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... T1 with instrumentation and right bone iliac crest. ... (2 replies)
... First off, thank you very much for taking the time to get back to me and for your support :) I realize it must be hard for you to even type...and you are having ANOTHER surgery on Friday?? WOW. I'm scared to death about one level ACDF...I can only imagine how you must feel. Am glad the surgery went well for you though and hang in there! I definitely feel a little more... (17 replies)
... What helps me the pain pump that keeping the biggest part alleviated from me. ... (17 replies)

... on other blogs I was expecting the worst! Surgery went extremely well with no unforeseen complications. The surgeon was expecting to perform a bone graft from my Iliac Crest, however this wasn't necessary! I was so happy when I realized this. The pain and numbness in my left arm has all but disappeared. ... (4 replies)
Surgery scheduled
Dec 23, 2005
... rvical dekectomies with Osteophytectomies and Foraminotomies from C4 to C7. Implantation of anterior plate and screws with bone harvested from the anterior right iliac crest. Needless to say they did just about everything in one shot. ... (7 replies)
... the ability to help yourself, ie. undertand just about as much as you can about the physiology of your body and what movements though sometimes painful are good pain tantamount to feeling better. ... (79 replies)
... s necessary. This bone graft is NOT like the one they do for ACDF according to the doc's. Just a small amount of bone is scraped off the hip so the healing and pain is not nearly as bad as the iliac crest one. I am just so scared of rods and screws in the back, I guess just afraid of the unknown as we all are. ... (18 replies)
... months after wards, and it is still senstive, the doc said perhaps as long as up to 1 yr after wards.....this is a VERY DEEP CUT into my back side cheek to the iliac crest...... ... (16 replies)
... mo. and still no fusion cause I think I still have infection present. MY hip hurts bad when I try to lay on that side. If I do fall asleep on that side I am in pain all the next day. ... (4 replies)
... looking to do anymore operations unless it is to get out the metal screws 11 of them and the 4 plates also!! i guess i ought to be greatful that i lived until 46 pain free and now that i am 47, i have to realize that i am not ever going to be the same as before my car crash!! take care!! ... (4 replies)
Hey Barb......
Apr 20, 2003
... in fact, Don did not take any pain meds at all on Friday or yesterday and hasn't taken any so far today. ... (31 replies)
... Hi Babs. As it turns out there has been reported a symptom of cervical disc disease descibed as pain orginating in the anterior neck & radiating to jaw area. It is called "cervical angina" because it mimics a variant of coronary angina which behaves much the same. Of course, cardiac evaluation is needed to insure this not indeed true coronary angina. There are also some... (15 replies)
... it is a fairly large scar. then i had anterior and posterior fusions done. along with rods on either side and screws and hooks holding it in place. i also had a iliac bone graft which is on the left lower hip on my pelvis. ... (6 replies)
My wish for 2003
Dec 29, 2002
... I, too, wish you a pain free 2003. ... (3 replies)
... Hi Barb, Here is my more detailed answer to your survey: 1. What kind of surgery did you have? Feb. 2002 C5-6-7 fusion, cadaver bone, no hardware Nov. 18, 2002 Re-do of C5-6-7 fusion, own bone (iliac crest)6 screws and plate/reason for 2nd Surgery fusion of first disintigrated and did not fuse! 2. How long ago was your surgery? November 18, 2002 3. Do you have donor... (32 replies)
To davy d
Nov 26, 2002
... Hi Cathie Both my legs felt as if they were tied off with the extreem numbness I had in them, also felt vey hot (legs) also both felt very heavy indeed. I had pain in the neck (not much though) and pain in my back (lower) and between my shoulder blades. Dizziness... Don't talk to me about the dizziness, I actualy had... (3 replies)
... Seriously, I do so hope that you get rid of this bloody pain you are experiencing as I think you have been through the wars with it. ... (4 replies)
... I am so sorry you are depressed just now, although understandable given the pain you are manageing to cope with. ... (4 replies)
... Hi Michael,Oliver and ALL, In this instance, it's not a case of who is right,who is wrong! It's a case of smoking IS bad for you. I tend to agree with Oliver, in that it makes perfect sense to use own bone, not only if you smoke but anytime. It stands to reason that the rejection element will be less of an issue if bone from ones own body is used, given that bone is a... (9 replies)
... I am very happy indeed and have no pain at all and did not experience any pain after the OP. ... (8 replies)

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