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... rays showed that the fusion is going well. They were very pleased. ... (27 replies)
... Hi, I had the same surgery....I had my first one in 1998 c/6/7 and then in 06 c/5/6 and then the gadiver bone rejected my body and had it redone in 1/7/06 with plating and my pelvic bone and I feel hip, I can hardly walk, I still have extreme paiin in neck....and was wondering how are you doing.....and when did you have this last surgery done... (27 replies)
... New one here, Scheduled for fusion 5/9. Have DDD, have had for 15+ yrs. (age 48 male) had my umpteenth epidural on the tues. , no help on this one. Left arm pain, neck , headaches, numb fingers. same old story. Tired of the pain. Seeing a nuerosurgeon , said he's going in thru the front. Bone from the hip..6 screws. just looking for any input , what to expect. told... (27 replies)

... Hi All, Again thanks, for all you insight. Need help again. Got an xray yesterday, reports today. 4 weeks out ..appt. w/ surgeon on fri. "No bony fusion is identified at this point", "note is made of the absence of a vertical screw on the left side of C-6". Normal at this point..aside from the missing screw? Anyone? Thanks! (27 replies)
... I had a "desk job" and was deemed able to return to work at 6 weeks. ... (27 replies)
... at work I had 6 mnths. ... (27 replies)
... she should have totally told you this right after your surgery. If this were me, I would be freaking out. I think my surgeon started telling me he saw the fusion taking place at about 8 weeks. The "absence" of a screw would be especially concerning if your fusion doesn't take. I am concerned, can you tell? ... (27 replies)
... For 5 years my blood pressure was high due to the pain. ... (27 replies)
... I said ..hip was the worst. 5 weeks out, I can do a mile or so..hurts like hell though, on the way back. ... (27 replies)
... is a fusion the same surgery as the one wear the put in new bone with plates? ... (27 replies)
... Had some time to think..Imagine that. Pain in legs...still in the recliner? Can't wait to stretch out. Headaches..wakes me up concerned about the "missing screw" and "no fusion". Just know it hurts...funny, all on my right now, was on the left. Family finds humor in my attempts to eat..taking one for the team. it is amusing..wearing more than I eat. regular chuckle... (27 replies)
... PhilPhan: I had a fusion at C5-C7 without using my hipbone...but donor bone. The surgery helped me a lot. I had it in Jan. 2007. It took awhile, (months), but it ultimately made my like MANY MANY times better. I am 52, by the way. I have also heard the hip part hurts more than the neck part. (27 replies)
... Hi , Went for pre-admit. yesterday. BP is down. Good news. Got my collar..Aspen. Quite stylish!. Really annoying as I have a short beard. Wondering what is worse? Shaving or itching? They only gave me one set of replacement pads. Told me to shower with it on, let the water run thru it. Excuse me? foam pad, wet, for how many weeks? I think not. Did go to a med.... (27 replies)
... It's 5 am. Another glorious day! Only been up since 3. ... (27 replies)
... My recovery has been somewhat on the easy side, I have a 2 level titanium plate with six scews fusion with donor bone. sounds alot worse then it is.. ... (20 replies)
... It's so good to hear that you had a good outcome with the fusion. I just finished a second round of epidural injections and this round didn't work, so I think I'm on the way to a C6-7 or possibliy C5-7 ACDF. How long were you in the cervical collar? I am trying to gauge how long that will be (as I anticipate hating the collar) and wondering when I can get back to work. (20 replies)
... Sounds like you had the mystique plating. It's really interesting stuff! Its made by the same J&J spinoff company that makes all the titinaium stuff that most docs are still using. I'd really be interested in hearing how you are doing down the road. Sounds like you have had somewhat similar symptoms to me along the road... Maybe you just weren't as vocal about them :) (20 replies)
... I am now 4 months past surgery for a C5-6 fusion and returning to work tomorrow. After reading some of the posts, I'm considering myself SO lucky that it went the way it did. The only problems I'm still having are tightness and aching across my shoulders and up my neck towards my head, but after PT with moist heat, ultrasound and DEEP tissue massage it feels a LOT better -... (20 replies)
... Got the "okey doke" from the surgeon today! Collar is off! Threw it at my son as I came out of exam room(gentley tossed so he would catch it)said" I don't wan't it anymore. He rolled his eyes...Dad.. I supressed a laugh..felt good. There is a light at the end of the tunnel... Mike (27 replies)
... Ember, that's a terrific idea! My hubby has always done audio books while he was traveling, but I've never had one. I wish I'd thought of it while I was 'out of commission' and just zoning out in front of the tv! I'll remember that and will pass it on in the future. Thanks, Debbie PhilPhan, hope you're doing well!! Take care and don't rush things...Debbie (27 replies)

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