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... e what I got is not what I suggested. Although the symptoms are there, there might be other conditions with similar symptoms, that I haven't stumbled upon. This foraminal stenosis is not something I look forward to having. There aren't many options in treating it, I would like to choose. ... (12 replies)
... there is a central disc herniation indenting the thecal sac. There is spondylosis causing moderate right neural foraminal stenosis. ... (4 replies)
MRI Analyses
Aug 24, 2012
... osteophyte complex with more focal protrusions in the right and left paracentral regions. Moderate bilateral uncovertabral hypertrophy. Moderate right foraminal stenosis. Canal diameter lower limits normal at 1 cm, but no definite central canal stenosis. ... (35 replies)

... provide no relief, PT, massage, Chiro only relieve pain as long as I am involved. It hurts to stand, walk long distances and sit up. ... (2 replies)
... no significant spinal canal or foraminal stenosis. Assessment was slightly limited due to beam hardening from the patient's shoulders. ... (12 replies)
Second Opinion?
Nov 9, 2011
... re is a posterior disk osteophyte complex, mildly narrowing the spinal canal to 8 mm AP dimension. There is uncinate and facet hypertrophy causing moderate right foraminal stenosis and mild left foraminal stenosis. ... (12 replies)
MRI Results
Jan 29, 2009
... te complex with a small central herniated disc protrusion which contacts the ventral spinal cord. AP dimension of the spinal canal measures 11mm. No significant foraminal stenosis. Hypertense T2 signal at the dorsal aspect of the disc compatible with an annual fissure. ... (5 replies)
... round my neck...long story...thank you for taking the time to listen I feel so alone. I have been unable to take care of my kids or even live a normal life. It hurts so bad I can't even sit up and I have lately had spasm like feelings in my will tighten up for no reason at all unless I am laying down. ... (2 replies)
... e is is a small right paramedian protrusion of the nucleus polposus which effaces the ventral aspect of the thecal sac and appears to touch the cord. There is no foraminal stenosis seen. ... (3 replies)
... e is is a small right paramedian protrusion of the nucleus polposus which effaces the ventral aspect of the thecal sac and appears to touch the cord. There is no foraminal stenosis seen. ... (0 replies)
... cord flattening on the left. Bilateral spondylosis, greater on the left with moderate foraminal stenosis on the left. ... (92 replies)
So confused
Aug 10, 2013
... she goes to all my doctors appointments.So, anyway the doctor told me that my fusion is not healing and i have another rupture disk and that is why my right arm hurts me.He wants to try shots,but I don't know what that will do. ... (6 replies)
... that my symptoms were beginning to sound like I have nerve compression in my neck and I started to enforce how much pain I feel spark up my back and neck, how it hurts horribly when I stand for longer than 10 mins and afterwards my legs and feet get completely numb and I start to get dizzy and off balance. ... (4 replies)
... spinal or neural foraminal stenosis. ... (6 replies)
... If you think of it as a number scale then a 2 out of 4 is not too bad but a 4 out of 4 is bad. So this relative has a problem but it is not significant as yet. Stenosis is the medical word for "closing up" whether it be the stenosis of the spinal canal or stenosis of an artery or valve in the heart. ... (10 replies)
... elevation of the postiror logitudal ligament and inpingment on the thecal sac. There is approximation of the ventral spinal cord. there is mild bilateral neural foraminal stenosis. ... (12 replies)
... Mild cord flattening and bilateral neural foraminal stenosis at both levels. ... (4 replies)
... c5 , moderate right osseous foraminal stenosis is present. ... (3 replies)
Nov 21, 2003
... I too have been diagnosed with cervicl spondylosis with dics degeneration at C4-5 and C5-6 . I also have bone spurs on C5-6. I am having soooo much pain down my arm and hands. Especially in my bicep and elbow and forearm. Some times I could just leave my arm at home!!! My dr. is sendingme to a neuro. but I don't see him until Dec. 8. Now I am going for an acupucture... (8 replies)
Nov 21, 2003
... etimes I'd like to just cut my arm off, but I know that my arm is not the source of my problem. For a while, the pain was less when I would lie down, but now it hurts all of the time. Been going on for 3 months now. Tried the chiropractor a few times but no relief. My family Dr sent me for an MRI and gave me a few Vicodin. ... (8 replies)

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