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... I had a neck injury many years ago. Now I have a bone spur, arthritis and an impinged nerve. I have limited neck mobility and pain most of the time. ... (6 replies)
S-1 Nerve or what?
Jul 17, 2009
... For it to be medicaly determined as an impinged nerve you need two synthoms 1 norilogical and 1 pain synthoms. ... (11 replies)
... This type of problem could become much worse for you over time if that nerve that is compressed is not released appears from the atrophy that you have already dealing with that this nerve is very seriously compressed. ... (6 replies)

... I had muscle apathy in my right tricept and one arm was much smaller than the other. I dealt with this for over a year. I was scared to death about having the surgery done just like everyone else. I just hope that I had it done before any permanent nerve damage was done. ... (6 replies)
Cervical surgery
Feb 17, 2005
... ime, heals itself. As well, I have heard good stories, as well as, horror stories on people that have had cervical surgery. Needlesstoday, I am not pushing for surgery at this point. ... (0 replies)
... One surgery was very complicated version of this surgery took about 3 hours. The other one took about 1.5 hours. ... (7 replies)
... C6 discectomy and fusion with donor bone, and had severe bone spurs removed. My surgery resulted from an accident compressing my disk, and minor resulting cord trauma. ... (6 replies)
... been to an orthopedic and had xrays and an mri done. And I've gotten 2 recommendations to go see a neurosugeon. I guess that should be my next step. Some of the surgery stories I've read scare me to death, but I sure don't want to loose arm usage. ... (6 replies)
... y had actually impinged my c 7 nerve root WITH the dang hardware, or at least one pedicle screw as i found out when my other good NS went in to do my spinal cord surgery and saw just how insane that nerve root was actually being held hostage in there? ... (15 replies)
... what a lovely name you have. I had a second MRI after surgery and that showed a very little problem on C5. The disc has no tear but is a little bit leaning against the myelum. ... (44 replies)
... Your welcome Martin. I have a very simple answer to your question. Especially since you told me about the stiffness. The eye specialist told me long ago the spasm was causing my eye symptoms, Those were periphrial blindness, spots in front of my eyes, blurring of vision, nasea and vertigo. The spasm (he said) was pushing onto the optic nerve. What would happen with me is... (44 replies)
... months ago. I still wake up with tingling in my toes many days. I notice it most often when lying down. I've seen others mention the same thing on the back surgery board. ... (7 replies)
... compression ON that cord, since that is NOT being pulled away, simply 'held in posistion from that collar stability alone. what a surgery will do is replace what that collar is right now? ... (75 replies)
... level.I then had to make my decision on which surgery to go with. As yourself, I had tried every conservative measure to treat this problem. Surgery is imperative at this point. I admire your persistence in getting your surgery done right away. ... (39 replies)
... Or do you think you still might have a nerve being impinged? ... (7 replies)
... but now there is some nerve involvement. ... (2 replies)
... block at S1 did the trick and I was able to delay the surgery for 6 months until I was stronger. ... (2 replies)
... No I don't believe this is a definite surgery. I have 3 bulged disks, bone spurs on 2 of them indenting the cord, stenosis and a pinched nerve at the C7. ... (4 replies)
... A very common problem after cervical spine surgery, posterior or anterior, is radiculitis. It's pain from the stretching of a nerve that had been stuck. If they opened up an area where you had an impinged nerve, it is now loose and will spread out and stretch leading to that pain and burning. ... (5 replies)
To Mel333
Jun 30, 2003
... You asked in my DDD thread what my current symptoms are and if I had another MRI or CT since surgery. Yes, I have had a MRI which revealed the following C2-3 shows no disc herniation or stenosis C3-4 shows a small central disc protrusion causing some central impression into the thecal sac. No contact upon the underlying cord by this process seen. The neural foramen... (1 replies)

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