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... I had spinal decompression and fusion on April 3, 2012. ... (3 replies)
... no but i am having the same surgery you did in about 4 weeks and im freaking out, i dont even like shots let alone getting cut open. i'm wondering if its worth it or should i just deal with the pain? also DR said i need a bone graft or a donor any suggestions? this is really tripping me out ty :eek: (29 replies)
... I just had a C5 C6 discectomy and fusion two weeks ago. I am very grateful that all went well but I have noticed that my singing voice has suffered substantially. ... (29 replies)

... I am a guitarist and singer. I have a music degree in classical guitar and music is a very big part of my life. After my surgery, I could not sing at all for a month and my range was very limited. I remember feeling very depressed and thinking my voice would never come back..... ... (29 replies)
... Directly after my surgery, I fell into depression since my voice was a big part of my musical identity. ... (29 replies)
... HI all! Anyone else have trouble with their bp after cervical fusion? ... (2 replies)
... I had a discectomy with an artifical implant placed at C6-C7. I completely lost my voice, had trouble drinking fluids (aspiration) and trouble just whispering a complete sentence without running out of breath. My ENT doctor said my R vocal cord was paralyzed (probably from the surgery) The nerve that makes the vocal cords move together had either been stretched or cut... (29 replies)
... c7 fusion in the near future. ... (29 replies)
... Thanks for the update. As someone who has considered fusion and may have to have it in the future, this is the side effect that most concerns me. ... (29 replies)
... Anyway, my voice was pretty bad for the first few weeks, and I didn't sing. My wife ran my shows for me. After about a month I tried to sing, but after a song could tell that things were still not right. I then started only doing "easy" songs for the next few weeks. ... (29 replies)
... It was just do to swelling, and after that went away, I couldn't feel anything there anymore. My voice is exactly the same now as it was before surgery. ... (29 replies)
... It has been about three weeks and I have made some improvement. Two weeks after surgery, I could barely screach out a Bb and now I have a solid D above that. Sadly, I used to be able to soar to an A above that. ... (29 replies)
... one on the subject with the end results beng that most patients recover their voices completely by the 15th month, but the recovery peirod is set at 24 months... after that you can assume you won't get it back naturally and medical or surgical interventions will have to be the way to go... ... (29 replies)
... Anyway, I don't know what you can DO about all this. Three months after such a massive surgery, I suspect all the docs will tell you is that these things take time, which they do. ... (3 replies)
... with it. Righ now I'm very sad because I can't sing for my God anymore the way I used to. I desperatelly need a miracle from God. I know it's been bearly 8 days after my surgery, and I believe I won't never be the same. ... (29 replies)
... banjo, thanks for posting the information - singing is something I worry about as well if I end up needing surgery. I'm sorry to hear that your singing range hasn't returned fully. I can only offer the following hopefully positive thoughts in relation to your situation. Firstly - three months is still a very short period of time in the grand scheme of things - when I... (29 replies)
... Prior to my surgery, I discussed my concern about my voice with my doctor and he assured me that I would experience weakness but should be able to sing as before after a month or 2. ... (29 replies)
... weeks after surgery. ... (29 replies)
... Dennis: I actually am making improvement. I can now sing a D clean and strong and can push to an E without too much problem. I just got over a bad chest cold that did not help things much. I will wait another few weeks before seeing an specialist to see if there is any action I can take to help things along. Ty: I saw your email post and it brought back memories. ... (29 replies)
... had no voice problems after surgery and an additional 6. ... (29 replies)

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