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... protrusion with subtle flattening of the thecal sac and cord. ... (2 replies)
... That type of thing did not help. So I developed constant pain, which my PCP fianlly labeled fibromyalgia. ... (9 replies)
... for a lack of better words! ... (0 replies)

... I was in Pt 3 days a week, but couldn't advance beyond a beginner in terms of strengthening exercises. Any increase always aggravated my symptoms and made me feel worse. ... (0 replies)
... It is always possible that you have had this reverse cervical spine curve for a long time but it was never noticed before due to lack of symptoms. Then the ligaments stretched and you developed symptoms. ... (4 replies)
... didn't really think too much about it until now. I am getting ready for my disability hearing coming up in November and my attorney mentioned that my MRI showed flattening of my thoracic spinal canal. This was the first I had heard anything about this!! ... (3 replies)
... I have posted on here before, and have had some great support from people so thank you. I am just having a moment of self doubt and wondered if anyone could help me. ... (23 replies)
... months I've been experiencing some dizziness with a few spells of outright vertigo. Also my neck, upper back, and left shoulder have been hurting, mildly to moderately. The neck pain has been the worst pain. ... (0 replies)
... ling like I am hung over in the AM. I havent told my Dr yet of these new symptoms but finally had an MRI last week and the nurse called to inform me I have right flattening of my spinal cord due to degenerative disc disease as well as arthritis. ... (11 replies)
... cervical spine radiographs. ... (0 replies)
... T1 with all the same symptoms as before, so I had surgery in January of this year. After my last surgery, I was told by my pain management doc and my NS that I was not allowed to herniate anything ever again.... ... (32 replies)
... level there is disc desiccation, disc narrowing and prominence of the posterior disc endplate complex with effacement of CSF from around the cord and some ventral cord flattening. Mild left C4 neural foraminal narrowing. ... (18 replies)
... I've been reading a lot on this page and I seem to be in the same boat as many of you. I just came back from Neurologist with my MRI result, I really don't understand most of the results even though he tried to explain them. ... (12 replies)
... it is possible your spine problems are causing the pain and migraines, is the pain you have down your arms or in your neck? ... (2 replies)
... Flattening of the physiological cervical lordosis is present. ... (4 replies)
... There is normal vertebral body alignmment and height. There is a reversal of normal lordosis in the mid cervical spine. No abnormality at the foramen magnum or craniocervical junctions and atiantoaxial joints appear normal. ... (0 replies)
... I am convinced this is the source of his problems now. He had some problems last year but not much showed up on his MRI. ... (2 replies)
... C4, there is some flattening of the spinal chord, straightening of the normal cervical lordosis and osteophytes, together with a fair bit of degenerative disc disease throughout the cervical spine. ... (6 replies)
... After over 10 years of neck pain, headaches, arm and leg numbness and weakness, I finally convinced my primary care doctor to order an MRI of my cervical spine. ... (1 replies)
... I have a very interesting experience to share regarding the correct viewpoint, I think, that an MRI is only a part of the picture or package that determines treatment options. ... (9 replies)

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