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... Hi ther Hex, I actually am now on a muscle relaxer that is called Robaxin. I think that it helps more than the Flexeril did. The bottle says take one or two tabs twice daily and the first time I tried 1 but it really did not help so I take 2 at a time. I don't use them everyday. Only if it gets really bad. But I do find that that is more often than not. Chrissy (21 replies)
... YES..most definitely. Flexeril ruined my trip to Chicago for a wedding. I was on a plane from Dallas to St Louis, and then St. Louis to Chicago. Both flights trying desperately to pee, and NOTHING. I felt like I was going to explode and certainly was one of the WORST feelings I have ever had to endure. Then I had to endure an hour long cab ride to downtown Chicago from... (21 replies)
... Thanks Kross, I will be having an MRI today at noon. I hope nothing is to wrong inmy neck but if I need to bee on muscle relaxers for a longer time I may ask for a change...Thanks...Chrissy (21 replies)

... Chrissy: Not sure if it's an option for you but I was just put on Skelaxin instead of Flexeril. It is less sedating and has worked remarkably well. Not sure what the other potential side effects are but I'm so glad my doctor reccomended it. (21 replies)
... Thanks, I am just afraid...I will work through it. What other option is there. I just have to pray for acceptance of the way things are at this moment because this moment is where I am.....stay in the present....Thanks...Chrissy (21 replies)
... I think my neck was supported in the MRI. I would have noticed pain if it was not supported and I had zero pain while in there. You lie in there on your back with your head completely flat. (21 replies)
... THanks Sue, I am not to worried about it the small space does not really bother me. When I had the last one done on my elbow they had me in that machine in some funky positition that I was in total pain. I had tears in my eyes. How do they position your head? Do they support it? I can only lay with support around my neck, it just hurts to much. (21 replies)
... I just remembered something else helpful for the MRI. The place I went to offered me earplugs. That was a VERY VERY helpful because the machine can be pretty loud. Maybe call them and ask if they have them. (21 replies)
... Oh God, so sorry to hear your woke up from so much pain. When you get your MRI results, post them on here and I am sure a lot of people on here can give you an idea of what you are looking at. Once you know, at least that UNKNOWN part will be alleviated. Don't forget to take a washcloth with you when you get your MRI. MRIs of the neck are different from other parts of the body... (21 replies)
... SKZ, I woke up this morning in total pain in my shoulders. EEK!! I was up at 4 am. Really I hate taking pain meds so I just layed there untill I felt somewhat better. It really freaked me out. My shoulder on the left side feels like I overworked it or osmething and I have done absolutley nothing but rest. I called the Imaging center and they said I can wait and have... (21 replies)
... Ditto that girl>>> See you in the Moring...I hope you sleep well Chrissy (21 replies)
... Chrissy, I will reply tomorrow because I have a headache from ^%&*()_ all night and just want to go watch TV and hopefully go to sleep early. Always sumthin! (21 replies)
... Hello SUe, I am 37 years old and I am not married and have no kids. I can't have kids as I had a hyseterectomy in 2005. I decided to go to school while on workers comp because after a year I pretty much knew I would not be doing factory work anymore and I really have always wanted to be a nurse. So that is what I am working at in school. I have about 4 more classes to... (21 replies)
... Chrissy, I forgot to ask you have a good support system where you I forgot if you mentioned how old you are. I seem to remember you mentioning going back to college soon. I am 51, by the way. Sue (21 replies)
... Two weeks ago when I had my last MRI, I had it on a Monday and then picked up the report on Tues. For the life of me, I do not know why your GP had you make an appt. at the end of Aug. for a follow up. What are you expected to do....wait a month to find out what the report says????? (21 replies)
... SKZ, I know kinda funny how they don't tell us that!!! The docs office called and said to take them 1/2 at a time every four hours or so instead of a whole one at one time. I have been resting all day. Just laying in the couch with ice and a book. Sorta took a nap. I had a small twitching thing going on the back of my shoulder blade kinda freaky!! (21 replies)
... Nice to know Flexeril is for short term use, since they prescribe it to me like its candy and in large amounts in one bottle. sheesh (21 replies)
... SKZ, I just looked up the side effects and it does say urinary retention as a side effect. I called the docs office and left a message. My regular nurse is not in but the gal on the phone said she would send it to the nurse that is there. I told them if they wanted to change anything I do not want any Benzos.... I don't really know what else is out there as far as... (21 replies)
... Well the thing i would be concerned about is the not emptying the bladder completely. THIS I know from experience. It can be a real drag. Flexeril comes in difference dosages. When i take the 10mg one, forget it....I can't hardly function. The 5mg. makes me drowsy too, but halfway functional. But of course the stronger one helps the spasms more. oy. (21 replies)
... Thanks SKZ, I think I will just call and let them know what is going on so it is documented. The Flexeril does not really make me that tired. I also know that the narcotic pain meds will make it hard to urinate as well bu the two together make it worse. I have not been taking that much of any of it because I hate the meds but I know I should. I will call the doc and... (21 replies)

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