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... T1 was bulging. Yes, when you have a fusion, you put more wear and tear on the discs above and below the fusion. They are doing the extra work of the fused discs. This can cause the discs to become damaged over time. ... (20 replies)
... rays and pain mangements scopes showed arthritis, bones spurs and narrowings discs above and below where my titanium cage is. The Orthopedic surgeon took an MRI and a Cat Scan and I am going for the results tomorrow. ... (22 replies)
... Sess, I have 3 fused discs in my neck with another one being fused soon (as well as one of the other one's redone). I have extensive nerve damage from my neck to the tips of my fingers on my right side. The Lyrica is taking a while to kick in but I can see improvement. Nerves take so long to heal or respond to meds that it's easy to get frustrated and give up. ... (28 replies)

... ur thoracic area and not your neck. You are MUCH more knowledgeable about the spine than I am although I do try to research as much as I can. You know that the discs above and below your fused area are doing the work of the fused ones and will wear down eventually. That is probably what is going on. ... (9 replies)
... My husband had three herniated discs in his neck from a work related accident. He could only get two fused and now the ones above and below it have herniated. That is why they won't touch it. The number of discs that herniated above and below it are too high. ... (3 replies)
... I'd get a second opinion! I'm fused from C3 to T1 and it's not that bad at all. ... (20 replies)
... The last surgeon said that there were areas that were basically bone on bone and that in one area he said it looked like my bones had practically fused by themselves. ... (20 replies)
... jshu43 - for myself, I am in favor of fusing/fixing the levels that are causing the most pain and potential problems with loss of function of nerves or spinal cord, leaving the other "potential problem generators" alone. The spine was not designed to be fused and stiff - it is supposed to have motion, so if we prevent that I think we alter the dynamics of our health. Surgery... (20 replies)
... Because the discs above and below my fusion are at "risk" doing all the work of the fused discs, my doc said he wouldn't do any more surgery unless it was serious enough. ... (1 replies)
What discs?
May 31, 2003
... Can anyone help me believe or have heard or knows in fact, this has been going inside my head. I have heard that if you have ACDF that the discs above and below are the ones that are taking all the pressure from the ones that are fused and not working properly. ... (2 replies)
... Well, at least I'm not alone.. I'm fused from c3-c7 13 yrs. ago.. I now have t-1 t-2 herniated. I was told the surgery is too risky. I'm going to pain management next week but in the mean time I bought a 35.00 air collar for support. It helps my shoulder/arm pain. ,', (11 replies)
... Glad to hear the surgery went well and you are doing good. I share you sentiments-glad I had the surgery so that I could move on with my life. (18 replies)
... It's been over 4 months since my surgery and I am pretty much fully recovered. I am still dealing with some soreness in the muscles that used to support the fused discs as they figure out what their new job is but it's nothing too bad. The weakness has pretty much resolved but there is still some numbness in the fingers. ... (18 replies)
... I don't know. I do know when they fused my subluxation it is at a very slight angle, which I hope doesn't come back to cause pain. ... (2 replies)
... C7 two times. the first time I did not fuse. I also have a fracture at my T2. It appears that my fused levels were strong and my body gave in at the levels above and below the fusion. ... (9 replies)
... Angel, Been meaning to get this reply out. First let me say it beyond awful how you were treated by the surgeon. Since when is it not ok to ask questions? This surgeon has issues & sadly I don't think he's the only one out there like that. My surgeon let my husband know C4 & C7 were on their way out with C7 in the lead. He also explained why he did not repair those... (22 replies)
... I wonder if the Reclast caused a temporary Vitamin D imbalance and that upped your pain. The calcium uses the D to allow it to absorb. ??? just guessing. My goal is to fuse as few as possible and live with what I can, otherwise I would be fusing level by level as they go bad because I have conglomerate of problems like the rest here with the widespread DDD and central... (20 replies)
... My husband had this exact surgery almost 2 years ago, (C-4,5) only because he had stenosis, and did okay with it. The straws and a shower chair are a good start-sleeping will probably be your biggest challenge. My husband had to sleep in a recliner chair for the first few weeks, because you can't lay completely flat on your back. Maybe get some meds to help you sleep, in case... (2 replies)
... c7 fused with a plate and screws. My pain is unbearable still and my bones are sticking out. I am uninsured and don't know where to turn. Any answers would be great. ... (0 replies)
... I'm an optimist and I hope that if the time comes I need C4-5 fused that ADR will be a good option for me. My Orthopedic Spine Surgeon thinks that as the technology advances these will work well for patients much as (as someone else said) knee replacements, etc. (11 replies)

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