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... about the c5 and c6. As I told you before, my neck, the base of it connected to the shoulders, is very painful to move around. I have the numbness in my right foot on top and I cannot bend my foot up. My fingers on my left hand are going numb as well. ... (9 replies)
Info on surgeon
Jan 31, 2005
... ng disc and spondylosthis, for life of me can't spell today, I just got out of the hospital, since then one side of my leg is totally numb and top and bottom of foot and the other is getting that way, plus I am running into incontinence, and if that wasn't bad enough they're saying I need total knee replacement. ... (12 replies)
... er, upper back and arm deteriorated, no, atrophiedd over the years, so I appreciate help rehabilitating them. Since the surgery, I'm having fewer neck pains, no foot drop, no problems with weak sphincter control, and my hands seem to work better. ... (0 replies)

... Several years ago I went through a very intense bout of shooting pain and numbness on my backside and down my legs. After many doctor visits and test, I finally was diagnosed with bilateral pars defect at L2 and L3. ... (1 replies)
... entire body in pain, muscles ached and sore all of the time, tired, ankles and knees stayed swollen and in pain. April 2012 I awoke to my left hand tingling and numb as if I'd slept on it wrong, it never went away and the pain traveled up my arm, shoulder, neck and back. ... (8 replies)
... I have this dull burning pain on the top of my right foot at least twice a day. In the mornings when I wake up, I battle to walk on my feet for at least the first minute I'm on my feet, because they feel tender. But after that they are fine. ... (1 replies)
... subject you all are talking about, I have lower lumbar disc bulging, and degenerative disc disease, nerve root compression in the lower lumbar area which pinches on the nerves that apparently go down into my legs n feet. I was told I also have spinal stenosis. ... (3 replies)
... hi i have been reading posts for the last couple of days and everyone seems very helpful, i have suffered with back pain since i was pregnant on my 1st child 12 yrs the last 7 yrs it has been chronic low back pain on the right with pain down the leg into my foot. ... (1 replies)
Skin numbness
Jul 17, 2005
... I don't know where to post this so i putting on a couple of boards. I need help! I have been to several drs who are dragging their feet on a diganois. On July 4th i woke up somewhat sick with flu symstoms. Disconnected, slow, no energy, feverish but no fever. The next day i woke up with both my cheeks skin numb. ... (2 replies)
So many emotions
Mar 11, 2003
... Has anyone on here experienced numbness across the top of your foot. My right foot is numb like the top layer of skin is asleep. It feels as if I could peel the skin back, then there would be feeling. It's a mild numbness, but noticeable. ... (3 replies)
... uded that the fluid in my disc indeed came out when I had the initial injury. They indicated to me that "You have been walking around for 2 yrs with bone rubbing on bone and compressed nerves." Needless to say I was floored because for 1. ... (4 replies)
... hort days ago. But cant sleep. I suppose thats normal tho considering all the sleep I had already this week, drug induced tho it was. I am finding interesting numb spots on various places on my body that ought not be numb and its weird. The tip of my tongue, but just the right side. My left three middle finger tips. ... (28 replies)
... g me again and again where my pain was and I told him that it was in my pelvis area and my hip and running down my leg, under my knee to my calf area and into my foot and he said that it must be my hip because nothing on the MRI was conclusive at all to where my pain was. ... (5 replies)
MRI results
Oct 23, 2008
... Ok lets see, first Pepper, my left foot will get abit numb but the top of the right foot felt almost bruised if I went to put a shoe on, really hurt, now it seems to have went away, crazy. ... (17 replies)
Need advice
Dec 26, 2002
... i have a few things going on and am lost. I was slung about 12 feet and landed on my back. About two days later my foot went numb couldn't move my big toe. I was ordered to bedrest for 2 months. ... (6 replies)
Severe stenosis
Apr 18, 2015
... e. I had a scary 'episode' during the other night. I woke up in the early hours with my right leg feeling almost numb, very heavy, with tingling at the front and top of my foot. I could barely move it. It felt like I was trying to move it through mud, very hard to describe. ... (25 replies)
... I take Gabapentin 300 mg twice daily for nerve damage in my foot from multiple surgerys. ... (30 replies)
... severe head pain while sitting too long, and yes left side is all pins and needles! up my neck into my head, sides of face, arm, hand. Per mri I have impigment on the left side, narrowing, stenosis and more bulges. From what I hear fusing more above creates a dangerous surgery? ... (8 replies)
A little concerned
Mar 28, 2007
... foot, tightness at the top of my feet but again doesn't hurt and only noticable when i have my shoes on, no problems with driving although getting out of the car on occasion has caused problems. i do have to have a good stretch. ... (1 replies)
... Last Thursday, when I posted, was pretty bad, the top of my right foot was numb and "cold" for most of the previous 4-5 days, but now it's back to "normal" (or the "new normal" as some people here say) - so I guess it is just an "up and down" of the healing process. I'm looking forward to nicer spring days where I can walk outside instead of on the treadmill (although I can... (18 replies)

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