but I wish you luck. Any kind of cord flattening is not good I think-I had severe cord flattening at c5-6 and just had a 2 level acdf on Jan 11. You have spondylosis which is not what I had-I had herniated discs from a car accident. I feel bad for you-you sound like you're in a lot of pain. The narcotics like percocet will do very little for... (6 replies)
... reditary canal stenosis. In other words, MILD deformities can have SEVERE spinal cord effects because your spinal canal started out too narrow and now the spinal cord has nowhere to "run" when osteophytes grow in on it from the front and the sides. ... (20 replies)
... Even if the symptoms are caused by the cord flattening or the foraminal narrowing, they might not improve all that much with the ACDF surgery. ... (18 replies)
... that your symptoms are caused by the foraminal narrowing and not by the cord flattening. ... (7 replies)
... with the disk protrusion. He says you have cord flattening but without cord compression. I have never seen that distinction before. I would have thought that "flattening" and "compression" were two words for the same thing. ... (3 replies)
... Mild cord flattening and bilateral neural foraminal stenosis at both levels. ... (4 replies)

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