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Foraminal stenosis
Aug 24, 2013
... I read an article on foraminal stenosis which claim's that foraminal stenosis,and cervical stenosis can be at times be a separated diagnosis? ... (6 replies)
... I hope this helps I found this at Cervical foraminal stenosis Foraminal stenosis (narrowing of the cervical disc space) may arise without any disc herniation. The majority of symptoms is usually caused by one nerve root on one side. Typically, the condition is characterized by: The pain develops slowly (versus acute pain) May develop over many... (4 replies)
... I was diagnosed with Foraminal Stenosis. The specialist didn't say much, except keep doing physio. ... (2 replies)

... due to bony spondylosis at the uncovertebral joint with mild central stenosis at this level. I called the pm dr. ... (2 replies)
... Is neck pain your main complaint? Do you have arm symptoms? Headaches? Have you already tried any medications? On scale of 1-10 how bad pain are you having? Which type pain is your worst complaint (neck ache, headache, or nerve pain)? There are different medications that work best depending on which is the biggest problem. PT might improve any symptoms the bulge is... (2 replies)
... Disc desiccation with normal disc space height. there is a mild annular bulge without a focal disc herniation, foraminal or central cana stenosis. ... (2 replies)
... I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis and situation. I know first hand how different surgeons can give wildly different action plans. ... (5 replies)
... I know my MRI reports are filled with the words forimal stenosis and central canal stenosis. ... (4 replies)
... I have recieved a brief diagnosis from my Dr.'s office. ... (4 replies)
... Dear Mary, Wow! I could've written your post myself! I had a herniated disc at C5-6 with nerve root compression, and mild cord deformity. I also had osteophyte(bone spur) foraminal stenosis (narrowing of the spinal canal). I was also experiencing dizziness, etc. And, I too, have had sinus problems for years, in fact, I had sinus surgery last Feb. 2001.(and he did 3 separate... (4 replies)
... ohbaby- I was reluctant to share my nerve "injury" saga as this is a spinal cord disorder forum and I would never want to steer anyone away from a serious spinal issue that needs treatment. That being said, your description does indeed sound quite similar to mine. My pain and problems started after an auto accident & whiplash injury. (Although the surgeon said it does... (12 replies)
... I completely understand the lack of confidence in doctors. It took me a long time after my fiasco to have any faith in doctors. Actually I still have trust issues with them. :rolleyes: Have you had any imaging done - X-ray, CT, MRI ? You need to find out what is the generator of your pain. Do you have a general doctor you see regularly? (Oh duh...probably not since... (12 replies)
... Hello ohbaby136 - I am sorry you have been dealing with this issue for so very long. Makes it that much worse when you don't know the cause. Do I understand correctly that you have sharp, burning pain roughly in the area between your scapula and spine? You mentioned pain in your arm as well, what areas of your arm does it affect? Does your pain radiate across the... (12 replies)
... There is no significant central spinal canal or foraminal stenosis. ... (14 replies)
... I know I'm not supposed to ask for a diagnosis here, and that's not really my intention. I am just wondering if anyone can shed light on whether my course of symptoms sounds familiar. ... (3 replies)
... Disc normal in height. Mild bulging posterior annulus. No central canal stenosis present. ... (14 replies)
... and moderate foraminal stenosis left greater than right. ... (8 replies)
... There is moderate posterior disk herniation. There is moderate central stenosis and mild compression of the spinal cord. There is mild to moderate foraminal stenosis greater on the left with left C6 nerve root impingement . ... (7 replies)
... Regarding stenosis v. ... (10 replies)
Test results
Jul 2, 2006
... Disc buldge osteophyte complex with small focal central disc protrusion flattens the ventral thecal sac. Moderate bilaterally neural foraminal stenosis. ... (4 replies)

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