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... is a bit of natural fusing due to congenital issues but that also says there is not any stenosis or foraminal narrowing in that area... ... (21 replies)
... Hello, I'm new here and am looking for some information on this surgery which is stage one of my surgery. they are going to be fusing C3 thru T1 posterior and then fuse C3-4, C4-5, C7-T1 anterior. then do a revision on C6-7. did not fuse from a prior surgery in 2003. I'm very nervous and have been told that the posterior is a very painful long recovery. could someone tell... (13 replies)

Multiple fusions
Jun 2, 2003
... Hi, Just wondering if many people have had multiple fusions done. I had C6-7 fused in 1998 and thought I was doing very well. When I returned to work I developed chronic pain and headaches. Now, five years later, I am having surgey again. They will be fusing C3-4, 4-5, & 6-7. Any input would be great. I have many questions about loss of range of motion, recovery time, using... (14 replies)
... and serves the back of the neck and wraps around to the collar bone area. C4 has nerves that go to the shoulder area. C5 serves the upper part of the outer arm. C6 serves the lower arm on the outside down to the thumb and index finger. C7 shows up on the skin only at the middle finger. And C8... ... (27 replies)
... But mine is all posterior. 2 rods and 10 screws....not enough bone at C6 to even put in screws. Then I was packed with an experimental bone putty rather than cages or bone grafts or anything like that. ... (161 replies)
... years but that he didn't have a problem going back in and doing additional fusing and it was my decision as the whether to have 2 or 3 done. With the DDD that is going on, how likely is it the I will have to have additional fusing done? ... (12 replies)
... Hi, I started lurking in this board prior to my surgery and have learned a lot. I was impressed by the support and comradeship I saw here. However, I did not feel that I had enough to contribute then, so I did not register to be a member. Now that I have gone through what some have gone through, I can share my experience. Background: I am a 40-year-old male. I... (4 replies)
... the superior endplate of C7. The T1 and T2 vertebral bodies are of adequate height and signal. There is slight reversal of the cervical lordosis centered at the C6 level, without significant anterior subluxation or scoliosis. ... (7 replies)
... He proposed a laminoplasty from C3 to C6 and a decompression of C7. That would give room for the cord to expand. ... (14 replies)
Advice requested
Oct 2, 2008
... Mine is C5/C6 and C6/C7.... *I think*. When I first saw the Dr they said C3/C4 was minimal damage, but C4/C5 and C5/C6 to C6/C7 were progressively worse, with a herniated disk at C6/C7. He is talking of doing two during the surgery and fusing. Your recovery time is encouraging. I am worried about an extended recovery, although I know everyone is different. He is... (2 replies)
... By fusing C5 and 6, that will stabilize the reversing lordosis, and get the pressure off your spinal cord by removing the bad discs and replacing them with bone grafts. ... (5 replies)
... the front surgery of ACDF. They use long rods to fuse the vertebrae and they have some give to them but I can tell you, it's not what you think. I am fused from C3 to T1, 6 vertebrae, so it is useful but it doesn't give that much flexibility. Once the bones fuse, that is that... ... (19 replies)
... ut the first 6 weeks before he could drain it, my neurosurgeon did 3 xrays during the first 6 months and then a MRI at 8 months, he told me at 4 weeks that I was fusing and all looked good, I used donor bone rather than my own. ... (7 replies)
... Hello all :wave: I will be going in for an acdf on Friday the 20th. The Doc's will be fusing C5-6 C6-7. I was just wondering what the recovery will be like. Will I have to be in the bed all the time like I had to with my Lumbar Fusion (L5-S1). Will I be able to sit in my recliner and watch T.V., or will I have to watch T.V. in my bed. I know I will have to walk so I can heal... (3 replies)
... as it might be squeezing the right C6 nerve going into your arm, down to your thumb. ... (12 replies)
2nd surgery?
Jun 22, 2009
... I imagine that's what he's talking about. Fusing a neck 2 by 2 is not good for the neck and will cause more problems down the road. Just fuse all 4 with one set of hardware. ... (3 replies)
... Cas and Jess~ I am very interested in this topic as well. I too have cervical issues and have had 2 surgeries fusing 3 levels this far (C4-5, C5-6 and last C6-7). I will find out more on Sept. 9 at my NS appointment about my next surgery and that will be posterior fusion of C2-3 , C3-4 and plating from C2-7. I also like you both have a problem at C1-2 and not sure at this... (4 replies)

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