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... Apparently I have cluster headaches which the cause is my Cervical Dystonia. I am allergic to all Triptans so I started Botox therapy which has helped some. Not always as with most treatments. ... (2 replies)
... I have been diagnosed with a Cervical Myelopathy. ... (46 replies)
... I have put mine off for different reasons for the past 5 years. ... (2 replies)

... I have had a major problem with right neck and right arm bicep and tricep pain after prolonged session on commercial mower on very bumpy ground on Oct 13th. ... (6 replies)
... Found this site and read through people's very similar conditions. Really Informative but I have a few specific questions of my own so new thread. I posted under. General Health by accident, this belongs here. ... (6 replies)
... I posted some of my worries on someone else's thread but I am told I really need to post my question as a separate thread so here I am. Thanks to everyone who responded to the other posts. ... (26 replies)
... Around 10 months ago I noticed shooting pains in across both of my shoulders when I was jogging on a treadmill. ... (2 replies)
... C7 fusion last February due to cord compression and severe pain. ... (26 replies)
... ntral surface are very similar things. A focal abnormality just means it is in certain spot not widespread. A deformity of the ventral surface is most likely a compression of the cord too. ... (26 replies)
... Oh my gosh!! Finally someone who knows what I am talking about!! ... (26 replies)
... Hi again and thank you for all the extra detail it really helps. I am not at all familiar with healthcare in your country but I am very familiar with your condition. I am glad Bobbyboo spoke up! Good information is here for you. ... (26 replies)
... Hello everyone. I have been trolling this website for a long time and finally decided to see if what I have is actually something I need to get surgery on or if I can wait and try other methods. Please excuse the long explanations and bad grammar. ... (3 replies)
... well I have been having numbness, pain and tingling down my left arm, numb fingertips bilaterally and of course neck pain. ... (7 replies)
... Others have had these opposite opinions, and if so, what did you do? ... (10 replies)
... i have had neck problems for about 18 years im now 38 i had a rear end car accident when i was 19 not sure if this is what caused my neck problems or not because i didnt have neckproblems til i was around 25 and they did xrays bck then and said my neck is STRAight instead of curved. ... (2 replies)
... Welcome to the board. I am happy to hear you will be seeing a neurosurgeon. If surgery is recommended, be sure to get at least one more opinion before proceeding... ... (2 replies)
... So here is the bottom line with your neck and lumbar spine. You have 2 areas where the spinal nerves are being compressed but both are "ranked" as being "mild". ... (9 replies)
... This is basically the same subject you all are talking about, I have lower lumbar disc bulging, and degenerative disc disease, nerve root compression in the lower lumbar area which pinches on the nerves that apparently go down into my legs n feet. I was told I also have spinal stenosis. ... (3 replies)
Cervical MRI
Oct 26, 2012
... Hi all. I am going to see a NEW pain managment doctor next week. I was asked to bring my last MRI with me. I have the films and the report. ... (0 replies)
... the superior endplate of C7. The T1 and T2 vertebral bodies are of adequate height and signal. There is slight reversal of the cervical lordosis centered at the C6 level, without significant anterior subluxation or scoliosis. ... (12 replies)

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