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... fusion and he said "NECK PAIN"!!!! I have had nothing but neck pain and he knows it. My husband and my son were with my and we all just gasped at disbelief because he knows how much pain I am in. ... (15 replies)
... I am going to try and make this as short as possible even though my story is very complicated. I have had chronic pain for over 11 years. I had surgery in Nov. of 2003 for bones spurs, arthritis and degenerating discs. ... (22 replies)
... the base of the brain and down through the canal and like the brain, has no nerve endings of it's own so it doesn't hurt. But at each vertebra, a pair of spinal nerves peels off the cord and they go off to opposite sides and out to the body. They do have nerves and can hurt from the first millimeter of the nerve fiber. ... (4 replies)

... months. You would still need the nerves burned off at regular intervals. ... (27 replies)
... showing signs of degeneration where a couple of years ago this level was fine. The surgeries were very effective at 'fixing' the pain from discs pressing on nerves, but I am left with chronic pain. ... (2 replies)
... I have herniations in the same 2 disks and don't have pain where you have it. It occurs in my sides, way below the armpits. ... (11 replies)
... An increase in pain is normal as the nerves inside heal. Nerves can take weeks and months and even years to reconnect. They heal so slowly that for many, many years, it was believed that nerves never healed once cut. ... (2 replies)
Back pain
Sep 11, 2009
... Hi Katie....the first thing your neurosurgeon will do is get an MRI of your back and neck. The CT shows some potential problems but the MRI shows the nerves and spinal cord much better. CT's are better at showing bone problems. ... (2 replies)
... The vertebrae in your neck and the associated disks are where all the nerves to your arms are located. Rarely is the pain in the neck except for it being painful to the touch. The pain is usually somewhere in your arms and can go all the way down to the fingertips. ... (4 replies)
... Hi there, Itís been a while that I have posted, but things are still so crappy! I am 8 mos. Post op after my 2nd surgery, which was in May of '07, and had my first surgery 9 mos. before that. The 2nd surgery was needed, because my C6/7 basically collapsed after they took C5/6 out. I had an MRI about 2 weeks ago, which said: C3/4 Mild degenerative changes. Small... (7 replies)
... Hi all....another with cervical spondylosis...or at least I did. My symptoms were very different as I was an advanced case. I didn't have much pain at all. My first major symptom was stiff thighs that got stiffer as the day went on until I was walking baby steps. ... (8 replies)
... side numbness. In fact, there has been pain in, say, location "X" one week, then gone a few weeks later, then it's come back again even worse? ... (4 replies)
... i am sorry to read about what you are going through, but know this , you are not alone, i was first fused from c-2 to c-4 and now c-2 to c-6 from 2 separate surgeries, range of motion has its limits and your nerves will let you know where, it is very important to listen to your body, as far as your limitations, i now have C-1 and C-7 bulging, these are the only two pivot... (3 replies)
... Since the pain is in both shoulders at times I know its the neck. ... (3 replies)
... You could have pain for several months. Nerves heal very slowly and the swelling around them makes them not function well. And they can announce their healing with a real jolt of pain. ... (3 replies)
... had severe pain in my hip and down leg, and started to get drop foot. ... (8 replies)
... I went in the hopital on a Friday and they operated on Monday afternoon. They wouldn't even let me leave the hospital to wait for the surgery on Monday. They fused 3 disks with a donor bone and put in a metal plate. ... (14 replies)
... years. Nerves just take a long time to heal. ... (4 replies)
... But don't expect the pain to end anytime will decline and then go up and bounce all over the place but eventually, it will subside. But not this quickly. ... (8 replies)
... There are actually 2 ways to get pain management. One is to go to a pain management clinic or doctor and they treat you with pain meds and various therapies. I didn't like the local pain management clinic as they treated me like I was an addict. ... (2 replies)

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