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... Patient has neck pain, radiating to the arms, and there is the possibility of disc herniation causing radiculopathy. The patient has history of thoracic fracture from ATV accident. ... (4 replies)
... He did tell me after looking at my back that he believes I have a mild case of scoliosis. It runs in my family and there is an obvious curve in my spine. ... (19 replies)
Mri in english
Jan 29, 2016
... posterior element hypertrophic changes and disk osteophyte comexes , large central parcentral disk osteophytevcomex causing marked flattening of cervical cord , severe cane stenosis there is flattening of cord and cord signal changes likely basis of myelomalcia. ... (6 replies)

... it is amazing to me that in almost of these post I see where patients have been shuffled from Doctor to Doctor especially women. The lady with the flattening of the cord to the point spinal fluid flow was impeded could have easily suffered permanent spinal cord damage. ... (18 replies)
... ling like I am hung over in the AM. I havent told my Dr yet of these new symptoms but finally had an MRI last week and the nurse called to inform me I have right flattening of my spinal cord due to degenerative disc disease as well as arthritis. ... (11 replies)
... T1 with all the same symptoms as before, so I had surgery in January of this year. After my last surgery, I was told by my pain management doc and my NS that I was not allowed to herniate anything ever again.... ... (32 replies)
... tionable by your 40's. I'd suggest you do what I wish I could go back and do, which is exercise and stretch and practice good posture at all times. There's a ton of information on all that. ... (19 replies)
... I am in a horrible amount of pain down my arms. I work in the early childhood special education field. I have to sit behind little babies as they are being bounced on a therapy ball. ... (9 replies)
... I asked about the cord issue and they seemed to act like it was nothing. The ortho kept telling me to wait as long as possible to have surgery and to do PT first. ... (5 replies)
... Your MRI showed that you had nerve impingement and the EMG confirmed that. But what is more important to the spine surgeon is the flattening of the cord and what symptoms that is producing. ... (9 replies)
... Hi I did get some additional info along with copies of my MRI for my own review. ... (5 replies)
... I know everyone is busy but can anyone tell what ventral cord means? ... (4 replies)
... telling me, you have benign fasiculation syndrome, another telling me I have essential tremor. And they are all neurologists. HELLO... COULD THIS BE MY 'SPINAL CORD COMPRESSION, MAYBE? ... (18 replies)
... Thank you NP! It is in my cervical. C5-6. Would this be what is causing my shoulders to ache and electrical shocks in my fingers? (4 replies)
... the spinal cord does not go all the way down, but the nerve bundle to the lower extremities does. Hope this helps. ... (4 replies)
... posterior spondylosis complex resulting in complete effacement of ventral thecal sac with moderate AP canal stenosis. Bilateral moderate narrowing of neural forimina, mild facet joint hypertrophy noted. ... (3 replies)
... Hello to all! Nice group of people here. ... (13 replies)
... and I will also go for a second opinion. I've done tons of research but my questions are..... ... (8 replies)
... do you actually have your very own copy of your MRI report that you could just type out what was in the very end in that summary? ... (4 replies)
... Suzy heart goes out to you. I'm sorry you too are dealing with all of this. I have yet to discuss my results with the I don't yet know her take on things. ... (21 replies)

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