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... S1 disc bulge, I have significant new pain on the iliac crest and hip joint? ... (6 replies)
... Yes, I have looked at dermatome maps ad nauseum......but in descriptions of pain from lumbar discs the iliac crest is not mentioned nor shown. The only thing I have found is a muscle insertion on the crest area. ... (6 replies)
... Is it that you are in a flare or that you have new pain at the illiac crest that concerns you? ... (6 replies)

... Thanks for pointing me in another direction and after doing some more research, I think you are right about the iliolumbar ligament being responsible for the iliac crest pain. So that explains at least part of the overall problem. ... (6 replies)
... As for the hip and iliac pain, I still have that. I do know for me, I have a slippage. A small one but still a slippage and my PM has me wearing a brace when I bend. ... (6 replies)
... Ditto on pain and symptoms. Hip, groin, butt, leg, calves, ankle, top and bottom of foot and toes. Did you look at the dermatome map in the resources you looked at? (6 replies)
... Thanks for letting me know I am not alone.....but I really want to know 'why' I hurt so bad. The hip and lateral leg is especially painful. ... (6 replies)
Mri results
May 19, 2013
... Wish I had been that lucky with only 1 level being done.... I had a 5 levels done on both sides. I had an ACDF mesh cage inserted with 2 kick plates(as the surgeons notes dictate). Then on the posterior side I had a PCF/corpectomy where the bone is shaved out with the iliac crest(hip bone inserted with a DePuy Mountaineer System put in. I didn't get much research... (14 replies)
... Hi Christine and Niki The burning pain you are describing I had for a very short while, but only for abot two day's after op, then it went and has not returned.. Hope it is the same for you for now,
... Dr. firmly believes in the benefits of Autograft bone for the fusion, so the operation took a total of 4 hours including the incision an removal of bone from my Iliac crest. ... (8 replies)
Surgery scheduled
Dec 23, 2005
... rvical dekectomies with Osteophytectomies and Foraminotomies from C4 to C7. Implantation of anterior plate and screws with bone harvested from the anterior right iliac crest. Needless to say they did just about everything in one shot. ... (7 replies)
... did fuse but the neuro says that they are not straight. Both docs told me that posterior was the way they would fix this problem and the hip bone graft was necessary. This bone graft is NOT like the one they do for ACDF according to the doc's. ... (18 replies)
... e my shoulders properly or i dont know maybe it was from my car crash, anyway, which ever the operation made it careful ofthat shoulder.....i had my hip used and it was awful. ... (16 replies)
... and it's been 8 mo. and still no fusion cause I think I still have infection present. MY hip hurts bad when I try to lay on that side. If I do fall asleep on that side I am in pain all the next day. ... (4 replies)
... The graft from the hip is not too painful,at least it wasnt for me! And since the Op iv'e had no trouble with the hip. ... (8 replies)
... Hi roadiez, Just wondering how you are doing now? (Saw that your shoulders too were sore afterwards. The tendons in both of my shoulders, especially the R one were ripped from strapping me down too tightly!) This again confirms my suspicions that my surgeon denies. I hope you are fairly pain free. You had a ton of surgery - C3 all the way down to T1!!! And if you are not... (17 replies)
... First off, thank you very much for taking the time to get back to me and for your support :) I realize it must be hard for you to even type...and you are having ANOTHER surgery on Friday?? WOW. I'm scared to death about one level ACDF...I can only imagine how you must feel. Am glad the surgery went well for you though and hang in there! I definitely feel a little more... (17 replies)
... Which is where they are using part of my hip bone for the Bone Graft. ... (17 replies)
... I was out of commission for all 3 of my surgeries for at least 2 months, I had to wear a hard cervical collar. My ns took bone from my hip to graft into my cervical spine, so my recovery was a little longer from his having to cut my iliac crest. ... (21 replies)
... PEBBLE BEACH, Iwas bent over to the side before the scoliosis surgery. My ribs were smashed into my hip on my right side. Then they put the rods in from pelvic to T8, and then screws to hold everything in place. I am now walking with a bend forward. ... (4 replies)

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