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... Hi Mel You must get a second opinion quick style. the longer you leave this situation the worse it WILL get, the numbness could end up permanent as well as the pain. Do you have local councillors in your area or could you write to the manager of the Hopital that this joke of a doctor you saw is in??? I would complain... (12 replies)
... Hi Christine and Niki, Thanks to both of you for writing! Christine--Wow! That first surgeon of yours sounds like a moron! First, to do that kind of surgery with no hardware, and then, to dispute the radiologist's report--especially considering your pain. Have you considered suing him? (I don't believe in frivolous lawsuits, but this wouldn't be!) Anyway, I... (32 replies)
... e Black Pumps again. Boo Hoo! Guess that's all I can think of. Hope this is helpful. Oh... Used Ultracet, an opiated Tylenol for a few weeks. Now am off all pain meds except for very rare occasions when I "overdo" things. ... (32 replies)

... wish I could have done more. More important, I hope you find out definitively what is causing your pain and get the treatment you need. ... (3 replies)
... The throat swallowing only lasted two days with pain to talk about and was eating anything I wanted without discomfort... ... (10 replies)
... Debbie, I don't actually have any pain in my left arm. The problem is that it is still profoundly weak, and I cannot lift it above a certain point. ... (6 replies)
... Hope this finds you relatively pain free and happy my friend. ... (1 replies)
To davy d
Nov 28, 2002
... Hi Cathie Please excuse me for being late with the reply, I am very busy just now with work..... I had the problems for nearly two years gradualy worsening prior to my surgery ( That is from start to finish) It all started with a numb patch on my left calf (About the area of an egg) and progressed from there. I... (3 replies)
... Incidentally, my neck is very stiff and borders on pain when I turn it as far as I can in any direction. Is this normal? ... (6 replies)
... The Numbness,pressure and pain in my humble opinion could be from your C spine... I had all of these, dont now since my op to C spine, please see below. ... (2 replies)
... Hi Matt Long time no hear and of course I remember you. Are you still attending Uni? The Luklinski Back Clinic I have only researched on his web site, but if he can put things right for you without your having to resort to surgery I would have a go. Let me know how you get on with him my friend, would be very... (1 replies)
... Lori, to answer your question, I am in no pain at all from the neck and haven't been, really. However, my left arm is still pretty much useless, and the numbness in the hand is just as bad as ever. ... (24 replies)
... Whilst we were going through all the worrying my symptoms pain got a lot worse and subsided with the Great News. ... (3 replies)
... I am just glad that they have found the cause of your pain and that something can be done about it. ... (31 replies)
... Hi Christine My heart goes out to you, as to why your fusion failed to take hold???? I really don't know. But have you got a rare blood type , as I read somewhere that having rare blood types and using donor bone is a bad combination and that in these cases one must use own bone. With hardware usage, it can and does... (1 replies)
Nov 2, 2002
... Hi Mothmin You can certainly stretch to relieve the pain/discomfort prior to surgery, but not afterwards as the spine/vertebra will be aligned/ positioned in the correct position for fusion to take place. That is why one MUST be careful about stretching, bending,... (24 replies)
... or in too much pain to reply. ... (6 replies)
... Hi Lori One of the things my Surgeon said was NO STRETCHING.. Anyone having surgery I advise not to bend/lift or stretch for a while afterwards at least until you see your Sugeon at the follow up appointment.Then ASK HIM!!! I think you may have disturbed your surgical site bu stretching, so my advice as always is... (6 replies)
... I am also doing well although as I was just saying to Berenice and Belle I do still have some numbness, no pain in neck or hip from op til now. ... (3 replies)
... Must say that although my NeuroSurgeon used my own bone you would never have known it, honestly no pain whatsoever from op to now... ... (5 replies)

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