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... HI...Yes, it's definitely more than a coincidence...there are times now when i strain my neck and I instantly feel more of a lump in my throat when i swallow.. ... (12 replies)
... I went to physical therapy for TMJ 4 days ago, I'm 31 years old. While massaging my jaw the physical therapist went on to my neck, and without me knowing out of nowhere cranked my neck super hard and it popped 3 times on the left side. ... (1 replies)
... Hello All... I have had a 4 level ACDF, with a Corpectomy, last Aug. 07. Sometimes not often, it sounds like I have cracking sounds when I move my neck different ways. Of course with all the hardware, screws and plates, I can't move it like I use to, and I am always careful... ... (0 replies)

... You have a few options it is early on for you. I have been suffering multiple herniations for over a year. ... (2 replies)
... Hello. sory to hear about your neck pain. Everytime I see here a newbie with neck pain I feel like crying. I might be emotional but living with chronic pain is literally HORRIBLE. ... (10 replies)
... actually alittle harder then the right side. When i went to pt that was the first thing he pointed out. ... (28 replies)
... all of these types of symptoms can be attributed to neck problems,trust all depends on just what is actually being affected.this sounds more like what i am getting in my legs tho,and mine is due to motor nerve damage,which can happen up in the neck just as easily. ... (29 replies)
... i did not take our advice and just pushed thru on the driving to get to my destination and my lower back was really bad by the time i got home. next road trip i will schedule sme rest stops! ... (15 replies)
... Hi janhad and sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. It's really normal to feel fatigued early in the day with neck problems, and in need of plenty of rest to accomplish anything at all sometimes. ... (65 replies)
... My question now is what should I expect for my healing time with my children around. ... (4 replies)
... do you actually 'hear' anything from your neck when you move it like bone grinding against bone sounds or snapping or popping sounds? ... (11 replies)
... When I first got out of the hospital it was tough with the incision, the neck brace, the constant tiredness, but that all went away as I healed. I've lost maybe 10 degrees of movement up and down and left and right. I had a Neurosurgeon, my thinking its the spine and the nerves. ... (6 replies)
... ifying it is to have "something wrong" but yet there isn't something glaringly obvious! Many of us on this site have experienced this to one degree or another. I read through your MRI results and I've had many MRI's myself, too many!! ... (8 replies)
... had a violent headache stemming from my neck to top it all off. ... (96 replies)
... own bone and major spinal cord compression plus a microdiskectomy l5 s1 april 04 I have to say you should have someone around. Once Monday comes and everyone is gone you will be in need.. of a drink.. a hand to the washroom..a pill... ... (11 replies)
... When ever l flex forward or back l get a huge neck pain, radiates down between my shoulder blades, and seems to come out the front into my chest, about 3 ribs below my clavical, right in the middle and it is a sharp stab pain, straight in like a needle. ... (7 replies)
... How I wish I could just give you a big hug and you could just get all the tears out. ... (15 replies)

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