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... about the c5 and c6. As I told you before, my neck, the base of it connected to the shoulders, is very painful to move around. I have the numbness in my right foot on top and I cannot bend my foot up. My fingers on my left hand are going numb as well. ... (9 replies)
... (9 replies)
... For the past month, I have numbness in my foot along with not being able to bend it up. The numbness stared in my big toe. ... (9 replies)

... My right foot keeps going numb, and not from excess sitting. Pins and needles tingling like it's asleep. Totally freaking me out. ... (0 replies)
... Left foot numbness joined in after about 5 years. ... (9 replies)
... Yes, I did have numbness in my foot and hand, difficulty moving my fingers and toes, and pain. When I finally got to see 2 neurosurgeons, they both said that I need ACDF surgery IMMEDIATELY. ... (9 replies)
... I'm going crazy here, my right foot has been pins and needles for the last two weeks. I see my MD on Monday. ... (7 replies)
... I've been experiencing severe pain over the last year or so between the shoulder blades, upper back and neck. Toes and ball of left foot numb for 6months, right foot which has been numb for several years due to a lumbar herniation and resulting surgery, numbness seems much worse now in toes, ball of foot and ankle on right. ... (6 replies)
... weeks after ACDF my left foot goes numb and tingly whenever I sit upright. ... (2 replies)
... Thank you for the reply. That's kind of what I thought. (7 replies)
... Pins and needles" is different than having your foot be completely numb. It is a less severe symptom that numbness. ... (7 replies)
... Yeah, I do Pebble. I've even gone to a foot ortho and insisted I MUST have Morton's neuromas in there as it feels at times like I have "pebbles" inside my feet like they describe the feeling of Mortons. ... (9 replies)
... Question as to why this, why now is very complex. I too had so much leg and foot interference ie. numbness, tingling, lazy foot causing tripping up stairs, that it was clearly from the spinal cord compression. ... (2 replies)
... So far, the foot is still tingling and problematic. ... (7 replies)
... yes it can cause your toes to go numb and something else called drop foot. this is caused by the sciatic nerve. it can also cause you to become inconsistent. ... (3 replies)
... says that it will take some time and to be patient..I am just sick about it...anybody have any similar experience...Am I doomed to be numb forever? ... (8 replies)
... I would imagine an MRI would be a worthy start if you have not had one yet to see if that disc has reherniated / bulged and is putting pressure on the nerve again. Good luck. (4 replies)
... I injured my back again. It simply felt like a muscle pull. But as time went by, my leg started getting numb, then my foot, and now my foot isn't working right. I can squeeze my toes, but I can't move my foot upward or my toes upward. ... (4 replies)
Drop Foot????
Feb 23, 2005
... a couple weeks ago my right foot just felt asleep and I fell down a couple times,, and nothing has been the same since then... ... (3 replies)
... lots of meds to go. By Monday my foot was in terrible pain, along with terrible buzzing. I could hardly sleep. Then Tuesday morning I woke up with the toes numb! This is driving me NUTS! ... (10 replies)

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