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... tlement and I've been offered either a "compromise and release" which would result in a lump sum payment which includes a certain amount for medical, however, no future medical would be covered once the settlement has been reached. ... (9 replies)
... will not pay for BMP. If I need something else done I'm up a creek. I'm having problems with my neck but my OSS doesn't want to address that until my lumbar fusion is solid. ... (16 replies)
... sorry to hear about your insurance headache. It's got me thinking now that maybe I'd better have the surgery now so I don't have any problems being covered in the future. ... (27 replies)

... ually listed in the report or is measured on the actual film...the CD shows everything too small to get a good measurement. But your symptoms tell the story. The problems with your bladder and bowel tell you that it is very serious. You could end up this way for life if it is not attended to soon. ... (19 replies)
... If you had a two level fusion did it eventualy cause other problems in your neck.? ... (8 replies)
... I Would See An Orthopedic Spinal Specialist. I Am Not Familiar With Congential Fusion But Would Think That They Would Have To Remove All The Bone Spurs That Grew Over The Disc Space To Free Up The Nerves. ... (6 replies)
... with possable problems with C7. My surgeon thought C7 may have a chance of avoiding surgery in the near future by removing pressure. ... (12 replies)
... I read your post and this is the first time I have heard reservation on fusing two levels C5-6 and C6-7. I also had C5-6 and C-67 fused with donor bone, no plate, on 6/30/04. I am 42 yo and have done well. Wore hard Aspen collar x 4 weeks, had first x-ray, bones fused well, and collar discontinued. My NS said before surgery that the C6-7 looked worse but my complaints of... (5 replies)
... or you. they KNOW what they are looking for specifically. luckily,that anterior approach is like ten times better for you as far as pain and problems,espescially with the muscle crap,post op,trust me. also not taking the bone graft from you is HUGE too. ... (11 replies)
... Today's Xrays look good. Doc is pleased with the fusion. ... (7 replies)
... rotrusion abuts the front of the spinal cord. Ventral is also used in terms of the root that exits the cord, a protrusion, or stenosis there, can be operated on with endoscopic foraminal surgery. You may want to clarify that with a surgeon. A ortho or neruo that specializes in the spine. ... (2 replies)
... she is different, has rhuem. arthritis so was already limited. I will go abit crazy with nothing to do. ... (11 replies)
... disectomy and fusion 3 weeks ago. I was told the day after the surgery by my neurosurgeon that "I would mostly likey have problems with the disc above and below the fusion before my time was done". ... (28 replies)
... I saw the NS on Friday, and he said there would not be a downside to waiting another 6 months or so to do surgery, but that he feels I have surgery imminently in my future. ... (2 replies)
Sep 26, 2009
... Congratulations on getting this far with your progress! I hope you do come back over the next two years and report in once in a while. ... (16 replies)
... lumbar and cervical problems since 1990. Abdominal adhesions and ovarian problems since 1980. Just recently I had 1 session of aqua therapy which did not work and made my lower back worse. ... (2 replies)
... I'm not very good with lumbar issues... you can get the best idea of that up on the Back problems board here. ... (6 replies)
... c6 level. Still have nauseau in the morning and pain in my neck also. As you wrote that the symptoms after recovery will last as long as you had problems before surgery seems a good conclusion for dealing with the problems you now still have after 3 months. I am 4 months postop and still have problems. ... (44 replies)
MRI results
Jul 2, 2010
... Hi, this is my first time on the board, and have several questions. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis first off diagnosised in 2005 along with sjorgens, and fibromyalgia. I had a car accident in 2001 and spondolylithesis of L3 4 5 and had a laminectomy with spinal fusion. ... (0 replies)
I need your help!
Aug 12, 2003
... level with bilateral nerve root compression. ... (4 replies)

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