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... I have recently had a MRI see below and Focal myelomalacia showed up. Looking at the definition of Myelomalacia I am worried. Should I be? ... (1 replies)
Cervical MRI
Oct 26, 2012
... C7 level. Findings are likely related to cord myelomalacia. The crater cervical junction is normal. ... (0 replies)
Focal Myelomalacia
Oct 27, 2014
... spinal cord impingement down to 4mm. I had a disc removal with cadaver bone as well as a titanium plate. April 2014 I developed severe cervical pain. ... (3 replies)

... I posted to you on another post exactly like this one. Naomi, if they stated there was SYRINX, then it will not be a herniated disc.....different disorder. The Syrinx is a cyst in/on the spinal cord. It can come from the following origins: Trauma (even from 10 years ago) Tumors (cancer or non cancer) Ideopathic (unknown) Congenital (there since birth but never caused... (5 replies)
... T6 causing mass effect on the cord anteriorly with a punctate focus of increased T2 signal in the cord, representing myelomalacia". This was a year ago. ... (4 replies)
... It seems as if you have had quite an extensive surgical spine history. Do you have any plans to see any doctors in the future? What is your next step? (19 replies)
... C7 level. Findig are likely relatedto cord myelomalacia. The crater cervical junction is normal. ... (19 replies)
... There is focal hypointense T1 and T2 signal involving the C6 vertebral body, which may represent an atypical hemangioma. ... (20 replies)
... I have myelomalacia .... ... (15 replies)
... r subluxation. There are no areas of bone marrow edema. Craniocervical junction is unremarkable. The paraspinal musculature is unremarkable. No areas of abnormal cord signal identified. ... (5 replies)
... n without any enhancement and I wonder if this is a developmental lesion such as a neuroenteric cyst or possibly a small intramedullary epidermoid cyst....A tiny focal syrinx would be a consideration but usually a syrinx is seen over a longer length of the spinal cord. ... (5 replies)
... ral disc protrusion tracing both proximally and distally over a total craniocaudal distance of around 18mm. the disc causes significant compression of the spinal cord which does look to show intrasubstance signal change in keeping with myelomalacia. There is no other focal disc protrusion shown. ... (1 replies)
... BUT, there is myelomalacia and Focal Cord Atrophy of the cervical spine which I knew about. My neurosugeon is worried about it too. ... (2 replies)
... Minor left paracentral disc spur complex. there is no cord impingement. ... (10 replies)
... Welcome to the board. While the myelomalacia is something to keep an eye on, it is confined to a small area at C4-5, and appears to only be in this one spot. Perhaps it is something that occurred during surgery or as a result of surgery. Of perhaps more concern are all the degenerative changes at C3-4 that are causing stenosis in the central canal, as well as other issues... (1 replies)
Focal Myelomalacia
Oct 28, 2014
... I would seek attention as quickly as possible as the longer the nerves are compressed, the greater the chance for permanent damage. Your spinal cord is probably not getting sufficient blood flow. ... (3 replies)
What next?
Jan 4, 2013
... I tried the Spinal cord stimulator but did not work for me. ... (5 replies)
Disc implants
Jan 10, 2013
... I am not sure if this will clarify what was done to my cervical/thoracic spine, but here is what was in the MRI report done about 3 weeks ago. "Post anterior crvical fusion from C3-5 as well as posterior cervicothoracic fusion with stabilizing rods and bilateral anchoring at C4; C5 & C6. Posterior elements have been resected from C3-C7." "There is severe disc space loss at... (6 replies)
Disc implants
Jan 9, 2013
... Hi all. I am sitting here thinking and just was looking for some feedback. First of all I have had several spine surgeries to both the cervical/thoracic and lumbar regions. I have had stenosis in the neck and then kyphosis which required Harrington Rods from C3 to T4 or so. My current issues in the neck is that there are bone spurs; and I have myelomalacia; focal cord... (6 replies)
... nothing! I believe its related to myelomalacia in some form. ... (9 replies)

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