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... First off - I am not a doctor... Only play one on the internet. From everything that I have read, you REALLY want to stay away from the smokes at LEAST for the benefit for the fusion. I'm sure I don't need to say anything else, so I won't. From there, I do have to say from a lot of my other readings... Your NS is not unlike many others. They generally (mine included) are... (258 replies)
... never told me this prior to surgery or after surgery, just now, 4 weeks later. ... (258 replies)
... Best of luck to you! I am trying the suggestions of others with heat and cold... It hasn't kicked in 100% yet, but I'm giving it a shot! As I recover / find more information, I will certainly keep posting in this thread. Hopefully I can provide some light at the end of the tunnel assuming I have some of my own! How about everyone else? (258 replies)

... I was just about to post something simular to yours until I read your post. I do not have chest problems nor was I ever overweight so that is different but not much else. ... (258 replies)
... I just cut it out alltogether and saw that it should be weaned off... Oops. Four days too late! ... (258 replies)
... Thanks for asking! The lasik went great, I had some issues at first but they've all resolved. The weirdest thing was that my dry-eye from the Lasik was apparently cured by my two night hospital stay for the ACDF! =) I went in needing eye drops hourly, and came out not needing them at all. No idea how THAT happened. The Lasik was in December, mid-month; the neck... (258 replies)
... Perhaps I have painted a picture that does not represent my NS's views. I simply got the report that a third party did. That's it. In other words, the place I get my MRI's done at, they get reviewed by... Radiologists (?).. Not sure if that is the right classificaiton, but it is reviewed by an MD and verified by another MD at a university hospital (which, by the way is... (258 replies)
... Please!!! Ask as many questions as you want!! :) Let's see. I had the MRI half out of my own request because I had so much pain that he felt was somewhat unwarranted (at least to the level that I was having it....) ... That said, keep in mind that I had the horner's syndrome ... etc etc... So.. I've had a really rough time so there certainly was (is) a metal element... (258 replies)
... a few of us don't get the instant pain releif because it may just take longer for our spasms to calm down. I am not scheduled to see my doc again for another 3 weeks and he is going to do another xray at that time. ... (258 replies)
... Not so wierd at all.. And I dumped that other PT so I'm very on track with things that you are doing these days so no more weights for me (except 2 pounds on shoulder shrugs) Sounds like you are on the road to recovery - quickly too! Congrats! :) (258 replies)
... It's THIS kind of post that makes me feel like all of this ranting was worth something!! ... (258 replies)
... Mike, I don't have a problem with your using me :-) I wish more people here could have the same results that I have. Although my docs were very conservative, keeping me in the collar longer, restricting activity and weight. I couldn't drive for 8 weeks. I was on a 10 lbs lifting restriction for 3 months. 25lbs for six. My doc has been involved with numerous studies and... (258 replies)
... c6, and I am currently four weeks post op. I have a visit scheduled with my neurosurgeon tomorrow to follow up, and I am having the same feeling in my throat. ... (13 replies)
... You should post on the front page if you won't get lost in another thread. ... (258 replies)
... My road to recovery was not as smooth as yours will be. I had a spinal fluid leak post surgery and spent 6 days in the ICU while it drained from a tap in my lumbar. That original ACDF was in 2002. ... (258 replies)
... know that my neck feels MUCH more painful and suseptible to paralysis now than before my surgery. I could have lived with my pain before, but took the advice of four doctors to have this done. ... (3 replies)
... seven weeks ago here in Canada. ... (258 replies)
... Thanks for the suggestions! I am no longer wearing the collar (as per the doctor) due to the fact that I am starting to fuse. He felt that it is no longer necessary... Perhaps I am far enough along that I do not need the additional support of the collar? Dunno. Unfortunately, he was not very specific about the quality / amount of fusing. I'm still pressing for... (258 replies)
... Hi, I had ACDF C5-6 and C6-7 in June of 2004. It seems that your problems are a bit worse than normal (based on your descriptions). I would keep on top of things as you progress. The two things you mentioned spasms and the collar, should be considered. First, muscle spasms are common in this surgery, because your body "protects" the area of "injury". Your body is... (258 replies)
... Anyway, mainly I wanted to post because I'm so relieved to finally find a place where people are talking about this stuff, and to know I'm not all by myself in it. ... (258 replies)

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